Thursday, 28 June 2012

Refurbished phone.

I finally got a phone back from MTN - a week later and seeing as they could not UN-blacklist my phone they gave me a new refurbished phone! Its basically brand new so for my next upgrade I wont need a new phone and can downgrade and pay less than half for my monthly contract - bonus!
I got a new phone cover today seeing as I got a "new phone" - cant fault my logic!
I didn't miss my phone too much for the last week... only the quick hellos to my buddies!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

x-box connect!

On saterday night we popped into Ruthie and Jurgens place for pizza and games and man it was fun! We played x-box connect Olympics all night and LOVED it!! A few pics from the evening!!

Manon and Mads came too...
I think this was the hurdles!! We've got video footage of all of us running the hurdles - toooo funny!!!
Mads and Mane having SO much fun!!

Yoh hows this for javelin thowing!!!
and a little bit of discus...
I love how a bunch of adults can get together and play games like these - all inhibitions lost and us all basically lying on the floor from laughing so much!!
We want to get ourselves connect for christmas this year - lets see if santa visits our house at christmas - we better be super good!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Our first 40th :)

Last night we went to our first 40th birthday party and it was awesome!!! Chan turned 40 on our wedding anniversary - she is such a special person - they have three kiddies that we babysit from time to time.... it was a LOVELY evening!!! Us getting ready.... Mike cuddling tims!
 Holly was just sitting watching us as if to say "mom and dad why are you leaving us?"
 It was a bit fancy and I agonized over what to wear... GOSH!! I tried on so many outfits and eventually this one was the winner....
 I really love the back...  I added the flower.

 We went to the Quarters hotel - it was so lovely!!
We each had a placemat with our names on it and a personal thank you... It really made us feel so special! Chan spoke a bit and just said that each of us were hand picked to be there...

 How pretty is this, and so easy to do!!

 What an amazing evening!!!!


I had a hair trim for the first time in over a year the other day.... I am trying to grow my hair for mike :) I like the little bit of a fringe...

Mike digs it - bonus!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Oh gosh...

I love and then HATE technology at the same time! My phone went on the blink AGAIN - the second time in a couple of months and after three MTN store visits, 5 help line calls and way to many people telling to "just reboot your phone" (like I couldn't have thought of that myself) it has been found that my phone is infact blacklisted! How can that be you ask - I have no idea and niether does any of the MTN staff.... so annoying! They gave me this phone back after my other one packed up and now a couple of months later its blacklisted! I waited my turn in the queue....

Thank goodness for my Kindle!!!
Handed my phone in for an upgrade (by this time we didn't realize it was blacklisted)... went for lunch... got back.... got the bad news, got back in line and eventually handed in my phone!
So no BBM or whatsapps for me for 7-10 working days! GOSH!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Famous FIve.. and others!

Tenielle, my very awesome fitness guru, found out about my love of books and raided their bookshelf and suprised me with some awesome Enid Blyton old favorites! I was OVER THE MOON and fell in love with my new books... what a spoil!!
 I am so so happy.... makes my heart all happy!!!
 I love the old illustrations!
 Check out this pile....
This is Tenielle...

Thanks my friend, I LOVE them so much!!! I cant wait to read these to our kiddies one day!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fathers day night!

Sunday afternoon / evening my parents and their friends from Cape Town came back from holidaying so we made them dinner for fathers day - the lucky moms got to enjoy it to!! and thanks to Mikes mom we had some more yummy malva pudding and cream for dessert!
I have been LOVING my baskets... I use them so often - how cool is it to just pack a basket and go...
 A whole tray of roasted veggies!

 ... and off we went.
Me and my daddy...
 Holly was enjoying some time at the grandparents house, running around causing trouble! My mom called a couple minutes after we got home and said that one of the doggies weed in the shower... oops! We sat most of the night with the doors closed because it was so cold so maybe Timmy knew the bathroom was for weeing....
 Our nice warm dinner of chicken, brown basmati rice, roast veggies and rolls!

 And oh man did that pudding go down well - I forfeited my piece (cause I had for lunch) so these hungry people could have some more... they finished the whole lot and nearly licked the bowl.
All in all it was a lovely busy day... we went home and slept SO SO well!
Love my dads to bits!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fathers day morning!

Fathers day was awesome, my dad was away until the evening (they went away with friends) so we spent the morning with Mikes parents and the evening with mine. Our morning started with Mikes parents coming to church with us, it was so lovely to show them off!! All the dads got a free cuppachino and a piece of fudge... then we fetched the pups, picked up some supplies and headed back to their place for a skottle breakfast cooked by my precious husband!

My basket of goodies!!
 I took these to make nice shaped eggs - love these things!! Now when mike makes us eggs for any reason they better be in a shape!!
 Some fruit salad, eggs, bacon, banana, mushrooms, avo....

Little pressie for dad!!
 Mike and Holly all dressed up with her pink bandana!
 Off we go....
Having some fruit salad for starters and enjoying the lovely sunshine!!
 Hello mom and dad!!
 Our precious pups LOVING the grass and sunshine and noshing on something they found in the bush - Holly ended up escaping the garden to the common area and chasing birds - it was SO cute... but mike had to hop back over and fetch her.... she got a little smack for not coming back!

Mike manning the skottle - he did so well!!
 Grandpa and Timmy - he will NOT sit like that with anyone else accept mikes dad!
 The mutts scavenging for bits and pieces...
 Father and son! Mikes dad being naughty and helping with the cooking when he was instructed NOT to... just to relax and take it easy!!
 The delicious spread!
 ooohhhhh gotta love shaped eggs!! or is that just me??
 Yum yum yum!!
Mike was holding Timmy while we said grace... Tims hasnt grasped the concept of closing his eyes!
 Hollly a nap on the warm tiles!
 Mikes mom made the most delicious malva pudding and cream for pudding - SOOO GOOD!!

On the way home the pups wanted to sit by their dad....

We had a really good morning and afternoon!! Off home we went to cook dinner for my parents!!