Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wild at heart!

A lady in our church does an open day every couple of months she holds an open day to sell the stuff she sources and makes! Its flippen awesome!!!!!!! This is what most of her house looks like -
 Heaven isn't it!

 Flowers made out of books....
 A million beautiful hearts!

 These are my purchases - a green jug and orchid - my new black ring -
 My stunning little yellow birdy.... aaaaah LOVED going to "wild at heart"!
 We then popped into hospice seeing as we were on a roll and I found this PERFECT picnic basket - we have been searching for one for ages! And I LOVE It!!!! Mike digs it too!
I also got three bags full of material - R10 each - cant complain about that!! I can use it of practicing my sewing and making hearts! Got some goodies in there....
 Oh ya - this blanky was from "wild at heart" - so gorgeous!
 Tim's checking out the new additions to our home....
 I was SUPER tired after we got home.... and afternoon of shopping does that to you! I send this pic to Mike saying "come home, i miss you"

and then when he took a while i send him this pic!!!
Love the new additions to our home!

Shower fun :)

At work we got vouchers for reaching targets and we got to order some stuff online from our work website! I chose.... a shower radio!! LOVE IT!!
 I love receiving packages.....

we LOVE our new shower radio - makes my shower time feel like happy hour!!!! Love the little joys in life :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hell yeah!!

Hell yeah!!! Looky what I got as a pressie from my parentals - my dad was SO excited to give it to me he nearly gave away the surprise!!

 Isn't this the most beautiful machine you have ever seen!! I think it is :) and so easy to use! My mom gave me a quick crash course and sewing away we went!! I decided to make a little heart as my first attempt at sewing since I was a child :)

 My brother says it looks like a 2 year old child made it BUT I dig it!!

 I wish I had more time this week to play with it... this is the only day I managed an hour to sew (will explain why in my next blog perhaps).... hoping with all hopes that this weekend I can find time to experiment a bit!

 I am tooooo excited about this and LOVE my new machine with its red case... I want to get an old suitcase to put all the sewing goodies I collect in....
My heart is happy!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Our view...

This is the view from our front door.... They are building next door! So much noise and dust- the walk to the shop will be well worth it in the end.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cupcake decorating...

On Tuesday night my mom and I went to cupcake decorating course - it was so much fun!! We arrived and found out that it was themed - under the sea theme which we didn't really expect BUT it was fun non the less....
The bakery we did this course at was called Zolitas!

There were a few of us at table, we each had our own work station...

 A few things in store to look at.

These are the cupcakes we had to make - yoh!

 This is Zolita - she taught us all about cakes and icing...
 YUMMY butter icing - I am not a fan of icing at all but this was yummy! I am so keen to make some myself...
My first two attempts - I think I did well - I did a swirrly and a wavy one...
 Mom concentrating - alot!!

 I did four with butter icing and then the other two with fondant...

 My most favorite one - the wavy one!
 We broke for tea and had some lemon meringue cupcakes...

Then the fun started - we had to make our cup cake toppings - this believe it or not is a whale!! Mike didn't think so but I created him so I know!! I named him Rusta cause he looked kinda high :)
 And this head belongs to Oliver the Octopus :)

 And this is the end result - I recon they came out quite well!!!

 My moms....
 And mine!

 Mike was quite impressed!
I could not bare to eat any of my precious creations so I sent them with mike to work and they were really enjoyed by this work peeps - Michelle said she at Olivers head first then one leg at a time!! POOR little guy, eaten in the prime of his life!!
I am really keen to do my own cupcakes and ice them with butter icing and send them to mikes work for round two... I just need an afternoon spare to do it!