Thursday, 30 August 2012

8 weeks already!

I have to apologize in advance for this becoming a baby blog BUT that is our life now so I am just blogging what we know - our little Jelly bean has become part of the family and as such he/she will feature plenty on this blog - just warning you!!
Little bean is already 8 weeks old, amazing!! There has been such amazing development in the last 8 weeks its amazing!! We have this awesome app in our Ipad that gives us weekly updates on our precious bean and we are loving hearing all about how baby is growing!!

 At the moment baby is the size of a Jelly bean, its arms and legs are forming (probably looking more like paddles than hands and feet so far) and its nose and upper lip are forming nicely!!
We are super amazed at the intricacy of this person growing inside of me - God is amazing to create this!! Blows our mind!!
Mike is still beaming, bless his heart, even though I have had many teary days.... my precious husband has become my sanity!!  Love that man!!

8 weeks little bean and we love you this much.... it can only get better from here!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I love food, always have and I am sure I always will BUT lately I have been battling so much with food and it has frustrated me to no end!! I cant eat what I normally like and what normally fills me up, I haven't felt nice and full in about a month and a half and depending on what I eat for dinner I go to bed with a sore tummy and I don't sleep well (and that is most of what I eat i might add) - all thanks for my little Jelly bean growing in my tummy!! Sheeehs, its been a tough couple of weeks!!
Some things I have found that I like include... many many apples, I eat them for breakfast and lunch most days - and I am loving fresh fruit!!

Schwepps dry lemon! YUM!

Micorwave popcorn...
Peanut butter and banana sandwich...
Today I had a Thai veg wrap and I really enjoyed it!! It was fresh and healthy and it was the perfect lunch! I think this might become a favorite as I have gone off meat a bit!
This morning I was also feeling super lazy and had no idea what to make for dinner - I asked mike to see what his canteen was offering so he could bring home for dinner and very causally mentioned that i felt like mash.... lucky me that is exactly what they had so mike brought us home some dinner! The roasted butternut was also a winner!! Delicious! I didn't have to make it, there was no mess from cooking - heaven!

Thank you Lord for Mike and for mash :)


Brunch these days is good as breakfast doesn't go down too well! On Sunday we met our very precious friends on the beachfront for some brunch and it was LOVELY! I had fruit salad, yoghurt and muesli and man it was DIVINE!! Nice and fresh and healthy - my new go to breakfast!!
Love time with friends in the sunshine!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

A new life....

YOH - these last few weeks have been rather hectic, stressful and full of excitement!! A new life is forming inside me and it blows my mind!! MIKE AND I ARE HAVING A BABY!!!

 We found out on the 7th August and its been a whirlwind since, on the same day we took the midstream pregnancy test I went for a blood test just to make sure.... and it came out positive straight away!!
 MAN are we excited - its been a really long journey for us actually - we starting trying for a baby 15month ago and finally out little baby bean is here! You should see Mike, he has this twinkle in his eye and he just beams all the time!!!
 We went for our first scan / check up on Wednesday and everything is totally fine! Look at out little bean, isn't it the most beautiful blob you have ever seen?? The top blob is the sack that gives our bean its food and the bottom blob is little bean him / herself!! We saw the heart pulsating - amazing!!!

We are blown away about this life growing inside of me - we are amazed about how God has created us and created me to carry a child!! Its overwhelming at times actually!!!

We are taking weekly pictures to see how little bean grows and makes my tummy bigger!!

Hee hee, we didnt want mike to feel left out :)

We are 7 weeks already and our due date is about 11 April - so exciting!!!!!!
The day we found out we had a little bean on board I went out and got a journal to keep as a baby journal - I want to document every step of the way for our baby one day! The one way I am doing this is writing letters to our baby instead of just writing how I am feeling etc... I have added letters to mike as well and eventually i would love to make this into a photo book!

 I am also keeping all receipts, photos, scrips etc for anything and everything baby related!
Den and Lyndal gave us a little gift when they found out we were pregs - these awesome car stickers.... hope you can see the little lady sticker is pregnant! Such a precious gift!!
 We added out pups so for now its out whole family!!!
 We have spent some time browsing baby shops and fell in love with this pram / car seat / carry cot set! - we'll save up for a few months then hopefully by these stylish new wheels for our baby bean!!
WOW - these last few weeks have been awesome, scary, panicked, humbling and so exciting!! I have to say though they have NOT been easy - I have really been battling with morning sickness and I am just praying that after 12 weeks they morning sickness will fade away and I'll be able to enjoy my baby bean properly!! I think God made us wait a little bit for our bean just to give me time to adjust to the idea of my body changing, our life changing, the reality of a baby and the blessing of having a little bean growing inside of me!! WHAT a privilege to have our baby growing inside of me!!
It has also made me realize just how lucky i am to have Mike in my life, he has been FANTASTIC with me and my morning sickness - I have never felt more lucky to have Mike as my husband!! This has definitely brought us closer together (which i didn't think was possible) and has made us fall even deeper in love!! Sometimes I just have to stop and take a breath....

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Little pressie

I love getting presents - little or big i dig them!!!
Mike came home the other day with this new water bottle - its my new favorite thing!

Saterday brunch...

This morning we had a lovely quite one, we have had a hectic week and we just needed some home time! We slept in and chilled for the rest of the morning!
Mike made us breakfast... crumpets (yum)...
There were some goodies....
 and some not so goodies....
 Eventually they came out just perfectly!!

A perfect way to start the weekend :)
Love this man!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Happiness is...

Today happiness is... popcorn!! I havent been feeling very well and battling to keep my food down but today popcorn is making me happy!!

 The pups also enjoyed some (by the way - this is Nala, we're babysitting her for my mom and dad)
 My boy LOVES popcorn.... LOVE LOVE LOVES it!!
Thank you popcorn for filling me up right now and making me happy!!

Family time..

When Mikes brother, sister in law and kids came down things were rather hectic BUT we did get to spend some lovely time together!! I didn't have my camera with me at all but managed to snap a few pics!
We stole the kiddies away from their parents and they came to sleep by us - as is out tradition we just made a huge christmas bed and slept in the lounge - tooo much fun!! The pups loved it too cause they got to sleep with us much to the kids delight!!! We fell asleep watching "planet 59"....

 The next day we went back to mikes parents for breakfast and to spend the rest of the day with them! We were just happy to have some aunty and uncle time with our favorite niece and nephew!
The boys playing table tennis on the parents dining room table :)
I wish they were still here - miss them SO SO much!!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Some randoms from the last few weeks...

Some randoms from the last few weeks........

I was walking in Musgrave the other day and my shoe broke - gosh!! So I walked half way around the shop with one shoe off and one shoe on. I had to pop into woolies and buy a new pair and walk around with one new shoe and one old one until I paid!

 Waiting to pay - an old broken shoe, one new shoe and a tub of peanut butter!
 I got me a magic slushy maker! Just add juice or milkshake or whatever, add the ice cubes, shake and it turns into slushy! It comes with a spoon straw - awesome!
I got a steering wheel cover- from some guys on the side of the road - mike nearly had a heart attack! Love it!!

 I got to order something from our work brand shop... and it arrived!!!
 I ordered a shower radio baby!! Its awesome!!!
My very calm husband left this note on someones car because they parked him in!! It says "next time you park like a tool please leave me tin opener so I can get out" - tooo funny!!!
My new screen saver - makes me smile!
 Mug and Bean coffee has kept me sane the last couple of weeks!
 Some party prep!!

 Our precious pups napping while I party prep - please just excuse the sock in the background :)
 Holly bear!