Friday, 23 March 2018

School fun...

There has been LOTS going on at school this last few weeks - its water week so the kids had to make a poster - as you can see Ollie wasn't all that interested so his dad "helped" him....

They also had a show about healthy eating - can you spot my child?
Nothing has changed in the last 2 years - even walking into church he covers his ears still....

We also had a parent / teacher meeting yesterday and the feedback we got was so positive. Ollie is 100% coping and thriving in class, he is coping with the work load which consists of writing, maths, copying, tracing etc - I was amazed at his work books... My heart is so happy!!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Party fun...

A few weeks ago we went to Sam's second birthday - at his last party Charley was 4 months old and had just started solids. Now she is walking and taking - gosh!!

They had lots of fun drawing on the driveway... C Bear copying her big brother.


On Tuesday night the kiddies both slept at their grandparents and gave Mike and I a very rare date night and sleep in on Wednesday morning.
The rules we had when we were kids no longer apply and it has been that Ollie sleeps in my parents bed with them - BUT as he is getting bigger and C Bear is here their bed is no longer big enough :)
Dad had a very good idea about setting up their camping stretcher for Ollie and he LOVED it!

Charley is still in her campcot BUT she was a bit unsettled due to teething so she ended up in their bed before midnight so just as well Ollie was on the stretcher or there would have been no space!
I love how excited the kiddies were about sleeping over and how spoilt they get!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

My littlest...

My littlest, a ray of pure sunshine!
You currently love dancing, books and playing with you big brother who is delighted you are now able to actually play with him... you two giggle at each other all day.
It makes my heart so happy!

Too cool...

In the mornings when I drop Ollie at school we are usually early so we spend some time waiting telling stories or taking pictures.
This boy wanted a picture of him with my sun glasses on BUT he said he didn't want to smile... as the pics when on I made him smile - LOVE THIS BOY so much!

With life in general being so busy I love times like this!!

Thursday, 8 March 2018


These two are seriously the cutest ever!
Ollie is the gracious big brother who loves his sister and tolerates her wanting everything he has and copying everything he does... He really has, since she was born, been the kindest big brother and is never nasty to his sister.
Charley too adores her brother, wants what he has, does what he does and honestly follows him around as much as she can – in the mornings she normally wonders to his room and can be found sitting on his bed waiting for him to wake up (my heart could explode when I see this) and the very few times that he has slept away from home she walked from room to room looking for him.
I really do cherish the relationship these two share, it makes my heart so happy.
Ollie's favorite meat is a chicken drumstick and seeing as Charley wants to be just like him she was noshing on the same...

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

My girl...

My girl has been sick on and off for a while - between teething, measles and now tonsillitis its been a tricky few weeks. Having said that she is such a little trooper and besides being more restless at night she has done so well!
The other day we got home, bathed and ate and I went to make lunches while the kids watched some Peppa Pig - I looked over and she had fallen over asleep on the couch... that's when I know she isn't right.

This girl has been such a joy in our lives, she is pure happiness and I we love her dearly. I do however see some drama in our future, girls got a temper! Love it!