Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dress rehearsal...

Today was the dress rehearsal for Ollie's Christmas concert next Friday - he is a cute little froggy this year! Can you spot him?

I cannot wait for Friday... I cannot wait to see my boy on stage!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Charley Ruth's first birthday party

This weekend we had the pleasure of throwing our precious girl her first birthday party, it was extra special as we also dedicated Charley to the Lord. Ruthie and Jurgens, the kids godparents, did the dedication and gave a word of blessing for Oliver as Charleys big brother - it was beautiful!

My littlest looked too cute in her birthday outfit, she was happy and enjoyed her special day.

I love my family and love the excuse to throw a party in celebration of them!

Friday, 10 November 2017


I cannot complain about my kids and them sleeping. Ollie got into a decent routine from a few months and luckily so did Charley. Our bedtimes are set at 6pm for Charley and 6:30pm for Ollie which leaves Mike and I some alone time in the evenings.
Ollie sleeps like a log for a solid 12 / 13 hours and Charley generally wakes up once or twice a night for her bottle which we can live with - she will be sleeping through soon I am sure. She is not the best day napper but as long as she sleeps well at night we can live with that.

This week especially we have had to wake Charley up in the mornings however on a weekend she just knows to wake up super early - how do kids know??

Our kids have also never slept in our arms, they have been put down since day one so the rare occasion that they do fall asleep on us we cherish it... this was a teething C Bear who needed some sleep cuddles.
I am very grateful for a husband how understands my need for routine and my kids who have thrived because of it.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

A chariot for a king...

On the weekend Ollie and Charley went to my folks for a few hours so Mike and I could lunch alone... we always leave Charley's pram because my folks love to take the kids for walks BUT Ollie has by far outgrown any pram so guess what? Pappa made him a special mode of transportation.
And this is legit how they went for a "walk" - Charley in her pram and Ollie in his chariot. The best part is after Pappa wheeled Ollie up and down the road, they arrived back on the driveway and Ollie "shew, I am so tired now"....
Mom just laughed!!


I LOVE that my boy has such a vivid imagination, its something that I have actively cultivated since he was very little and its something that I feel is vitally important to teach your children.
Ollie and Mike have been reading a Disney book night after night for a little while - thats how we roll - Ollie chooses a book and we read it for a few weeks until he is sick of it then we start the choice all over again. This book was about Mickey and Pluto and in this book was the biggest, most delicious dog bone you will ever find (at least thats what Ollie thought) and since then he has been asking for a bone like Plutos. Having said that I need to let you know that Ollie loves being a dog, he loves crawling around, licking our legs and feet and barking orders at us - its something he has always enjoyed "being" - this book just made him remember how much he does love being a doggy.

This is a picture of this delicious bone...
Ollie was SUPER chuffed when we had lamb shank for dinner the other night and we kept him a bone...

He even took the bone to bed with him (I had to sneak it out when he was sleeping) but I suppose I can be grateful that he didn't try and bury it in his bedding :)
I LOVE this kid so much, I love his personality, his sense of humour and his ability to imagine magical worlds to play in!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Lunch date...

On Sunday Mike and I snuck off to a little lunch date, we went to the most delicious Greek restaurant.
I want to go back and try EVERYTHING on the menu...

We had Zucchini Fries and fried Halloumi for a starter...

 Our mains were amazing.... everything was so fresh and delicious.

 And nutella Baklava for pudding.
We managed to have a little catch up on life and chatted about all the stuff we are too busy to chat about or too tired to broach.
I love little get away's with Mike, I love dating my husband!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Charley Ruth is 1 year old...

At exactly 1:06pm a year ago today we met our little Charley Bear for the first time.... after not knowing until a week before that we were having a little girl, meeting her was such a surreal moment - I was convinced that she was a boy until the last minute so wrapping my mind around her being a girl was both scary and so exciting. I only knew boys... and God knew my heart better than me and gave me just what I needed!!
One of my last tummy shots, I loved having a preggy belly BUT I was also not so keen on the 9 months of sickness that came along with it... I was more than ready to meet my sweet baby!

For you sweet baby girl -
You arrived with no fuss and stole our hearts in an instant! When you were all wrapped up and were being placed on my chest you were moaning, I remember saying "Hello baby girl" and kissing your cheek and you settled down instantly.... that was us bonded and the bond has just grown stronger with each passing day!
 I placed a pink flower in our bassinet like I did for Ollie when he was born...

 Ollie was delighted to meet you, he was adamant from the second we told him we were having another baby that you were a girl and when you were born he said "I told you it was a girl baby" - in the womb he named you baby Caramel but the second you were born and we told him we had named your Charley he wouldn't let us call your Caramel anymore, we had to call you Charley.
You, being the best sister in the world, brought Ollie a pair of REAL soccer boots and a full soccer outfit and that was that - he was sold on this sister stuff and hasn't looked back since. He has LOVED you from the second we told him about you and hasn't stopped. He adjusted brilliantly to no longer being an only child and has protected you, loved you, played with you and he is the only one who can make you laugh with such ease. You light up when he enters a room and you honestly both just bonded beautifully!
 Of course daddy was smitten.... we were slightly nervous not knowing what to expect from a little girl but babe, you melted our hearts and become the core who we are - we are not us without you!

 You came home from the hospital 3 days later and fitted into our family perfectly. You slept so well and honestly just settled into our lives with no fuss at all.
Look how TINY you were... weighing at 3.3kgs at birth you were a full 700g lighter than Ollie at birth and felt so tiny and petite. You loved falling asleep on my chest while I burped you after your bottle... I would often fall asleep with you like that at the midnight feed not wanting to put you down.

During the week after daddy got home in the evenings and put Ollie to bed he would sit with you and cuddle while I went to bed nice and early...

For the first month or so when daddy went to work and when Ollie went to school we would snuggle in bed, nap and watch movies. I didn't want to share you with anyone (ask Che Che, she will tell you)
 You very soon become too big for your carrier that we placed in your cot and we shifted you to the wedge... I am very grateful that both and you and Ollie are both good sleepers - only struggling when you are sick or teething.
Having said that though, you are NOT a good day napper - catching 2x 30 / 45min naps during the day BUT you are always happy so we soon realized that you just don't need as much sleep as Ollie did - your night routine now is quite solid which is really good so during the day we don't mind short sleeps. If there is activity around you want in, you don't want to sleep in case you miss out on anything fun.
 In the mornings you and Ollie would always lie on the couch together... waking up the world slowly.
 You have always smiled easily and joy leaks from your every pore... you truly are pure sunshine!
 Your first Christmas you were just over a month old, you brother was excited enough for the both of you and of course we matched you both in Christmas pajamas as is our Christmas tradition.
In January 2017 dad and I bought a old Caravan and you and me spent the next two months revamping it... we did a complete makeover and since you have camped more than a few times.... the reason behind the caravan was to make sure would provide you and Ollie with lovely camping memories and make your childhood the best we can! You change routine really well and cope beautifully on holidays,. You were only a few months old on your first ever camping trip.
 You have the most beautiful blue eyes gifted to you from daddy.
We camped at Easter time and of course we took the face paint with, I could not resist making you into the cutest bunny....
 You have hit your mile stones beautifully... always on track and honestly you are growing up way to fast for my liking!!

 You think you are the cutest thing ever and LOVE seeing yourself in the mirror.
These last few were taken this morning, a whole year after the day you were born.... we cannot imagine our lives without you and are so grateful God chose you as our daughter!!

We love you dearly our sweet Charley Ruth, you are a delight and I am proud to be your mommy!!