Sunday, 31 March 2013

Reality check!

A reality check every now and again is never a bad thing - I got one last night! We got back from family close to 10pm which was fine BUT because we ate so late it seems my indigestion would not allow me to sleep - I fell asleep and then awoke with a feeling of wanting to get sick and 3 lots of Gaviscon later it still didn't help! I saw 1am, 2am, 3am and 4am.... eventually somewhere between 4am and 5am I feel asleep only to wake up at 6am.... Gosh - and then I realized that when baby comes this is what its going to be like for a the first little while! A little daunting and exhausting to tell you the truth!
I also woke up to 5 stretchmarks, I haven't had any and was rather happy with that fact and this morning they had just appeared! I am not super bummed but it would have been nice to not have any....
My feet are HUGE and when I say HUGE i mean HUGE!
I have aches and pains in my tummy and sides and back.
I cannot seem to get comfortable and stay that way for more than a half an hour at a time.

I have LOVED being pregnant, I really have - I have been so amazed how this baby has grown and how my tummy has grown with it, I haven't minded the weight I have put on, and the excitement of who this little munchkin is going to be has been so much fun.... BUT with 10 sleeps to go I am getting tired and sore and antsy - I just want baby to come now!!

The reality of this is hitting me slowly and YOH is life going to change!
I said to mike I feel like tonight may be a sleepless night again and I am dreading it, I LOVE my sleep and dont deal too well without it. We ate early and I had a small dinner, I haven't had that much water to drink (which kills me cause i get really thirsty) and still I feel the indigestion laughing at me.

So hello reality check, i hear you loud and clear!
Let me please sleep as much as I can before baby comes, give me at least that!

More family fun!

Last night we went over to family for a braai and had lots of fun! Nice time to just relax and chat and laugh!!
Mike and Damien went for a run down to the field to kick a rugby ball around.... 2 hours later they came back looking a little tired but they really enjoyed it!!
 The ladies chatting as normal!
 Sethy fell in love with their miniature poodle named cinamon - he really is the cutest pup ever!!
 The boys braai'd the meat.

 We decided to have a swim while the boys cooked out meat - the water was awesome!!

 Mike flexing his muscles :)

We had some fun waiting for our food....

and the food was amazing too!! They boys watched rugby

After dinner the guys light some lanterns and let them go...

They traveled FAR! Was so lovely to watch!

A good evening all around - I came home exhausted :)

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Yesterday was my cousins wedding and it was amazing!!!! Absolutely stunning and so special! We drove out to a place called "Corrie Lynn Farm" and it was so beautiful!! I wish i had a farm like that - i fell in love! The best part is all our family from PE and Cape Town came down for the wedding so it was a lovely catch up time - besides everyone saying "hello fatty" every 6 seconds its been awesome :)

The day started off with me trying to find something / anything to wear - I settled for this as it was a casual wedding and to be honest, nothing much else fits!!

 How is this awesome TUMMY!! I love how BIG it is...
We drove up with my folks - my mom insisted I take the front seat as there was more leg room and Sethy joined us, my cousin! He is the cutest oke ever and NEVER stops talking!!!
Mike and Seth played incredible cards and Seth WHIPPED mike as he has done with all of us - he knows those cards backwards so he can beat us all with his eyes closed!!
 Sad looser, happy winner!
 An hour later we were at the farm and this sign greeted us - love it!
 The reception was in the red barn and it was done beautifully!!! I LOVE the bunting.....

There was a sweety table...

Mom and me...

 This is the chapel where they got married....
 And this is the red barn - stunning hey!!!

Krista looks stunning and Ty was just beaming the whole day - so special!!!
The really awesome thing is they asked my dad to so do the vows for them.... it was quite emotional!!
After the service they had some homemade lemonade and snacks - veggies and hummus!
 Mike and Harry chatting away....
 Gourmet burgers were on the menu - lovely topping!
 And this was the cake / pudding table!

 The starters were delicious!
 And the burgers were DIVINE!!
 Mike and Jordy and Damian!

 They also had an Easter egg hunt and mike came back with a petty stash - unacceptable!!

In between courses Mike and I had some fun with my camera - we needed some shadow people shots of my and the tummy!!!

 And then even after that we all had tea and the whole family sat around chatting and laughing and of course ripping each other off!!
 Red velvet cake for pudding - delicious!!!!
I could not FIT another thing into my tummy so I took my cupcake home.... I might have it for breakfast later :)
 A picture with the bride and groom :)
a few more tummy shots...
 They also had lots of outside games, crochet, bowles and horse shoe throwing!!
It really was an amazing day!!! I was exhausted when we got home but a day spent with family was awesome!!

I must say now I am blogging in bed and the rest of my family are doing this -
I will wait a little longer and then wake mike up accidentally and ask for some tea - sounds like a plan to me!!