Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Just like her brother...

Whatever Ollies does C Bear wants to do... she really does ADORE her brother and wants to be just like him and Ollie is gracious enough to let her!

Date night wedding...

On the weekend Mike and I attended some dear friends wedding -  we enlisted the help of super godmom Ruthie to look after the kiddies so we could have a bit of a date night as well.

We had fun holding hands, eating good food and being able to be totally present without running after kiddies.

The kids had so much fun without us - Ollie asked me "mom, when is your next wedding" and smiling at me meaning "Mom, when can you go away again so I can have this much fun again"

I am grateful for my people who love my kids as much as I do!

Monday, 16 April 2018


My boy was very overdue for a big boy bike - could have been my mom heart noting fully grasping that my boy is getting BIG or could have been a bit of laziness but either way it was way overdue.

Ollie was so chuffed with his bike and he hopped right on and rode around so much - he is normally very nervous / reserved with "new things" and this bike being so much bigger than his current one I was expecting a bit of settling in time - nope. He and Papa even rode down the road and back that first day (and all the days since). This year has really been a year of maturity for my boy - I am one proud momma.

 Now C Bear wants her brothers big bike - every chance she gets a change she will walk up to it and try hop on BUT some things are shared and others are not and this bike is Ollies and Ollies alone (he has very kindly allowed her a ride or two) so she had to settle for this "Bike" which was Ollies when he was little. She really does love it... its not every steerable so its hard to push her in it but she is getting the hang of it now...

These kids. I find myself more in love with them each day and more in love with being their mom... In the early days it felt like work being a mom but now its just so ingrained in who I am I would be totally lost without them!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Some weekends...

Some weekends we sleep in and have breakfast in bed and sometimes when the kids wake up really early we head out for breakfast.
Last weekend we had an early morning and decided to go out for breakfast and then Charley and I shopped while the boys played arcade games – a pretty decent morning in my books.

I love chilled time with my people!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

TMNT 5th birthday party.

Ollie’s party was a big success – by success I mean it was BUSY and loud, the kids ran around with red sweaty faces and no one needed stitches J I barely got a chance to plant my bum on a chair because Charley only wanted to be in the jumping castle where all the kids were raucously jumping... all in all it was a GOOD day.
My boy was spoilt, had fun, had his best friends around him playing “good pirate / bad pirate” on the jumping castle while eating ice lolly’s. Mom made the cake which was so delicious – I haven’t had cake in months but I made sure I had a piece of this cake and managed to steal some for tea at home later.
As can you tell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the theme of his 5th party which was easy enough to plan! Pizza / green juice / 3x TMNT lanterns and all done...

I was so busy I took NO photos and are so grateful for friends who took pics and sent them to me!

The big 5!

My precious boy turned 5 on the 2nd April – FIVE!
My first born is no longer a baby. I poured my heart out in an email to him that he will read one day but now for all I can say is this –

When did my firstborn become a person?
How is my baby 5 years old?
Where have the years gone?
Should I be saving for his first car?

My boy has become a gentle, kind, loving and caring boy! He is is daddy’s boy through and through and he truly is the BEST big brother Charley could ask for.
Happy 5th my precious treasure! I all kinds of dig you!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Easter 2018

Oh my goodness, life is just so busy at the moment, I barely have time to think let alone blog! SO these Easter pics are a bit late but that is just the way things are...

This Easter we were suppose to go camping but with life being as busy as it is at the moment we decided not to and spend the long weekend at home - it was lovely!
Che Che and Pappa camped on our patio and spent most of the weekend with us.

This is Ollies 5th Easter and Charley's second Easter - my kids are growing up too fast!