Thursday, 27 September 2012


Mom had a bit of her head shaved today in preparation for her radiation today... so my precious husband wanted to support her and shaved his head! Now I hated it the last time he shaved his head but this time I am totally on board - I even shaved it for him!!
How can I not love this boy!!

Shaving away...
 All mikes precious locks :)

Supporting mom in this way is priceless!
Love this man!

Monday, 24 September 2012

A hard few weeks!

These last few weeks have been the hardest weeks for Mike and I that I can remember... hence the lack of blogging! Life happens and there is nothing we can do to stop it!
As you know mikes Mom had a stroke a few weeks ago.... after all that and the hope that she would make a full recovery it was discovered that Mom has a very aggressive brain tumor that is cancerous!
She had 90% of the tumor removed 10 days ago and now we head into 6 full weeks of in hospital chemo and radiation!
Our hearts are broken, our minds are boggled and our body's are tired BUT we have the peace that only God can give at this point! We don't know what tomorrow will bring BUT we do know mom is in the best care possible, we have been given the precious gift of time even though we don't know how much time that is we are able to spend this time with mom and say all the things we want to and need to say.... our prayer is that Mom is with us for years to come, she has to see our baby grow up into a precious child and have the input into his or her life only a granny can give BUT we are also aware of the reality of this situation! God is good and the peace that he has given to us is something we cannot explain!!
Life has been hard these last couple of weeks and it will only get harder as we see mom suffer the effect of chemo and radiation... we cling to the hope that she will recover fully, we cling to the joy our unborn baby is bringing us and the hope that it brings to mom, we cling to each other and grow in our marriage as we learn to lean on one another, we cling to friends who lend their precious support and we cling to the Lord of all who has given us his peace and love!!
What tomorrow brings we have NO idea but we do know we have today and we will make the most of it!! Thank you Lord for your wisdom and love, thank you Lord for mom and the love she has brought into our lives, thank you Lord for the doctors and hospital staff you have supplied for moms care, thank you Lord for this life growing inside of us giving us joy and thank you Lord for this husband of mine that I have never loved more!!

Our weekend has been busy and we felt this morning, seeing as it is a holiday today, that we needed some alone time at home to re-coop and just be. Our precious friends popped in on Saturday night and dropped off a care package with us containing magazines, socks (they know me too well) chocolate, biscuits, choc milkshake (that lasted a whole day), dried fruit and muffin mix....

This is the best way we thought to spend this holiday morning!

11 weeks...

11 weeks already!!

TIme is flying :)
Cant wait to meet you precious baby!!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Old is beautiful...

Isn't this gorgeous!! A friend of mikes parents are moving house and they gave us a box of things they thought I might like....
I was amazed to find this in the box and fell head over heels in love with it!!
I shall need to have the moms over for some fancy tea soon!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

9 and 10 weeks.

Our baby is already 10 weeks - I cant believe it!!
Baby is growing so fast now, its amazing!!

Baby is now looking like a real little baby, we are AMAZED how he/she is growing - God is amazing being able to create this life!! Speechless!
We have also been blown away by all the lovely pressies we have received for baby - I'll take pics of them soon and post them! SO EXCITING!!

Cute Tims and Holly!

Our pups have been extra cute lately!!!
We got a cute little "bokke" t-shirt for baby as a present.... its so little and SO cute!!! When we got home we showed Tim's and he got this twinkle in his eye... so we tried it on him!!

 Isnt it the cutest thing ever!!
 I think baby will have to share this with Tims!!
And then this morning when I was in the shower Holly climbed onto my pillow and did NOT want to move when it was time to go....

Just like me... not a morning pup!!
I love these little muts - cant wait for them to meet their brother or sister!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Dinner out...

Tonight it was "ocean baskets" 17th birthday so they had a fish and chip special for R17 - we popped in after work for a early dinner and it was so lovely!!
We haven't been out just the two of us for what seems like forever so it was a nice little date night!

It really was worth it, we had the grilled fish and it was delicious!!!

A happy husband!

The best part is.... we were home by 6:30pm!! Life is good!

Saturday, 8 September 2012


They boys are with us this weekend, Jarryd and Jon-Marc.... Ruthie and Jurgens needed a weekend away so they asked us to look after their boys!
They are super easy and its been loads of fun so far - later we are making home made pizza for dinner....

Last night mike was putting the boys to bed so I left him to it - he started off reading "the faraway tree" but soon giggles and "boy noises" erupted and bedtime was over!!

 Nala got in the action and eventually....
 Took over Jarryd's spot - under his blanket and on his pillow! So cute!!

Oh dear, an hour later the boys were still getting ready for bed, a little bit of reading and ALOT of giggling and laughing and snorting!

Friday, 7 September 2012

A few things...

There are a few things I am grateful for today!!

Wearing mikes lovely warm tracksuit top! Smells like him.....  heaven!
 Having a hot cross bun with some tea even thought its nowhere near Easter!
(sidebar - didn't sit too well so I wont be having another one again for a while)

Delicious fresh fruit and veggies!!
 Some nuts and trail mix to carry in my bag! I bought some normal trail mix and added peanuts and raisins and some pumpkin seeds.... a good thing to snack on!!
We always seem to talk about the negatives, I have been trying to focus on the positives more than the negatives lately! Makes life that much sweeter!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Spring has sprung - or so we have been told but it seems winter is making a come back!! For the last 2 days it has been super COLD and RAINY - pouring down rain!! Our patio looks like a pool, it floods when it rains so much....

I whipped out my warmest jacket and of course a scarf to match!! (cant let my little bean get cold now can we :) )
I even had to use my brollie - it was raining that hard!!
 Traffic on the way to work was HORRIBLE!!
And this was what Mikes work parking lot looked like this morning - shame!! His shoes and socks got soaked and his toes were cold all day!
I am so happy to be home and warm!
Drive home safe precious, I want you home in one piece!
AND the perfect night for an evening in and some fish and chips - yum!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Best way to end the evening...

Is there a better way to end an evening?

Kisses from my boy!
 And a bedtime story from my favorite person in the world!

The complete works for Winnie The Pooh.... makes for very sweet dreams!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Precious pups!

Our precious pups have been so loving and cuddly lately - especially Tim's! From the moment we found out we were pregnant he has been ON me all the time and not wanting to leave my side - it really is the sweetest thing! Im sure he knows something is up!
Today I got home a bit earlier than normal and managed a quick nap, Tims napped right with me and Holly guarded the door as she always does!

 Doesn't he look like he's saying "i love you mom"! I think so!

And my precious little one gaurding the door and keeing us all safe! Love these munchkins - I hope our baby will love them as much as we do - I recon Tims and Holly are going to be super protective of their little baby brother or sister!!
Cant wait to see how it plays out!


Some series we have been enjoying lately! We get so happy when we have an evening in and we can make a dent in our series!

The mentalist season 4 - AWESOME!! Dam you red john, dam you!

We are busy enjoying Grimm - love a little fantasy from time to time!! The main guys always reminds me of superman and I am not sure why!
 Ahhhh Suits! Just watch it!!!
Evenings in, cuddled on our couch - bliss!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Our new tradition...

Our new tradition of late is to wait till Tuesday and read up about how our baby bean is growing! From week to week the changes are incredible!! We have an app in our Ipad that shows us this but today we got a gift from a friend who had her little baby girl, Tatum, 6 weeks ago - she passed on the book her hubby bought for her and man are we happy!!
This is our new tradition - seeing how baby is growing!

First my 8 week photo - still not tummy yet (I don't think)...

we got this book as a gift - its amazing!!!
Mike enjoying reading all about our little bean!
 We read back to week 8 because its not Tuesday yet - tomorrow we can read all about week 9 :)
 Nala (who we are babysitting again) was also enjoying reading this....
 Then Tims got in on the action...
and do did Holly :)

This is totally my new favorite thing to do with my husband and pups!
Hello little bean, how will you have grown this week??