Saturday, 31 March 2012

Why cant we be more like dogs?

Kate brought little Jabu to puppy school on Saturday - this little doggie had parvo when she was little (very nearly died) and has lost her little "fingers" on her right leg due to this... she was brought into the vet by her owner and seeing as was so sick they never ever came back to fetch her - that makes me so mad i would like to track these people down!! Kate (being the amazing person she is) has now "fostered" Jabu as she cant stand this beautiful little creature being locked in a cage all day every day so Jabu goes home with her in the evenings and weekends!! I recon she will be adopted very soon by Kate and her family as everyone seems to have fallen in love with her already!... let me tell you Jabu is the most beautiful little pup and she looks at Kate as if she knows Kate saved her life!!
At home Kate and her parents have 4 dogs already so bringing Jabu into the picture wasn't an easy decision to make... what amazes me the most is how these doggies seem to love Jabu just as much as Kate does!!! This is Wallace and Jabu playing together at puppy school - he was playing so gently as her right leg is still very sore (she cant walk on it yet so her nickname is tripod)

 The four doggies at Kates home have welcomed Jabu with open arms.... they dont care that she is sick and has half an arm... they dont care that she wasn't "born" into their little family, they dont care that she was abandonded they just love her and have welcomed her as part of their family! They are completely blind to her imprefections...

Why cant we be more like dogs?

and so our day begins..

Its saturday morning and we're still lying in bed (yay for blogging from your phone)... I am reading mike is napping and the pups are playing on our bed- all sparkley clean from their bath last night. We are listening to the rain on the roof and enjoying enough cool weather that we're cuddled under the duvet- does it get any better than this?
It might get a bit better later when I get up to make us crumpets for brunch- mike was ecstatic when I told him....
Life is good!!!
We've got to appreciate the small victories in life like crumpets and sleeping in on the weekend and a book you can't put down and clean doggies and tea in bed (do you think mike will get the hint :)
A good start to the weekend.
I am happy!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Test post.

This is a test post to see if I can blog from my blackberry! Let's hope it works....
I am so happy its thursday (my gym free day) and I plan on going for a cup of coffee and a health muffin (with my kindle of course) in the time I would have been at gym!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lazy wednesday...

Today was a long day - work, an hour and 45min of gym (oh man we did arms today and mine are sore) - straight after work we popped into a friend to help them with a computer problem and now we're finally home! I suggested take away seeing as we're getting home a bit later than normal and the suggestion was well received! We got a pizza and a salad for me (the plan is to have more salad than pizza - we'll see) and as always the pups were over the moon when we arrived home!
 Our evenings this week have been pretty chilled - besides popping out to wakaberry for a treat with Kate yesterday its been quiet which is perfect as i get to spend lots of time reading - i have finished "the hunger games" and will probably finish "catching fire" tonight, only got a few pages left and i am totally hooked!!! Addicted and i cannot put these books down! I have booked for us to watch the movie on the 14 April when it comes out and now i just wait in anticipation! Holly is my loyal company when i read - always!

 A kiss kiss for my precious little one!!!
Ok no more rambling - back to reading!!!!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Mikeys new toy...

Mike has a new hobby... hence a new toy - mikes hobbys are a bit more expensive than mine BUT if it gets him out and about what complaints do i have. His new toy arrived and there was MUCH excitement at home when it came!

 and the winner is - PAINTBALL! The boys play at church and love it as only boys do - running, diving, getting dirty and getting shot at.

 Mike played on Saturday and came home with his first bruise, I'm sure there will be many more where that came from!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Our morning...

Saturday mornings of late have been filled with things to do - this morning is no different BUT we decided those things can wait and we had a lovely relaxing morning! We woke up nice and late.... ahhh bliss and then this is how my morning has been...
Reading in bed with a cup of tea and my pups lying by me! I am LOVING "the Hunger Games" and cant seem to put my kindle down! Last night i popped into our local Exclusive Book store and found the Hunger Game Trilogy books and the price was NUTS - R735 for the three books!
I paid $18 for mine which work out to R146 - how crazy is that!!! I cannot believe the price difference... I am totally hooked on this book and want to just read and read... and read some more!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

2 things to look forward to!

I have two things to look forward to today

1) Movie with Mike, Ryan and Kate. 7:45pm show of "contraband" - yayayay!!
Hope its good! There is nothing better than movies and popcorn!
 2) I got hugely spoilt and a friend of mine bought me "the Hunger Games trilogy" for my kindle! I recived a amazon gift card and I was SO excited when I saw it was for "the Hunger Games" (and all three books no less) I have just downloaded it and am SUPER keen to get stuck in...

Cant wait for the movie to come out now - have to finish the book first!!!

Ever get the feeling...

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched... I do - whenever I bath!
This is what happens when I take a nice long bath with my kindle... someone just stares at me - the whole time... until I get out!

Hollys treasure.

Mike and i had an ice-cream the other day and we gave the pups the ice-cream sticks when we were done to nosh on... Tims was very happy and chomped on it straight away...
Our precious little Holly Bear on the other hand thought of this as a special treasure and just held it in her mouth for about 20 minutes!! It was the cutest thing - she just sat on her bed and held it (she looked like she was smiling)

It amazes me how so different Tims and Holly are - suppose we'll find the same thing when we have kids huh...


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hey Judes Antique Barn...

Seeing as yesterday was a public holiday we decided we needed an outing and so we went to camperdown and visited "hey Judes Antique Barn".... oh man it was so cool!!! The best part about visit this place was it belonged to family friends of ours when we were kids and we used to spend holidays at the farm - so many lovely memories - what a lovely experience going back and showing mike the farm that i have chatted about often!!!

We slept in (even though in some of these pictures i still look half asleep - must be the flu) and left at about 10am... we decided that a coffee stop was in order - our favorite place to stop when  we travel - WILD BEAN!

 Mike got an orange juice and in mike fashion a custard danish for brekkies!!
 I had a cuppachino (needed it) and a blueberry muffin!!
This is the sign coming onto the farm... so groovy!!

 The barn was JAMMED PACKED from floor to ceiling!!
 Mike was telling me his dad has this exact same camera when he was little.... we saw many things that reminded us of our childhoods!!
I wanted this sign but it cost too much... love it!!

 Mike also had this exact tennis racket...

 Hee hee, only at a farm hey!!

This is what we bought - i dig it!! I think i want to put this in our bathroom with scrubbies and soaps on - but still deciding!!
Love days like this!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Getting better..

I'm getting better and feel much better than yesterday (thank goodness) for the first time in 5 nights I had a decent night sleep (thank goodness again) - I took sick leave again today as my chest is still very tight BUT I got called into the office for 2 hours as my very special bosses cant really do anything without me (is that good or bad??) so I was a bit miffed BUT what can you do - we're close to month end so it was very selfish of me to get sick now :)
Anyway on the way home i stopped some for some coffee to soothe my throat.... hmmm it worked!!
The pups have LOVED having me home and they have napped with me all the time - they sense when things aren't 100% and stick close to me when I am sick.... these are a few pictures taken of the pups.

This was in bed this morning after Mike left for work - Holly cuddling with me!

 Tim's cuddling too!
 Holly napping with me!

 Check out Piddy left for a moment while Tim's naps! So cute!
 Tim's begging for his ball on top of the fridge... he was saying "mom PLEASE we can play"....

 We're staying in tonight cause of my cold - i want to get better SOON - and with tomorrow being a holiday i would like to actually leave this house so we'll see. I popped into the DVD store and got this DVD for us for tonight... hope its good!!
 and this is for me for now....

Happy Tuesday all!