Monday, 30 September 2013

Mr Tiny Pants...

Last tuesday we went to visit my folks, Bret and Wes while they were camping - it was a lovely warm day so Ollie started off wearing little denim shorts and a onesie and then as the day wore on he got hot so we just took off his shorts..... and we forgot them there.

When my folks and them got home they told us that the next day Wes got dressed and shame, his shorts were too small - Bret didnt think anything of it and this poor child just wore these small shorts the whole day.... until my mom realised that actually there werent wes's shorts they are Ollies!!
Now ollie is 6 months old and wes is 6 YEARS old... man we laughed!!
Bret got some photo proof before wes took them off and was able to breath again!!!
Poor boy in his SHORT and TIGHT shorts....

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Epic September 29th....

Yesterday we had an epic September 29th....
it all started in the morning with Ollie... he likes not nosh my fingers and when he did take a litte bite i felt his first tooth!! OUR BOY HAS HIS FIRST TOOTH!!.... I cant belive it! He has been a little niggly but nothing that made us even think he was teething and yet his first bottom tooth is out and the second one is almost out too - he is going to have his two bottom teeth soon... oh man he is going to look super cute!!!!

..... and all this started on the day of my precious childs dedication!! We had an awesome day with friends and family dedicating ourselves to bring Oliver up in a Godly way - it was awesomly epic!!!
On saterday my mom and I (mostly my mom) made all the snacks for the dedication - then sunday we woke up early to do the little bits that could not be done the night before, got to church, enjoyed worship then snuck out to oragnise the room where we were dedicating Oliver - unpacked the snacks, set the table etc, then had the dedicaton, had an awesome tea afterwards, then had a few special family member and friends for a lunch at my folks, tided up, finally went to bed only be awoken by a little boy that was being harrassed by his new teeth... didnt sleep too well and by 5:30am we were up again.....
(we asked Al to take some pics of our day and will post them as soon as we get them)

Needless to say this is what I look like today -
I brought enough stuff from home to make 2 large cups of coffee to get me through the day.... man i am going to need it! Not to mention a 2 hour meeting first thing this morning, man I hope i dont fall asleep!!!
Praying so much for a good night for Oliver (and us) tonight - we need some good long shut eye!!!

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Mike was messing around with his phone last night and sent me this picture!
I cannot stop laughing!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Camping day...

My folks, brother and wes are camping this week so on tuesday, seeing as it was a public holiday, we went to meet them and spend the day with them.... the weather was amazing and we had an awesome time!!
Our boy played soccer for the first time...
We got some lovely pics with wes who enjoyed the day playing soccer wtih mike, riding his bike and running around like a mad thing!!

 I lovehow boys love climbing trees..... they cant help themselves!!!
and he loved some blanket time in the shade under the trees!
(mike says it looks like winnie pooh is whispering some lovely secrets in Ollies ear )
By the end of the day our boy was FINISHED - we bathed him in the camping bathroom, fed him then left so he slept all the way home!! Check out the tired red eyes...
 A lovely day in the sun BUT oh so tiring - we went home and all slept like babies!!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sunday fun day....

This whole week and weekend we spent mostly at my folks as my brother and his son are visiting.... sunday we went for lunch and spent some time with Wes....
Wes was showing his huge muscles..... i had to photobomb!!!
We took Ollie for a walk down the road and wes took his bike to ride....
Ollie and I had a little lie down on the blanket while the boys took turns riding wes' bike - Mike looked too funny as his legs are way to long for the little bike - he looked like a clown!!!
Then back we went for some tea!
Man I love these two more than I can even say!!
We are tired alot of the time BUT life is good!!! 

A new sister!!

A new sister is on the horizon and I am TOOOO excited!! My brother proposed to his girlfriend Manu and she said yes!!
Lots to look forward to!!! Welcome to the family Manu... so excited to have you as my sister!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

First cousin bath....

Bret and Wes are visiting us and that means cousin time!!! Ollie has his first cousin bath time and it was lots of fun!

We look forward to lots more cousin time the next 2 weeks!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Our 3 favourites....

Our 3 favourite little things.....

I promise we didnt place the pups there.... when we put Ollie in his chair they just got up and sat by him.... Bless them!!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Our weekend....

Our weekend was a busy weekend but a lovely one!!! I am so loving the time spent with Oliver on the weekends.... when he was first born i found the adjustment really difficult - the first  months where a sleep deprived blur BUT after that it became easy and now I cannot wait for weekends so we can play with Ollie. He is so dam good its crazy... goes down for his naps without a fuss.... eats well, plays well and he really is just getting cuter and cuter every day!! I see alot of Mike in him now which is so lovely....

Seeing as summer is fast approaching and we dont want ollie to get burnt we have bought him a few sun hats and are trying to get him used to wearing them - check out this face!!
He also had the best nap of his life on saterday - slept on his tummy for the first time ever (i think it was by mistake) but i checked he could breath and then left him to nap :)
We (and Ollie) are SO loving TOP TOTS every saterday, its the highlight of the day for me..... he learns so much and plays so nicely and gets exposed to so many things! My mom came with to one and her and Ollie both LOVED it.....
Mel the lady who does our class is fantastic.... we are so lucky to have found her and this class!!
and last but not least my hubby put up a puppy fence this weekend - after talking about it for ages it finally done!! the pups now have their own space and they wont mess up our pattio living space.... the pattio defnitly needs tweaking - some bunting on the fence and some fairy lights perhaps and then we're good to go - watch this space.
This will look fantastic soon - or as soon as we have the time to make it look good :)

Oliver loves worship at church on a sunday morning.... and then he gets whisked away by someone or another so mike and i can enjoy the service uninterrupted - gotta love our friends hey!!
A good weekend over all - LOVE the time with my family.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Super Sylvia...

Sylvia is Ollies day mom and she is a super hero - no jokes here!! He just LOVES her and i know she looks after him SO well it blows my mind.... she really and truly is our super hero - since going to him his routine has improved - she cooks home made baby food and gives it to my boy.... she loves him and cuddles him and plays with him and lets the other kiddies love him too! All the other children know ollie and when we come fetch him they remind us to take his bag and his carseat and even show us which one is his....
Sylvia really is a rockstar! I reallly do thank God every day that we found her.....
Syliva sent this picture to me this morning of precious Ollie.....
It just made my day!

His eyes....

His eyes are like his fathers....

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sitting up....

Oliver is trying so hard to sit up and he is getting it right!!!! He can sit up by himself for short periods at a time and will soon be sitting in bliss....

 I truly am amazed by Ollies progress.... I know he is a normal child BUT to me he is a little superhero!!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Little pirate...

Oliver bought a cancer bandana in support of his granny on saterday.... but he looks like a little pirate now!!
 Hows this frown!!!
Ahoy little pirate!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Some brother time!

This morning while Oliver was playing as we were getting ready for work Timmy walsed up and sat next to him..... Like a proud bother!
Love these two!

Back at work...

I am back at work after being off for 3 days.... and it took me a couple hours to sort through all my emails! Gosh, sometimes its not worth being off sick!
I started feeling better on saterday evenutally although i still have a snotty nose and cough but def on the mend!

Yesterday we took our boy for a little walk in his pram.... the sun is getting HOT and he is fair so my mom bought him little sun hat - how cute!!!
Oliver is getting so big its crazy!!! He is develping so much it amazes me!!!!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Home sick....

Today I am home sick.... the flu has hit me and hit me hard!!
The only way to get over flu in my book is toast, tea and some series!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy sleeper...

Our boy is a very happy sleeper..... he likes his naps and he likes them in his own space! He wont fall alseep in our arms anymore.
We went to visit mikes brother at his hotel on sunday and after a little struggle he finally fell asleep in his pram.

You've got to love a sleeping child!!!
A cuddle with uncle steve :)