Friday, 30 September 2011

Lounge mini revamp!

Revamp may be a bit generous when describing the slight changes to our lounge but for us we LOVE the little changes and this to us is a revamp!
First on the list was our new multi media center... as i mentioned earlier we had a computer tower plugged into our TV and this started getting a bit untidy...
This is what it looked before... see what i mean!
how cool is this... so small and compact!! all we do is plug this into our tv, plug our hard drive into it and voila!
and this tiny remote!! Love it...
it worked first time which made me smile, i hate fussing over these things!
No mess....
No fuss...

Second on our list was getting the doggy pictures up on the wall!! We had to add the hooks and fishing gut ourselves because these are "standy up" frames not hanging frames! I added all the hooks and mike did the gut...
The wall before...
...a few holes in the wall and some placing!!
i LOVE it... and our pups feel like rock stars being on the wall!
Shame, holly got a bit scared when mike was making noise with the hammer - she hopped onto my lap for a cuddle and didn't move!!
Timmy on the other hand wasnt fazed in the slightest!!
Next we needed something on this bare wall!!!
We found this awesome clock... half price on sale - score!!!
again we love this!!
Finishes off this room beautifully!
My folks popped in for some tea too which was cool... i got to use my new tea cosy my mom bought me from their holiday! I dig it!!
Yum Yum tea!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shopping shopping and more shopping!!!

On Sunday mikes first pay check arrived and yes he did get an increase - THANK YOU LORD!! This coupled with our new discount cards we decided this month it would be ok to totally blow his new increase and just spend it all... we are really good with our monthly savings so this was a real treat!!! BEST DAY EVER!!
our Sunday started off with a late breakfast - egg bacon and delicious coffee!!
and boy after that did we hit the ground running!! We hit Mr Price home, sports and clothing and we really did utilize our discount cards - they are amazing and saved us lots of money!! We came home with bags and bags of stuff! I was giddy i tell you!
Such lovely stuff....
I love little containers for different things so these popcorn tubs are perfect! Im like a child - i like my own treats in their own containers....
and a new heart for our patio - love the rich red!
I got some groovy fridge magnets... love them!!
I love lanterns... i've had my eye on some for a while now to place over the dinning room table when guests come! i got these three littler lanterns and i will add two bigger ones and hang them over the table.
Dont you love them!!
and the best part is they are battery operated with a little bulb in them... so they illuminate a gorgeous glow - perfect dinner vibe!!

I also got me some clothes - made my heart happy!!!
Some much needed gym clothes... very comfy!!
Some lovely summer tops...
A more vintagy type top!
and a cute summer dress!
... and a new wallet!!
I know this seems like all these things were for me... and ya they kinda were!! Accept for the clock it was all "mine" SO we had to even the score and get mike something too!
We have a computer hooked up to our TV and have a kind of media center thing happening!! Its lovely BUT our computer is giving us hassles and we are getting tired of having a computer tower next to our TV stand -its a bit untidy!!
We found this awesome media center and its tiny!!! Just a little bigger than our little samsung hard drive so we were super stoked!!
I'll post more more pics of the "before and after" on my next DIY blog - got lots to share cause we have done a few things around the house!
But yay for extra money and yay for shopping and yay for a husband that loves shopping with me!!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

September birthdays.

September is the month for two of our family members birthdays and one friends - Katelyn on the 18th, dad Brits on the 21st and Ryan my brother on the 22nd. The first we celebrated was dads with dinner at mom and dads with Aunty Cathy an old family friend!
Dad opening his presents.... what could it be?
dads favorite...
Choccies in a nice glass jar that mom can refill with biscuits!
Some family pics to remember dads 69th birthday -
mom made dad a birthday cake and it was delicious!!
mom also made wheat free choc brownies and they really were delicious!! i had mine with a glass of milk!
Mom enjoying a brownie and tea!
What a lovely evening!!!

The next night Ryan and Katelyn came for dinner for some birthday celebrations! at home when it was our birthdays we got to choose our birthday dinners so i let Ryan choose - he chose Chutney chicken and chips... so that was our menu!!
This was me playing father Christmas and handing out their presents...
opening pressies...
Ryan brought Nala with too....
and then he proceeded to decorate her with his birthday bow...
lots of chit chat, chit chat after dinner.

Happy birthday all September peeps!!!