Monday, 30 May 2011

Today is a GOOD day!!!!

Today is a good day, it certainly didn't start off as such but it definitely turned out to be a good day!! An brilliant day - a fantastic day even!!
Our morning started off with me having a minor (mike might disagree) tantrum cause i could not for the life of me find my gym tags! The one to log in and the one to log onto the system so i can track how well i have worked out!! It always upsets me i loose something that should not have been lost and my mind went blank as to where it could be! i did a quick scout of our room, my car, the kitchen - checked my gym back about 5 times as that is where it SHOULD have been... anyway after all the drama i found it in my handbag in a secret compartment that i have no idea how it got there and only this evening after my afternoon work out!!
Work was work but gym was really good... after gym i decided to go for a walk around Musgrave and went a block or two more than i normally do!! I saw so many cool things...
i saw
- a mom watching her two kids playing in the park...
- a guy taking two German Shepard's for a walk...
- a cute old couple taking a stroll...
- a little boy playing peek-a-boo with his older brother...
- sign posts showing me whats up in durban, shows, concerts etc..
- a lady walking dachshund...
and i enjoyed the warm winter sun on my walk... got me thinking about how important it is to slow down and enjoy life!
This is the sight we saw on the way home... gotta love it!!

With mike and I today was one of those days that make you smile and want to remember it forever!! We chatted out some stuff and had a few deep moments!
DEF a good day for us!!! I love mike so much... i love days when we feel super connected and on the same page!!! We took a pic to remember today.....
It might be a random "at home normal" picture but for us its a milestone!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sundays best!

Mike and i have had a hectic week.... needless to say we don't really need reason to chill on a sunday BUT this week we felt it was well deserved! Getting back into gym and work after missing a week really took it out of me (i know, dramatic) and mike has been a little stressed at work who has had a busy week so we decided to mark today off as a total chill day! Bring it on - it takes lots of planning to make sure you have one day to do nothing and planning nothing is even more to plan :)
we woke up really late, lazed in bed, watched some TV... relaxed - had breakfast at like 12pm... then we saw someone eating OREOS on TV and i had a craving!! That happens alot :)
We decided to take a walk with the doggies to the shop to get some oreos snacks... the pups LOVE to walk and its all sunny and warm!
The doggies are curled up next to me sleeping it off.... this was Holly when we got back!
and Timmy...
My hero carrying the treat packet...
The much anticipated oreos.... check out Timmy's nose on the side sniffing out the good stuff!! They are so inquisitive...
After the walk i took a quick shower and changed back into my pjs in complete relax style.... oreos and orange juice - YUM!!
Mike and i have finished watching "the Mentalist" 1 and 2 and two seasons of "modern family" and we have just starting watching "parks and recreation" and LOVING it!!!!
Yay for a few more hours of relaxation and then off to church!
The perfect day!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Winter lazyness!

Seeing as winter has crept in and make us all cold and chilly we like to snuggle in front of the TV in the evenings! Sometimes (like last night) i pull our little mattress into the lounge so we are comfy and mike lies next to me curled up in a blanket - def love camping out in the lounge when we watch movies!
These are the little terrors that had taken over my mattress!!
Eventually i kicked them off so they make themselves at home on our blanket...
And then they sneakily snuggled up with their dad and all three of them fell asleep - precious moments!!!

Forever friends.

Last night we went to visit Wayne and Kim's for dinner, we love spending time with them and love just chilling! It was Wayne s birthday two weeks ago and we had ordered him his present and it only arrived this week.... so we went for dinner (mushroom soup - delish!!) and gave him his pressie!!
This is what we got him...
I know it might seem like a weird present to buy a 27 year old man BUT he loved it and we spend all night last night playing!! SO much fun! In December when we went away together we started chatting about games we used to play when we were little and this game came up - he was so excited when he remembered this game so we had to find it for him! We played 7 games all in all and poor mike didnt win one game.... we teased him a bit and i did my "i won" dance when i won the second to last game :) Love teasing when im winning.... hate being teased when i loose!
They got their doggy Steel (yorkie cross) a few months before we got Timmy - they inspired us to get a puppy! Best decision every - this is Steel, he is the cutest little thing ever!!!
And about three weeks ago they got Shade, a great dane puppy - he is now 14 weeks old and SO big!! Beautiful dog!
This is Wayne and Kims - we met them a couple years ago and became fast friends.... love them to bits and love spending time with them! Kims is stunning and beautiful and Wayne is an amazing businessman! We have learnt so much from them and they have spoken so much into our lives - best of all we can spend HOURS talking NONSENSE and playing games like "pass the pig" - love it!
We feel really lucky to have such an amazing group of friends!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A magical rainbow!

The weather is getting colder as the days go by - rainy and windy and cold, i LOVE winter. I love scarfs and coats and snuggling up with a blankey in the evenings!!
Today, after a very cold day yesterday we woke up to a semi bright sky.... then on the way out of our front gate we saw this...
a gorgeous rainbow - reminding me of Gods promise to Noah. I love seeing rainbows, they seem to magical and perfect.
This was it closer to work... we then saw there were TWO rainbows... i have never seen two right next to eachother before!
How can you not have a good day after seeing that!!
After a long day at work, a gym workout, a shopping trip we were on our way home and i was shocked to see the rainbow was still there... seriously! I could not believe it! It remained the whole day! Just some more proof that God is an amazing God and his creations are perfect!
Maybe tomorrow i will catch a glimpse of an angel :)

Winter booots!!

Yay - i finally get to wear my winter boots! I bought them about three weeks ago and have been waiting patiently for a rainy day to wear them! When i woke up yesterday morning with the sound of pouring rain outside our window i was super excited... "ITS BOOTS DAY" i thought!
Winter is always sweeter with new boots!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Our home group...

At home group we are doing a DVD series called “Real Jesus”, done by Mark Driscoll, and it’s been amazing! If you can get your hands on it please check it out!
Just something to renew what I believe and to solidify some thoughts and feelings I have been having about my faith and belief in God. Its easy listening, funny at times, thought provoking and an amazing way to spend an evening with a group of fellow believers and those searching for God.

There is a couple that have joined us for the series, an older couple and it’s been nice getting to know them a little each week…. Being in a group like ours its sometimes harder to get a big old conversation in with a new person cause there is always something going on and its gets loud and boisterous – love it!
Last night after the DVD about who God says he is in the bible we just chatted about who we each believe God to be to us– where we are and what experiences have lead us to believe what we believe who God is.

For me, I grew up knowing God, being introduced to Him each week at church and then making a decision to accept him… some didn’t accept God until they were in their late 20’s and some others are still searching – is a diverse group each with our own story!

This new couple has been a few times and only saying a peep here and there…. Last night we were asked where we are in our journey with God… it was a pretty open discussion and this couple shared a bit of their hearts with us. They know God, they love him but two years ago their son was killed in a car accident – leaving behind an ex wife and 7 year old daughter – the pain in their face when they shared…. Their raw emotion and sadness washed over me and my heart just broke! He is now in a place where he feels he knew God loved him and then his son was taken and he can’t get past it – he can’t stop being mad at God and wondering why…

I have NO idea what they are going through – none at all BUT I can sympathize and totally understand where he is coming from!

It got me thinking how I would react to the God I have loved my whole life if my husband was taken from me – or my mom or dad or brother! How would I react – would I love God in that time, glorify him and pray to him to give me peace or would I be spitting mad and hurt and not able to relate to a God that could have let that happen!

Scary scary stuff – I just cried hearing the hurt and brokenness this has caused them – their whole lives are forever changed – nothing will ever be the same!! I chatted to her a bit afterwards and she explained what had happened and how she had to go to the morgue to identify her sons body – she says that memory is so vivid and she gets flash backs about it often – 2 years later and the pain and hurt is still as real as the day he died.

Got me thinking not only about how I would feel if I was in the same position but also about the fragile state of our earthy bodies…. We can be here one second and literally gone the next. I love my husband and tell him EVERY SINGLE day about 20 times…. But sometimes I don’t show it as much as I could – I mope when my gorgeous puppies wake us up at 6am on a weekend morning cause they want us to open the door for them so they can cuddle us…. I LOVE those times… but sometimes I moan about them!

WHY – because we become so selfish that our little state is all that consumes us… There is so much more to life than me!

It’s so horrible to hear of someone loosing a child BUT hearing has also given me a fresh “understanding” of life and how to enjoy it because you never know what’s going to happen!

Mike and I seem to be slogging through a lot at the moment – stress has taken hold of us in one way or another and we’re having a bit of a hard time… at the end of the day hearing about this precious couple struggling with loosing a child our little problems don’t seem like problems at all – sometimes a little perspective is all we need.

Man I didn’t think would lead to a deep discussion, just wanted to share where our home group is at at the moment!

Some food for thought!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Our little toilet paper thief!

we have a toilet paper thief in the house - she thinks we don't know its her but we always do... she runs to us unaware that there is toilet paper still on her mouth! It really is the cutest thing ever... our little monster!!
How freaken cute!!
Love these little buggers! Timmy has been doing so well at puppy school - healing without a lead and everything!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Getting better... slowly!!

OH my - i have been man down for a whole week now and i am not 100% better yet - sucks!! I have woken up with a headache since last Sunday and today was no difference, i am feeling much better but my headaches haven't left me and my tummy isn't right!
Mike prayed for me last night to be all better today... and i am going to ask him to do it again tonight so tomorrow i wake up sick free!!
I was off sick from Monday and i was feeling so horrible i didn't even touch my laptop - mike was shocked but what can you do...
Lets see what i have to catch up on - last Sunday was mikes moms birthday and we spent the day with them celebrating and having a braai. It was a lovely day all around!
The day started off with opening pressies.
The cooked family photo - we got dad a tiny pressie as well and he was chuffed!
Mike manned the braai and did and amazing job, the food was delicious!
there is a little fence in mom and dads backyard to keep the doggies contained... every now and again Timmy would hop up and give us the sad eyes, like an innocent prisoner! Shame!
The pups love it outside and they fell alseep on their blanky under a tree - precious little souls!
The rest of my week has pretty much been sleeping and popping pills... the one thing i am super bummed about is a missed a whole week of gym!! i was doing so well and now i have to start all over again :( Mike wont let me go tomorrow so i might be allowed to go on Tuesday depending on how i feel!
Bring on the new week... keen to get back into routine and back to normal!

Sadie, my new best friend.

When we were in JHB a few weekends ago i made friends with the cutest golden retriever i have ever met. Her name is Sadie and she is gorgeous! She is my cousins dog and we made friends over a good old dance... let me explain - whenever i danced for her she would got nuts and then we would both get shouted at for making too much noise!! I still dance, she still make noise and we both kept on getting into trouble!! But it was too fun to stop!
Isnt she cute!!
We liked to play...
And then she'd take it too far and munch me... silly little pup!!
A bit more rough and tumble - Sadie won this round..
If we had a big garden was bigger i would like to get my own Sadie... i never liked big dogs until seeing them at puppy school and seeing how precious they actually are!!
one day i will have a Sadie, one day!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sick and in bed :(

Today i stayed home from work (which is not like me at all) cause i am really not feeling well - i cant remember the last time i felt so sick!! i even called my mommy to take me to the doctor... then you know I'm not well! I've had a headache since Sunday, my neck as seized and my throat feels twice its size. Turns out i have a really bad strain of gastric flu... its not great but what can you do! In times like these i am so thankfully for my caring husband who takes care of me SO well... i seriously have no idea what i would do without him! I woke him up at 3:45am this morning to tell him my head is sore and he just wanted to get me something for it - at 3 in the morning... that's amazing! He takes such good care of me, worries about me and i feel how much he loves me by just seeing how he looks at me!
I hate being sick BUT i love that mike is there to take care of me!
Just been trying to sleep it off today.... feeling antsy and my neck is sore so needed to just get up and do something other than sleep! Have a few blogs that i haven't gotten to but those can wait till tomorrow...
Mike went to homegroup tonight, seeing as i am not feeling great i didn't go but our homegroup leader Ruthie, who i have grown to absolutely love, sent me this pic of our homegroup saying they are missing me! So nice to know... feel so loved right now!
Another thing about being sick that is too precious is that Timmy worries so much about me... every 10 minutes he jumps up to make sure i'm ok... he didn't leave my side today and made sure he snuggled with me to make me feel better! I recon if he could he would have made me some tea today... Holly loves me too but she is so fiercely independent that she doesn't really come across as caring as Timmy! Timmy is a softy through and through... makes my heart all warm and gooey when he comes to see if i'm ok! I was a bit weepy this morning cause i didn't sleep well and my neck was really make me feel uncomfortable- he tried to lick my tears away and snuggled right up to me!
Aside from being loving and caring the pups are also little thieves... every now and again they bolt past me with a sock in their mouths and i have to catch them and rescue our socks... today they found my halls throat lozenger pack and ripped it to shred, unwrapped three losenzer and then showed me so proudly what they had done!!
Thank you Lord for my husband and my pups!! I can add moms and dads to this list too....

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rugby and Cards...

Tonight we joined my parents, my moms aunt, uncle and aunt for dinner tonight! The evening began with boys (and Nana-aunty Shirley) watched some rugby - Blue bulls v red bulls... my moms uncle is a blue bulls fan so it was good to see they won - he was very chuffed! The boys eagerly watching rugby - my moms uncle (we refer to him just as uncle) didn't even eat any snacks he was so nervous! The boys look like the good, the bad and the ugly on that couch!
Nana-aunty Shirley watched the beginning too...
Seeing as us girls aren't that into rugby we buckled down for a good game of cards...
Needless to say i did not win the game of cards, my hands were all shocking and in the end i tanked and lost hopelessly!
It was an lovely evening, always good to spend time with family... the evening ended with riddles and jokes, the best way to end an evening is with a corny joke!!