Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bath time

How is my little girl big enough to sit in the nifty bath basket we used for Ollie??

This was Ollie as a similar age - and look how big he is now!!!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A hard weekend....

This weekend, to be honest, isn't one I will look back on and remember fondly. It was hard and long and heartbreaking and I am glad it is forever over.
We said goodbye to mom.

But in all of this we managed to share a few happy moments.
My girl wore her first dress to Nan's memorial and looked like a little angel....

 My boy surprised us all and stood up with his daddy as his daddy said goodbye to his mom. He held Mikes leg, looked up and him lovingly and was the support he needed to go through with his speech. My shy boy, my boy who doesn't like crowds, places he doesn't know and people he doesn't know stood up in the front of a church and held Mike while he mourned his mom.
This I will forever remember.
It is embedded into my heart.

I am glad the weekend has come and gone but I do cherish the few pics that were taken and the little memories that were formed.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


I am sitting at work dreaming of these huge choc chip cookies I made the other day - a whole skillet choc chip cookie....

I only had a tiny bite of one when I made them because of my eating plan BUT I recon today, if this was put in front of me, I might eat a whole one!
Lucky they aren't here!!


Girly things...

I LOVE having a daughter, we can wear onsies together!!

I was convinced I would only have boys - CONVINCED until the week Charley was born - I just could not wrap my mind around having a little girl but I can tell you that we bonded in seconds of her being born and I cannot imagine my life without this little one. I am forever grateful God knew my heart better than I did and gave me this little treasure.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Train Rides...

On Saturday we had the best day...It was a busy day but filled with so much fun!
A day to remember....

Little lights school had a fun day at church so we went in the morning....
Ollie had candy floss for the very first time - he was hesitant but really enjoyed it after he trusted me enough to put some in his mouth :)

Charley and Ollie enjoying the view -

Then we went to PMB where they had a steam train show -  Ollie had 3 train rides and Charley had one - Che Che and Pappa come with us and we all had a train ride or two! SO MUCH FUN!

Ollie also wanted to go on a horse ride too which before he has always been nervous about and wouldn't want to... not only did he ride the horse BUT he chose the biggest one to ride.

This weekend my boy just seemed so much bigger and older than my heart allows me to believe - I was a very proud momma to both my kiddies who handed a very busy day so well!

Its days like this that make the everyday stress of discpline and routine so worth it.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Charley Ruth

My Charley Ruth! 9 Months old today....

School drop off...

Mike has been doing the school drop of since I started work again and I have really missed it.
We have no split the week and I get to drop Ollie off a few days a week which is so lovely!

My Favorite!