Sunday, 30 December 2012

Puppy cut!

Our pups were looking a bit scruffy so we decided to take them to the parlour for a trim - but they came back fully CUT - gosh!!

This was before.... on their way!
 and this is when they came back!!

 He seemed rather chuffed to have short hair :)
 Holly seems so much cooler now.........

 Now at least if the pups swim their coat will dry really quickly!! Always and upside hey!


We have been on a mission to get some odd jobs done around out house before we go back to work... we've done well so far! A few things we have accomplished -

1) we moved a metal shelf into our kitchen to free up some counter space and also so i can put all my baking stuff on! I LOVE It!!!This was before - some wasted space!

 Real men drink oros :)
 I really love the end result!!

2) secondly Mike painted some chalk board paint on the bottom of baby's cupboards. It just adds some fun....
 It will be fun to change this from time to time.....
 3) we added a little table that we stole from my parents as a computer / sewing table! My sewing machine is under the table and can be whipped up when needed.... its perfect and fills the space nicely.
 4) we are making a bookshelf for babys room! My dad helped Mike choose wood and then do the rest....

 The boys routed the edges to make it pretty....

 Then primed and painted them!

 We are now just waiting for the wood to dry properly and tomorrow the shelves go up - WATCH THIS SPACE!! Its going to be beautiful!!

We are going to wake up early tomorrow again and do a few more things then have the rest of the week to relax before going back to work.... we hope!!

Moms birthday!

Today is my moms birthday! December is always tricky to celebrate a birthday as everyone is broke and everything is SO busy... so i had a plan and it worked out well. We booked tickets for a theater production of "beauty and the beast" and had some tea before hand, it was lovely!!

We started off at Botanical gardens for some tea...

It was  lovely warm day so tea outstide was lovely - HOT but lovely!!
 Mike and I shared crumpets and ice-cream...
 Dad enjyoing his coke float...
 and mom loving her tea!

 Then off we went to the theater!

The show was GORGEOUS!!! It was SO well done, we really enjoyed it!!!!
Happy birthday mom!!!!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lazy brunch!

On the 26th we had planned to just relax, spend the day in our pj's and take it easy as the next day things all resume again and we have a list as long as my arm of things to do before we go back to work!
We woke up late and then we started getting hungry :)
I checked out what I had in the kitchen and though banana bread would be the prefect brunch....
 Mike enjoying some FIFA while i baked and tims enjoying some mike when he played :)

 Now we have two birdies that love to come and steal the pups food, i think it is too precious and have tried to talk the pups into sharing the food with the two starlings BUT Holly wont have it.... she lies on the floor guarding their food bowls just in case the starlings come to steal her food! Makes me laugh!!
 The smell of banana bread was just delicious and it was torture having to wait for it to cool down before we munched it!
 Tea in our red mugs - the prefect combination!

Best way to spend our day!

25 weeks!

My gosh, I am really starting to feel fully pregnant now!! Its awesome!

How huge is my belly!! Gosh!

Merry merry christmas day :)

Our christmas this year was a very quiet christmas, very special but very quiet....
Mike and I woke up and got ready for church, we went with my folks - mikes folks would normally join us but because moms immune system still isn't 100% she needs to avoid crowds to avoid any kind of sickness. In fact christmas day was the first outing since coming home from hospital - we all got together at my parents place. Church was awesome, all the kiddies came dressed in their finest clothes and dresses - very specail!

After church we went home for a little while, pack up the few pressies under our tree, had some tea, popped the christmas pie in the oven and had some tea....
 This is the pups waiting in anticipation to go to "granny and grandpa's" house - they go nuts!!!
 Precious tims!
 and beautiful holly!

Our christmas table looking lovely and festive!
 Our pups proudly wearing their christmas bandanas!!!

 The family all gathered! I am so thankful we always get together and we don't have to split our christmas day between two families... lots of our friends do christmas lunch somewhere then they shoot off to spend christmas dinner with the other half of the family... i love that we mostly spend our special occasions together!! Very special!
 Ryan and Nala....
Present time!

 Cant wait to make a cake from this book - mike is allowed to choose the first cake out of this book to make - watch this space!!
 Holly all tuckered out from all the excitement!
 My dad taking pictures of the doggies - toooo funny!!!
I just love this :)
Tims loved ripping off the paper from his present.... then he sat by his prized toy after being tired from us throwing it for him!
LUNCH TIME!! My mom made oxtail, pap, rice and butternut bake, I made a christmas pie - not our traditional christmas meal BUT it was perfect - no rush and fuss as all the food was done a couple days before christmas which was awesome!!

 And then for pudding which is our tradition was a cheese and biscuit platter (my fav!!)...
 And a trifle - mikes fav!!
 Baby Brits got so spoilt this christmas - his aunty and uncle (who is a pilot for emirates) gave him / her this AWESOME bag.... its stunning!!!

 Luckiest baby ever!!!
 We stayed at my folks quite late, had an afternoon swim and then finally made it home where the pups did this until they were taken to their beds at sleep time!
Merry merry christmas 2012 - cant believe you have come and gone!