Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Guess what arrived!!!

Guess what finally arrived today - OUR NEW COUCH!!!
We collected it from Mr Price home and enlisted my dads help and the use of his bakkie!!

 This is what i was doing while the boys were busy with the couch!!

This is what lounge ended up looking like with mismatched furniture! I hated not having a proper couch!
We move it all out....
Bring in the new couch... needs unwrapping and it was heavy!!

 Ryan came at just the right time and then abused my new couch!!! Terrible!
 I love my new couch!
 OF COURSE they had to test out the couch by playing a game of x-box!
 My folks popped into celebrate the arrival of our new couch!!

Dad liked his fruit shake :)

Detox day 3...

Today mike is feeling MUCH better thank goodness!! I decided to make fish and veggies for dinner tonight - i have never made fish like this before and i was pleasantly surprised!
How good does this look - fish, onion, a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper! Bake for about 20min.....
 Some veggies to accompany the fish!

I also toasted some rye bread to go with dinner... that was really delicious too!!

Ryan and Kate came for dinner too...so i dished up for 4 of us!
Mike enjoyed it (or so he said)

After dinner mike made us a orange juice slushy - he added ice-cream to Ryan and kates but ours with just had with ice! It was a lovely pudding!!
 We're doing well so far.... 3 more days till our follow up!!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Detox day 2.

So we're only two days in and this detox is quite hectic! I have no headaches luckily but i did battle at gym today!! Didn't feel my usual self - weaker than normal BUT i pushed through! Mike is not faring as well as i am unfortunately, he has a hectic headache from last night (he didn't sleep at all last night)  - this was mike when we got home!! He never naps - NEVER!!
I am currently blogging in bed, with the lights off cause mike really needs a good night sleep! I am praying he will feel MUCH better in the morning! He says he is missing his tea the most - shame!!!

Tonight for dinner we had wholewheat chicken wraps with sweet potato and butternut!
I found these cool wholewheat wraps and they were really good actually!

Salad for the wraps and i made a cucumber sauce things with cucumber and plain yoghurt- it was yum!
The butternut and sweet potato roasting in the oven, i loved it!!!
Chicken filling.... it was a good meal all in all!!! Mike liked it and Kate came to have dinner with us.... we watched survivor and chilled like Mondays should be!!
The worst part of this whole detox is packing lunches for work... GOSH! Mike said today he was still a bit hungry (ooops) so i had to step up the game here!! This is only half of his lunch - the other half is in the fridge waiting to be packed!
Only 4 days to go (we think - we'll find out for sure when we see her again on Friday)
Tomorrow night i think i will attempt to cook fish - eeeek!

Sunday, 29 January 2012


On Saturday afternoon mike and i went for a blood analysis test to see whats the happy hap with our health!! We felt the need to get some vitamins, get some advise and get our bodies healthy! It was amazing - the pricked our finger and then showed us our blood under a microscope and from there told us whats what... it was really amazing!! She basically told us our personalities from our blood, really spot on and so so true!! She gave us some supplements and also told us we need to go on a detox for 5 days (mike was not happy to hear that) so we started today!!
Here's our vitamins and supplements - all herbal and good for us!
We arrived unaware of the 5 days of detox we would have to endure!!
Check out these bad boys... this is a meal in itself!
This are my normal supplements, my fibreblend BUT i have recently added barley green to the list!
Our evaluation sheets...
So today we started off with a good attitude - i promised mike i would make everything tasty and he wouldn't even know hes on detox (shame accept his tea, he will miss his tea!!) I made my normal green smoothie which i have been having for a couples for weeks now, so refreshing and not too bad!
Its an apple, cucumber, broccoli, green beans, celery and water! I just added barley green too...
I made mike an egg on rye toast (not oil) and he seemed to like it! We ate breakfast together and then took our million suppliments!

We then went to the shops and filled our fridge with fresh fruits and veggies! our fridge hasnt been this full in ages :)
For lunch we had a fresh rye sandwich... very delicious!!!

Wish us luck for the rest of the week :) its always harder when you're having to organize work lunches!!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Yesterday Mike and i popped into Mr Price sport just to "look" at getting some new running shoes!! They are having a special for two pairs of shoes for R700 and with our discount it comes to R560 which is really good!! Mikes getting a pair of Reebok and i am getting another pair of nu balance for gym (new balance is all i can wear, i swear by them!!!).... so its a really good deal!! They didnt have the nu balance in my size so we ordered them and will probably fetch them on friday... besides that i decided to just look around and found some really cool things!! I gave mike the puppy eyes and he let me shop freely! precious boy... i found some much needed gym clothes (finally) - some nice grey longs and a black seemless gym top - pure bliss i tell ya!!
We snapped some pics as we went along - mike debating over which shoes to choose!!

Choices choices!! (check out the hangers over my shoulder - wouldn't put those babies down!!)
I had some fun checking all the clothes and accessories!! Its a sports store so its more of the out doorsy stuff - love it!!

I got this georgeous scarf and sun glasses - perfect for next weekends beach getaway!

HAVE YOU EVER DONE THIS - i was trying on top and loving it by the way... i walked out of the dressing room to show mike and he was no where to be seen... so with technology as it is i just snapped a pic with the caption "do you like?" and sent it to mike and then waited for a response... thank goodness for our blackberrys!!
Needless to say i bought it!! Money is to be spent i tell ya!!
After an hour and a bit of browsing we were becoming late for an appointment we had (will let you know all about it later) and mike rushed me to get what i want and get to the till...
i have a sneaky plan to check out a few more things when we got back to pick up the shoes but don't tell mike :)

Some me time!

My Friday afternoons are usually have something to do, wax or lunch with my mom or something!! Friday afternoon was suppose to meet a friend for lunch but she had to cancel so i decided that i would go anyway and spend some time with my kindle! and i LOVED IT!!
I took my time, read my LEE CHILD book which i am loving by the way, battling to put it down... I had some seafood pizza (mike cant wait seafood so i don't usually order it), a appetizer and really enjoyed some me time! I came home feeling refreshed and very happy!!This was as good as it looks!! Best part is i have lunch for today cause i had plenty leftover!

My view from my table...

What a lovely afternoon! I popped into the DVD store on the way home to indulge my "girly movie" want and got "perfect catch" - we've seen it before but just felt like watching it again!! Truth be told i fell asleep before the movie even began so mike and i watched it later that night!! My afternoon naps are very precious to me - love them!!

We were invited to Kims and Wayne to see their overseas pics last night, went for dinner and took the pups with for a visit with their two doggies! There on dog is a great dane and Holly is the size of Shades head (no jokes)... so it was fun to see them interact!!
The pups on the way to their play date...

It was so cool to see all their photos and makes me wanna go on holiday overseas - one day!!!! Love spending chill time with our besties!!