Tuesday, 30 May 2017

My girl and I...

Charley isn't able to fight photos just yet so I am taking advantage of this as much as possible!

I really just love this child so much and our time together - she is a little treasure!

Keeping me company...

Often Charley keeps me company when I make lunches or start dinner - I just pull her donut into the kitchen and she rumbles around while I get busy in the kitchen.
I just see this is the little face staring up and me...

Its always nice having company in the kitchen!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Friday afternoons

Friday afternoons its the kids and me for a while, I love it! Its some quality time for us 3... I fetch Ollie first always bringing him a little surprise and then we chat in the car all the way till we fetch Charley. He comes with me, helps me carry and then we head off home for a solid hour and a half or just us.... its the best way to start the weekend and its a time I really cherish.

 Last Friday I popped both kids in the bath at the same time - I normal bath Charley first BUT I was lazy and they both had lots of fun - Charley more so. She LOVES Ollie and having him splash around with her was such a treat!

I love these kids so much.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Oom's boat

Our neighbor, know to Ollie as Oom, bought a boat last year and it has fascinated Ollie! Oom is so kind, he lets Ollie climb on whenever he wants and lets him play "fishing" from the boat. He has shown Ollie all the dials and hatches and Ollie plays catching fish BUT I am not allowed to eat them...

How lovely to grow up with such lovely people around us to make our family feel special in big and small ways.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The night before the morning after....

My two are really good sleepers, I cannot complain about that. They are such good sleepers that some mornings when we wake up and bring them to our bed so we can spend a few moments with them while we are getting ready they remain asleep... how rude!

This was the night time just before bed, Ollie was watching a movie and Charley was watching him which is her favorite thing to do!
 And then the next morning.... both too sleepy to give me morning kisses!!

BUT on weekends this does not seem to be true - Ollie is up before the sun!!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My loves

I am so in love...

The only reason there are more pics of Charley than Ollie is because she has no choice and Ollie now says NO and runs away! So I am going to take advantage of taking as many pics as I can with my girl before she is able to say no!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

A visit with Nan and Gramps

On Saturday we spent the morning with Nan and Grampa as a little early mothers day visit. Ollie loves it there, he thinks he owns the place and enjoys spending time with his Nan and Grampa. Dad stole Charley the whole visit and she was so happy on his lap!

We bought Nan some meringues as a pressie which we all proceeded to eat while Nan napped (shame Nan) and Charley had her first Meringue - she loved it! These times are heartbreaking and special at the same time, we are learning to cherish these moments and not let hurt over shadow our visits.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My happy place

My happy place is cooking or baking when I can do it with undivided attention. I got a chance on Saturday afternoon, it was rainy and cold and baking next to a hot oven was so lovely. I decided to try make a Victoria sponge cake...

It turned out a bit more rustic that I would have liked but it was lots of fun to make.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A lazy mothers day

Mothers day was the best one yet - We all stayed in bed until just after 1pm which was heaven.... brekkie in bed, coffee, movies and lots of cuddles. It was cold and wet so it was the perfect PJ day!

In the afternoon we went out for a late lunch and they happen to have foot massages for the moms and some Rose' which I really enjoyed - It was the best day!

Ollie came home from school very excited about his mothers day pressie for me, Ollie had made biscuits at school for me and I knew he made them himself when I opened the packet and most of the biscuits had a little bite out of them - it made my heart happy!!

I adore these kiddies that made me a momma and I love my husband for making my day so special - a day in my pj's is my most favorite thing!!

Friday, 12 May 2017

My happy eater...

I prayed for two things for my second baba and they have both been answered and then some.The first thing I prayed for is a good sleeper - we got a very good night sleeper which we are grateful for - she isn't the best day sleeper but she always wakes up so happy so its not a problem.
She likes to sleep with a cloth by her face which often ends up over her head (Ollie used to do the same) - this was after she came to us in the morning, she feel back to sleep - I showered, dressed, blow-dried my hair and still she slept!
The second thing I prayed for was a happy eater as I could not fathom fighting every food time and this we granted fully. Charley loves eating anything and everything - she watches when we eat and her eyes beg for a suck- the other day, much to Mikes horror, I gave her a pizza crust to nosh on and she loved it!

 She stole a little piece of Ollie;s toast which she enjoyed....

I love this  child with my whole heart and I can envision many mommy-daughter dates in the future!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

My little shopper

Ollie loves shopping with me especially if there is a little trolley. He makes me hand him the groceries so he can put them in, he unpacks them and then hands over my debit card to pay.

It feels like my boy is getting too big too quickly.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


At one stage my boy was so nervous at the doctors offices, he would stick to us like glue and then cry when we went in - yes it was an age thing but as the years have worn on and we explained why we go see the doctor and why he helps us his fear has lessened.
Last Saturday Ollie and Mike needed to go see the Dr, as they walked in Ollie exclaimed "TOYS, I'm going to go play" and off he went - no need for dad to shadow him. When their name was called he sauntered in, sat on the chair, said hello to the Dr and told Mike that he could sit too.
And that was that. No fear. No tears.

I am proud of this little guy we are raising and learning that some things take longer than others to overcome and that patience is often needed.

What a mom does..

I have realized over and over again that being a mom is the most rewarding (and exhausting) role I will ever play. I find joy in my children's joy and pain in their pain and I, on occasion, do whatever it takes to keep the peace.
This could mean anything from giving someone an extra sweety because they asked so nicely (even though they already had 5) or sitting in our driveway at home after arriving home a half hour before just so my littlest one can have a decent nap.

 When Oliver was born I struggled a lot with selfishness. One thing that I remember well is that I would struggle so much if Oliver woke up at our food time because I didn't want to eat with one hand or have cold food or eat in shifts - it sounds so silly but for the first few months it was something that would make me so angry! And anyone who has kiddies know that when the food arrives, no matter what time, the kids tend to wake up....
I learnt so much with Oliver and I had to check myself more than a few times regarding my innate selfishness, it taught me how selfish I really was - who knew!
Ollie was 3 and a half when Charley was born and we were out of the hectic faze of having a baby and I was worried a bit that our life would feel like it was turned upside down again and my selfishness would rear its ugly head. By the grace of God that hasn't been the case at all and with Charley came joy and laughter and I have viewed something like sitting in the car in the driveway while Charley naps as an opportunity to put on an audio book and relax a bit.
Thank goodness for do-overs, Charley has been my redemption baby and showed me what motherhood could be like when selfishness isn't a factor.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

A year later...

More like over a year later and so I begin again, I have realized we refer back this all my posts fondly when thinking of Ollie as a baby and remembering special occasions, looking at photos and seeing how much he has grown - I feel I am robbing us of the same with Charley.
From my last post to now life has changed a lot in the best way, our little girl Charley was born and is now 6 months old and  Ollie has grown up so much and is such a ray of sunshine to us.

I will start this again with the events of our week and and eventually tell Charley's birth story because it is such a precious time which I haven't converted into writing quite yet. The rest of 2016 and the first half of 2017 will have to remain a memory for Mike and I to share between us.

Our little superheros. We went to Josh's super hero party and Ollie and Charley dressed up as superheros. Of course Ollie was batman and Charley (who had no choice but was willing) dressed up as Wonder Woman for which is totally is! The Wonder Woman costume (thank you Aunty Wella and Uncle Ryno) is for 12 - 18 month old's BUT our kids super power seems to be CHUNK as she fits into it at 6 months!

 Ollie took this picture for us and I kinda LOVE it....
 Charley's first time on a swing and she loved it... she is going to be an adventurous one this one.
 A rare family picture...
 Ollie jumped the afternoon away.

Sunday finished too quickly and as always I come to work missing my family and scrolling through pics of all of them as the days goes on.
Ahhhh, this feel so good to document our lives again, it makes me slow down a bit and sort through my love and joy for my family and our little life together!
2017 I am finally ready for you!