Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cookie maker...

On Friday Lolly and I made cookies for Mike.... well to be fair I made cookies and Lolly just reaped the benefits afterwards. My favorite part of cooking making is licking the batter off the bowl and mixer.... as a momma I now have to give up my selfish wants and hand over the pleasure of bowl licking to my son. Not an easy task, I don't like baked cookies, I only like the batter! This is one of the many things I will remind Lolly of later on.... when he is looking after us in our old age :)
I burnt the first batch so I had no more chocolate chips, I had to substitute the second back with smarties.
 I gave Lolly some batter and a cookie cutter to make his own cookie.... lets just say it didn't make it to the oven!

 I passed on the cookie licking of the bowl and the mixer to my child and he LOVED it!!!

I have a feeling  that cooking making will be a Brits favorite thing to do on a Friday afternoon!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

From this...

Oliver and Savannah become friends at toptots.....
From this -
To this on Christmas eve -

When did our babies get so big!!!!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Walking the pups...

My child has realized what the puppy's leads are for and now asks to walk them - its TOO cute!!
This morning he kinda fell on Holly in our bed and accidentally hugged her.... he was so chuffed with himself. She then proceeded to roll onto her back and he kept stroking her mouth making her teeth show.... we just laughed so much!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bath time snacks...

Sometimes a snack is needed in the bath... Ollie got a little lolly pop maker for Christmas and its a huge hit! We fill them with fruit juice and yogurt.
I will say that mommy and daddy also enjoy a few pops when Lolly is in the bath!


On Friday night I was spoilt by Mike making me dinner. This isn't something he naturally enjoys doing so it means alot to me when he cooks for me. He is super cute planning the meal ahead, researching new things he thinks I will like....
This dinner was a lovely Thai salad with grilled steak - YUM!!! The thai sauce was really delicious. A new favorite!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Lolly's car.

My child was super spoilt at Christmas, not by us but by family who love him as much as we do! He got a cute little car that is awesome when we go shopping as this is far better than riding in a trolley...
We got some frozen yogurt on the way out and his little car was used (after mom got clever and shared some into a bowl for him) as the perfect seat...

On the way home we had to stop and get some wood and while they were busy Lolly got bored.... so we brought out his car and he played outside with me.

I pushed him for a while then he missioned on his own. Best gift ever!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Family photo shoot 2014

We try, and have so far succeeded, in doing a little family photo shoot once a year to preserve where we were at that stage in our lives.... for me its rather to preserve where Oliver is in his little life - he is growing up so fast I want to remember each stage.
This shoot was the first when he was on his feet and with an understanding of his surroundings and I must say it was rather tricky as he was camera shy!
Tammy Seaman Photography, you did an amazing job of capturing my beautiful boy, his smile, his naughty grin, his little personality - my heart is so happy to have these to add to our collection!

Love this boy and love our little family so much!!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A special place...

I think we all have a few special places in our home that remind us of something special. This is one of the places in my home that I cherish... This mirror was Mike's grans....
Our home is so imperfect, it needs lots of work, the patio roof leaks, out kitchen cupboard under the sink is still not working BUT is the little places like this that make my heart happy.
Our home is not perfect but its ours and its filled with things that remind us of special people and special times.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Cuddles before bed...

We watch "cars" (Top gear) before bed and have cuddles.... that's how we roll!

This face!!

Monday, 12 January 2015

A little mess...

I don't really like mess but with a little boy learning to feed himself mess is inevitable especially when it comes to ice creams!

BUT the joy of that ice cream is well worth all the mess that comes along with it!

Home year continued....

So home year 2015 has commenced and I have had some fun so far! We are focusing on our kitchen for a little while as it needs to get finished now. A few purchases for our kitchen
 New pie dish, Mike asked that the first pie I need to make is an apple pie....

 I fell in love with this butter dish....
 A new lamp for the corner of our lounge - our Christmas tree was on  this table and when we packed it away we kinda liked the table there.... add a lamp, bunny and plant and it works.
 Maria Batty, this reminded me of you! Super cute tea strainer.
 Can't you just see warm rolls in the big one and rusks or biscuits in the little one?
I have fallen in love with wooden spoons - why I have no idea but I love them. I got a couple and filled a glass jar to keep next to the stove as I will use them alot. The only problem is that I want more!!
This was my favorite purchases for our kitchen. Mike hung them for me in a corner that cant really be used as counter space and I LOVE the effect!

 We are coming along and I am feeling really happy with the turnout. Just the skirtings to do (we are pricing wood at the moment) and the drawer under the sink needs to be fixed and we are there.... I am feeling really happy with our little space!