Thursday, 14 December 2017

My girl...

These pics show exactly who my little girl is - so happy


Today is the last day of aftercare for Ollie for 2017 - he is bunking tomorrow and staying with Che Che and he is VERY excited!
Birches does aftercare school so well, I am so grateful for their love of my child!

Orange group we are coming for you!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

"When I grow up...."

Ollie: Mom, when I grow up I want to be the man in the Lion Suit
Me: Ok, sure babes.

A List of things Ollie wants to be when he grows up in this order
1) A rubbish man
2) A Builder (but he cant build pools)
3) A Pizza delivery man
4) A motorbike rider
... and now the man in the lion suit....

Bless this child!

Afternoon nap...

On Saturday we had a lovely day and the best part was a little nap in the afternoon.
We put Charley down for a nap, Ollie was watching a movie on our bed and Mike was lying next to me... and I fell asleep.
I was unplanned and wonderful....

When C Bear woke up she came to watch with Mike and Ollie....  cuddle time!

Monday, 11 December 2017


On Saturday I cooked us a brunch and Charley loved is as she is in the "I want to feed myself" phase..... lots of fun for mom :)

She did well with her spoon and ate most of her egg.
Look at this sleepy face, C Bear had just woken up from her nap....
I cannot believe this child is already 1 year old - gosh!

A little Christmas cheer... finally!

Its been a really busy few weeks!!
On Sunday we finally got some Christmas cheer... we listened to some Christmas music on our record player while putting up our tree. Ollie and I baked Christmas cookies that he could decorate AND we had our annual photo with Santa - the best!

Tinsel, our Christmas elf also made an appearance to Ollies delight!!!
I kinda feel ready for Christmas now...