Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Picture perfect

My beautiful husband printed me two of the most gorgeous doggy pictures for our anniversary - he knows where my heart lies!! He wanted me to choose the frames so we went to the shops on the weekend and i decided that the pictures are so gorgeous i just wanted white frames! I found the most perfect basic white frames with a white boarder (i think thats whats its called) framing the pictures beautifully!
We put these next to the TV for now...
After seeing how lovely these turned out i decided i want more!!! I want to do a doggy wall in our lounge so that is the plan!! We printed a whole bunch more photos...oh man it is hard choosing - there are so many stunning ones!!
now heres the thing - we went back to get 8 more frames for our doggy wall and we couldnt not even get one more :( so bummed!! We are going to have to wait and see where we can find some more! We walked from shop to shop.... we'll try springfield soon and see if maybe they have but for now the doggy wall has to wait!!
Patience is not friend so its killing me not being able to finish my doggy wall!!

Buried "treasure"...

Ok so this is something i have been putting off for a while due to pure laziness! Shocking i know but lazy is my middle name! We have three couches outside on our undercover patio and seeing as its winter we haven't been spending too much time out there.. the doggies live on the patio too so they have kind of taken ownership of the couches.. tsk tsk tsk! They love jumping on the back of the couches and scouting out the neighbors... naughty i know :) we have discovered however they they love to bury stuff in the couch cushions - endearing yes BUT not when i have to clean up!! I've been meaning to vacuum the couch and shampoo the cushions and put throws out on them so the doggies don't ruin them! I went to gym before work today and got home at 3pm so i had no excuse not to do this today!! Oh man... what "treasures" i found. Shame, i even locked the doggies in the back so they didn't see the ruin of their burial grounds!
Check this out...
I had to vacuum the couch cushions...
then take the cushions off....
vacuum the underside of the couches and then rub in the couch shampoo foam...
Now i am just waiting for the cushions to dry then i will re-vacuum!
I have piled them onto the dining room table for now...
Oh man i found LOTS in the couch... stones, poor old teddys leg, string, rope, coins - oh my!!
My very precious little munchkins!!
Love them too much to even be annoyed to be having to clean up their treasures... makes my little heart happy knowing they have are having fun when we aren't at home!

Monday, 27 June 2011

A hearty winter lunch!

Work lunch is always a headache - if there are no leftovers i usually have a slice of toast with peanut butter (classic favorite) BUT Woolworths saves the day again!
I found this amazing chunky veg soup in a tin. I do not like tins of anything and it was out of desperation that i tried it and i fell in LOVE with it! It is hearty and wholesome and so good for me - virtually fat free and full of goodness! Def good for the winter work lunchtimes!!
How good does this look..
I also bought this lovely soup bowl for work and it fits the tin of soup in perfectly!

Another ray of sunshine in this winter month is the fact that i discovered that woolies has wheat free choc cake... they also serve the most delicious organic coffee so the combination should be explosive.
I am allergic to wheat so it makes nice treats hard to come by - fresh bread, pasta, cakes etc are all a no no for me so to find this wheat free treat is just delightful!
I must try it soon... in a moment of weakness!

Cookie jar.

My gorgeous husband has a few weaknesses... chocolate moose, pie chips and gravy, my famous toasted sandwiches, superheros, me hopefully... and his cookie jar!
Once a month on pay day his cookie jar gets filled with delicious treats to last him the month - most months it last him less than a week but what can you do! Mike is too old for me to scold him about eating a choc BEFORE dinner.... I love how he loves chocolate and how i can spoil him by filling his cookie jar!

Saturday, 25 June 2011


There a few things that i LOVE LOVE LOVE. Mike, Timmy and Holly are at the top of my list and just below that and food is pajamas and slippers! I LOVE slippers... I love pj's and i love wearing them when ever i can!
These are my latest slippers that are keeping my toesies warm this winter!
Mike isn't really a slipper person, he doesnt even sleep with socks on i mean come on! I have slowly been trying to reform him and about 4 years ago i bought mike some spiderman slippers! Knowing how much mike loves superheros i thought this would swing him - not quite! HOWEVER today the slippers come out... its so chilly that when mike went to make us tea he put them on...
The funny thing the pups were fascinated by them... mike was running around the kitchen and the pups were trying to attack the slippers. Very entertaining for a lazy Saturday morning!
We bathed the pooches, i cleaned up a bit, did some washing, make us toasted sarmies for puppy school and off we went to train the pups! They did so well today, so proud of them! I recon it has something to do with the liverbread (yuck) I made them for training!!
On the way home they were both so tired they just fell asleep on my lap... keep in mind the training field is not even 5 minutes away!

Friday night movies.

We love Friday night movies, whether at the movies, at home or at someone else s home... Last night we went to my brother Ryan's place for movie to watch "adjustment bureau" - loved the movies, the pizza and the snacks!
Its always a good time to take some pictures when we're with Ryan... he is crazy and we are always laughing!! Mike and i...
It was REALLY cold so we snuggled under blankets... best way to watch a movie!
Ryan harassing me as always!!
Cant choose your family can you :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Mozam 3rd and final...

Mozam - day three and four!! Sitting here under blankets and with the rainy weather outside i miss the warm sunshine!!
We started off with breakfast then headed straight for the beach cause it was such lovely weather!! Mike setting in with his crossword book and i read and listened to my Ipod.
The boys played some beach rugby for a while -
and i swam with Simone. They gave us lilos and we kinda just floated around on the sea in the sun - was awesome!!
We went back up for lunch - fresh salad sarmies.
Then some more crosswords, i helped a little (but not much)
Here is our room.... was nice and simple - very comfy beds!!
Later on in the afternoon we took a drive to the next campsite. SO lovely, we want to camp there next time. We stopped at a place called 360 where it has views all way around... we had some milkshakes.
some randoms....
My cousin and aunt riding a quad...
Hannes came home from a day of fishing - they saw a shark but instead of catching the shark they only got the sucker fish attached to the shark! its so weird...
In the late afternoon there was a rugby game on - sharks verses the blue bulls! We're shark fans but nearly everyone else was rooting for the bulls... it was a tough game but the sharks won and my dad got so excited he broke a chair :)
My dad gloating!!!
We played a bit of jenga and just chilled in the evening!
We left on monday morning - check out the roads - this is why we parked at the boarder and my dad fetched us, you need a 4x4.
On the way home we stopped for coffee and some other snack...
Apparently the place is book again for next year same time... and we're totally there!!