Wednesday, 16 May 2018


On the weekend we went to Crocworld for the first time with the kids – they both really enjoyed it and Ollie loved seeing the crocs getting fed. He also touched a snake much to my dismay but all in all it was a lovely outing with the kiddies.

This momma held a baby croc which was surprisingly soft and cute... Both kids gave this Croc a little touch. Can I just say our littlest is fearless!  

A Time to say no...

 The other night at Ollie’s school they had an entrepreneurship evening where the kids were encouraged to draw up a business plan and sell some goods at school. Truth be told I think this is a very good thing to participate in but there are times when I have to just say no. No I can’t. No I don’t want to. No I don’t have the capacity. Just no.
This was one of those times. Life has been really busy – C Bear was slap bang in the middle of some sleep regression, work has been crazy busy (in a good way) and I just didn’t have the capacity to draw up a plan and then make something to sell then sit behind a table and sell it while Mike and I are running around after kids on school night evening. I had to say no. And the mom guilt is real... I was feeling it and to some degree I regret not pushing through to do it BUT also know that what my limitations are and I have to be ok with it. The worst part of it was I was worried that Ollie would feel left out... each child who participated got a certificate at school the days after and I had visions of my kid feeling left out while everyone else was called up for their certificate.
The school did however extend a certificate to children who didn’t sell a table but who came to support the other kids for which we did. .. We gave Ollie a certain amount of money to spend (for which he only spent half) and he went to support some of his friends who did have tables. So my boy got a certificate anyway and had fun doing it.
Having said that if he didn’t get a certificate he would have survived. He needs to learn this lesson himself that he cannot do everything all the time and that is ok. There is a time to say no and there is a time to push through and do when you are tired. Knowing the difference is key!
This particular lesson is one I tend to have to learn over and over again as I love being involved but there are times when I can and there are times when I cannot... and both are ok.

Nik Nak Transformer....

My boy is very artistic, he got it from his daddy (lucky boy) and he loves creating. He loves creating anything and everything out of anything and everything. His favorite thing to do with this dad is make things out of cardboard – masks, guns, swords, guitars etc....
At dinner a few weeks ago he made a transformer out of Nik Naks... and I think it’s quite good actually.
I love this boy’s imagination and creativity.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Mothers day 2018

Mother’s day.
What can I say besides I was super spoilt with love and had a beautiful day...  We had a picnic and the kids loved feeding the ducks and playing with bubbles – my perfect day is food that I don’t have to cook and fresh air and sunshine!

Being a mom is the best thing ever - hard at times and it can be tiring but its the BEST EVER!!


Home renovations have not been high on our priority list the last little while, I am been itching to make a few changes but time and energy just haven’t allowed it.
At the beginning of the year I was on a drive to clean out and declutter of which I did a pretty good job, I definitely made a dent but then life happened and our clean out remained unfinished. I think I have a picture of perfection in my mind which is very much unattainable BUT I do want to get back at decluttering and cleaning out to make our home a bit more free and easy. When life is busy and I get stressed I find a clean home calming and it becomes my safe space – if it is NOT clean I feel trapped and it’s just not helpful.
Our bathroom has been untouched since we moved in really – it’s a small space and will take alot of money to re-do completely (which I am seriously considering) so to make it just bearable we just got some new mirrors and towels and that will do until we are able to change it.

It all stared again when I cleared away the clutter in the lounge and when looking at it I just felt happy! I feel like just because we have kids doesn't mean that has to be toys in every corner...

Of course as a mom there is always a little tag alone while shopping but gosh, isn't she the cutest tag alone ever?

 I also finally found a comforter that I like - we prefer comforters to actually duvets so now I am on the look out for a spare so once a week we can change bedding without having to use old bedding.

I ordered a giant ruler to keep measurements of the kids heights - we have tracked this since birth and wanted to do it on a wall in our home but if we never moved I would be so heart sore - this is the perfect solution. It will end up in Ollies room once we have finished it I think.... although I really like it in the lounge.

 The mini make over - we still want to paint and add a few more bits and pieces BUT the mirrors alone make the world of difference!

 And after years of looking I finally found the perfect bedroom carpet.... I am in love!

The little things we have done now have motivated me to carry on and clean out / declutter which makes my heart so happy!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Party time...

Ollie’s bestest friend has his birthday part on Saturday and the kids loved it. The theme was superhero and as you can see Batboy and Wonder woman had a ball....