Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lunch time... or is it tea time?

Seeing as its a holiday today we decided we want crumpets for lunch! DELISH!
So i made us some and there really were yummy! At home i always used to make baby ones for our doggies Nala and Abby... so i decided it was time for Timmy and Holly to have their first crumpet experience!
i made them each their own baby crumpet, jammed it for them and they LOVED it!
This is them waiting patiently like good little puppies...
oh man they enjoyed their treat!

Sleeping dogs!

There is nothing more precious than a sleeping dog!
A sleeping husband and a sleeping puppy - even better!!

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. ~Edith Wharton

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. ~Corey Ford

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies - Gene Hill

A trip down memory lane.

This weekend we went to visit Mikes (and now my) godparents in Stilfontein... we haven't seen them since our wedding nearly 5 years ago cause Stilfontein is 2 hours from JHB. This was the weather when we started out! It was really chilly this last weekend!
They are amazing people - Aunty Cynthia is so full of life and Uncle Rays mind is flippen amazing! He was a optometrist back in the day - he gave Michael his first pair of glasses and was brilliant in his field!
Michael and Uncle talking cameras, uncle Ray collected cameras since i don't know when and is fascinated by them!
We brought Aunty Cynthia some flowers... and she enjoyed arranging them... we also took them a little photo album of us and our doggies...
Aunty Cynthia has collected cabinets and cabinets of Royal Dalton figurines... i have been hearing so much about them but now i finally got to see them! I think there was like 4 cabinets FULL! Crazy..
I have a thing for mirrors too and Aunty Cynthia had these three stunning ones up in our house! How gorgeous hey!
And this one is my favorite!
We all went to lunch at
and the food was amazing! Really delicious... shame they stayed open an hour later for us.. Mike and Uncle Ray...
Aunty Cynthia and i were chatting too much to get a good pic!
We then took a drive around Stilfontein cause that is where mike was born! It was so lovely seeing where Mike grew up for his first three years of his little life! I have heard all the stories and i have seen all the pictures so i was thrilled to see it all!
This was mikes first home.... i couldn't get too good a pictures as there were two little yappers at the gate! Mike says its changes alot though.
This is the first street Mike grew up in..
Number 18 Godwin street...
This is the church Mike got christened in... i saw the pics of him in his frilly christening dress! Too precious!
What a lovely visit!! And on the way home we were surprised with a raindow.. so magical!

Friday, 22 April 2011

The wonderful wedding!!!

Well the wedding has come and gone, i cant believe its all over! OH MY, what a last couple of days... here are some wedding pics from yesterdays wedding! I cant believe my friend Kirsten is a WIFE now.. love it!!
Our morning started off with hair and make up - always so much fun as it is total pampering! This was us before our hair and make up was done...
And after - don't we look like absolute ROCK STARS!
The service was stunning - the minister spoke so well and it we were all captivated... it went quickly and before we knew it they were exchanging rings...
Ian and I stood on one side and Shaun and Carol stood on the other side of them, it was really cool to have one couple up on either side of them!
After the service we all thew streamers at them, such a lovely effect.. and then the cutting of the cake - they cut a small cake and the rest were delicious cup cakes...
This was on the patio where they cut the cake.. lovely lanterns! I want some for our patio!
Me and my moms...
Carol and I messing around! She is totally my new best friend.... she is awesome and it was so lovely being able to be a bridesmaid for Kirst with her there!! She makes everything fun...
My gorgeous husband, man i missed him on Tuesday and Wednesday!!!!!
You can see how well my make-up was done in this pic... I love LOVED it and will try this at home later... Mike says he loves this picture so i had to post it!
Some of us all together...
You can see out dresses here-
This is the best man Ian... he gave an hilarious speach!!
The very happy couple...
We partied hard on the dance floor... there was awesome lights and a bubble machine!
Mike and I one last time... Love him so much!
There are SO many more pictures but i shall not bore you!! We are staying in JHB till Monday so we are looking forward to that, we are staying with family and it is so lovely to be here! We were woken up to the smell of bacon and egg - what a pleasure!!
I do believe an afternoon nap is in order!!