Wednesday, 30 November 2011

love pressies!

Gavin my one boss went to America to visit his daughter and family! His only grandson turned 3 so they went for his birthday.. and he brought me back some pressies!
We dont have reeces peanut butter cups here (trust me, i have looked) so i was so happy to see Gavin had bought us some - two packets!!! YUM!!
We put some in our christmas advent calender... now i cant wait for the days to go by so we can chomp them!
I also got some perfume and lip gloss!
How lovely is the bottle and it smells heavenly!

WHAT A BUSY WEEK - kids camp this weekend, lots of planning!!
my dads birthday dinner tomorrow night... i feel like my time planning isn't what it should be so tomorrow is going to be a hectic day getting everything ready for Friday!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Mike is AMPED!!

Mike really is amped... he got a new amp for his guitar and now all is right with the world! I love how passionate he is about his guitars and all the things that go with them.... he is so happy now!!!
He is like a little child with a new toy!

Timmy was fascinated about what dad was doing - too flippen cute!

Mike in his element!!

It makes me happy when mike is happy!!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

21 more sleeps till.....

carols by candlelight on a steam train!!
I booked the tickets this week and now i cannot wait!!
we went two years ago and have decided this has to become a yearly tradition!!
You catch the train at "stokers" (a pub) at 5pm...
We chooo choo to inchanga, get off, picnic, sing carols by candlelight and choo choo back!!




Kids min year end.

Today after a loooong weekend we had our kids min year end function - because there are so many families and kids that are involved with our kids min team we had a chilled pool party / braai! It was a really good day... the weather wasn't great but what can you do!

Our day started off with me wearing my new shirt which i love - brown strips gotta love it - excuse the very sleepy look on my face but we had a late night and had a early morning getting ready for church :)
after church we came home to get our meat, drinks and snacks and off we went to the Coetzee's for our function!!
They had a jumping castle and a slipping slide and the kids LOVED it!!!
Mike braai'd for us and we had a delicious lunch!!

What an amazing year at with the kids min team - looking forward to 2012!!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Pa rum pa pa pum!

I was needing some christmas spirit... so on Wednesday night we put up our christmas decorations! Katelyn came to help...
i LOVE christmas.
i LOVE decorations
i LOVE christmas carols
i LOVE advent calenders
i LOVE the christmas countdown
i LOVE our christmas stocking filled with lovely things
and most of all i LOVE Jesus who was born on christmas day to forever change my life!!

So i was VERY excited when we hauled out the christmas decoration boxes!! Mike was also excited... a bit...
a bit of a before -
dusty boxes... (i found my christmas doormat)
and pretty things!!
i had my "boney M" cd blaring due to mikes delight. PA RUM PA PA PUM.
i also persuaded mike to do our chalk board christmas countdown... i LOVE it when he does a menu or countdown on our board, he is much better than i am!

I started with the tree, untangling it and making it pretty... i really did try persuade mike that a real tree was a good idea but i didn't win that battle this year! Next year I'll try harder :)
I prefer a christmas hat on the top of my tree as apposed to an angel...
I found the pups christmas hat with our stockings too.... so so cute!!! Tims -
and holly!!
halfway through we needed a dinner break...
Hee hee, Kate and i messing around!

I love this time of year, i really do!
My parents popped into see the house and decorations in all its glory!!


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas boxes!

On Tuesday night at homegroup we packed christmas boxes for the under privileged kids in our community! We packed stationary, some toiletries, sweeties and a few toys! At church a plea was made for these boxes and the response was so amazing that they actually ran out of boxes! what a pleasure.
we decided to do ours as a homegroup and i loved every second!

firstly the evening started with mike wrestling the boys we babysat on Saturday! Not a good way to help the boys calm down :) tsk tsk tsk.

It all starts with an empty box...
then we fill them with these lovely things -
My box...
Mikes box...
then we wrapped the boxes

and done!

some christmas boxes ready for distribution! These are going to make some children so happy!!