Friday, 28 June 2013

A present.... for me???

Mike bought this amazing present......
A gorgeous little netbook just for me!!
Its so little and perfect for what i need it for - photos, blogging, music and movies - i am NOT a very computer literate person so i like the basics..... and mike has set this up just as i like it so its simple and not filled with nonsense i don't use!
I just LOVE it..... my opening screen....

Thank you precious husband - perfect timing for cape town as its little enough to fit in Ollies nappy bag.....
I feel so loved and spoilt!!!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Precious time...

My boy spending some precious time with his precious godmom!
Thank you aunty Ruthie for taking me at church so mom and dad could try listen to the service!
Love you precious godmom!!

Tummy time....

Ollie isnt a huge fan of tummy time BUT he is getting there - he rolled over for the first time all on his on on Tuesday night BUT i recon it was a fluke - BUT my dad is my witness - he did it all on his own :)

Love this oke!!!!!!!!!!!

Cradle club!

Remember the last time i went to cradle club.... look how small my boy was -

I went again a week or so ago and look how much he has grown!!!!
My boy is now like a little person - its amazing!!!

One step closer....

One step closer to Cape Town.
Only 2 more sleeps...

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Today my mom and I did a lot of shopping for our cape town trip - apparently it is FREEZING so aside from the two new coats i bought a few weeks ago we "had to" (or so i said to mike) stock of a few other things!
We bought a baby carrier on the weekend and tested it for the first time today and Ollie loved it!! 

 I FINALLY found a white watch that I like, i have been searching for ages!!
 How cute are these bags...... they are way too expensive BUT i can just imagine Ollie with some luggage like this!
LOTS of scarfs.... I could NOT resist these.... i think i may have a problem :)
 and boots, boots, boots - i do not do well in the cold so these will keep my toesies nice and warm!!
 My boy really did enjoy his time in his pouch - shame we were gone so long.....
 and he was so comfy he fell alseep!
 Yay for shopping, time with mom and Ollie, new boots and scarfs and a coffee along the way!

Photo book!!

Our photo book from our maternity shoot and our baby shoot arrived today and it is stunning!!

Thanks again Bron - you're amazing!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sleeping beauty!

My precious chubby cheeks schnoozing away!!
We are blessed to have a happy sleeper - from 2 and a half months he slept through the night and we have worked really hard to get his routine right and we are on track! Only by the grace of God do we have this little munchkin that is so good!!
"we are fearfully and wonderfully made" - I have a whole new respect for this scripture now!!

Dr Seuss...

Look what aunty Ruthie bought my boy....

I love Dr Seuss and I love this outfit!!!
My mom, Oliver and myself are flying to capetown on Saturday to have some family time and guess what hes wearing - this outfit!!

Oh gosh....

Yup - lots of posts today, I have some time so im looking through all my photos and blogging them!

These photos show that its sometimes difficult to get a picture with a baby.... they dont always want to smile! I bought my boy (and me) a carry thingy so i can strap him to me and walk around cause he is so heavy and this one is top notch - its got pockets and extra padding! I dig it!

10 photos and no smile!!!

My boy!

This weekend Ryan took some pictures of Oliver on his phone and i just love them!!!!!!!!

Cute or what!!!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Top gear baby!!

My brother managed to get 4 free top gear tickets so he asked my dad, Mike and I to go along with him - we were like "HELL YEAH" and off we went!!!
Mike and I have spent many an hour watching the trio from top gear and often been in tears we have laughed so hard this this was a HUGE treat for us!!! as you will see we were VERY excited!!

The boys drooling over all the fancy cars...
And Mike and Dad raced scale electrics and dad wow - ha ha! Boo to you mike!

Vida cafe had a stall there and man the coffee was amazing!!!

Watching the racing.....

 Ryan and I only watched 3 races and then went to look around the rest of the festival as Ryan is a huge motocross fan so we were looking for bikes - and we got it!!

After the street racing we went back to browse around and get some chow!
My dad is a HUGE Ferrari fan... he was in his element!!

The queue to get into the stadium was LONG..... but once is started moving it was quick quick!
Waiting, waiting :)

The oke behind us photo bombing us - was a lekker oke!!

The show was AMAZING and we will DEF go again next year with my mom and Oliver!!! it so entertaining - you dont need to love or even like cars to enjoy this :)

There were two things that I was disappointed with -
1- was the amount of alcohol that was on sale - my goodness - and with alcohol comes idiots who are drunk before the show even starts and then sits in front of you swearing and shouting running the show a little for everyone around them! It is a lovely family day so why the need for alcohol? Its really sad that that is sometimes the main attraction for some people!
2 - is that why do cars mean half naked girls - i dont just mean a mini skirt here and there but i mean girls wearing nearly nothing (not even exaggeration) and in see through nurses outfit to help promote what every stall hired them - again a family show so for goodness sake cover up!

But from a whole day those are my only two things that bugged me the rest was AWESOME!!!
Cant wait for next year!!