Thursday, 29 August 2013

Art work...

Our fridge has been treated to some of Olivers artwork from his Top Tots group!
I love that I will be able to remember how small his little feet were!!!

We also try get some pics in the mornings before work but trust me they arent always pretty!!!
This was yesterday after a rather "up and down" night with Ollie - look how funny hey looks and look how tired i look! The reality of having a kiddy!!!

This one is very slightly better but see - no smile from my boy - just his cute little frown!!!
Will be ever wake up NOT tired again... sometimes if feels like an impossibility!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Coporate fun day.

On sunday we hosted a couple of tables at a coporate fun day / 5 aside soccer tornamnet.
It was actually so much fun!!
Ollie slept over at my folks on saterday night and spent most of sunday with them while we are at the fun day!

We had Liberty come and bring their awesome set up....
 My precious husband sacrificed his sunday to help me out and come support SA Brokers....
 I set this table up.... looks cool huh?

 The day was saved by the fact that Mike was with me the whole day.....
 I made sure I made the kiddies table look lovely and inviting!!!
 Mike designed our banner....
 Our new work shirts!

 They had frozen yoghurt there so I made sure I had some for breakfast - it is yoghurt after all :)
BUT I had a taster first and it was YUCK!! Super sweet so Mike just got a slushy!!
A really lovely day over all..... We stayed and watched the finals of the 5 aside soccer and the team we adopted won!! Nexy year we are going to enter a SA Brokers team and of course mike will get some guys together for our team - he was itching to play!!!

Monday, 26 August 2013


Our super boy!!!
We shall teach him to use his super powers for good not evil!!

My boy...

My boy was born with a frown...
We call it his intelegent frown!!

And just look at his double chin!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Splish Splash....

My boy loves his baths!!!
When its tummy time he always lies holding his hands together - too precious!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Getting there....

A weight loss update - I am doing really well - I have lost a further 2 and a bit kg's making the total just under 6kgs which for me is amazing - and I am proud to say I am going strong! Had a bad eating weekend a few weekends ago but bounced back and am in full swing of things!
Today I am wearing a pair of my pre pregnancy jeans (happiness) so I am getting there - they are slightly tighter than I remember them being BUT I fit into them!

The second part of  my weight loss is now finding some decent work clothes - I am usually VERY casual BUT for work now I feel like I need to portray corporate professionalism so I need some smart work clothes! I found 2 skirts yesterday and ordered a pair of trousers and a jacket which I collect tomorrow....
 Now considering the fact that I have NEVER worn heels in my life before this is a new experience - needless to say I cannot walk in them yet BUT will practice until I can! I was very hesitant to get heels as I am really tall but I think they look nice and corporate - so lets see!
I have 2 skirts, a few tops, trousers and a jacket - will build up my work wardrobe as I go along! I want specific work clothes so I don't have to think about what to wear in the morning!

On the complete other spectrum we have casual day on Fridays - here is our work shirts that I sourced and had embroidered for our staff!
Gotta love  casual Fridays!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Our boy is growing!

At toptots on Saturday we got given a growth chart - we have put it up in Ollies room!!!
So excited to start tracking his height!!
 "daddy I want to eat you"
 "ok I wont - just measure me"

At 4 and a half months he is measuring in at 65cm - tall boy!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

All you need...

All anyone needs is a chair and a book!!

I mean come on - how dam cute!!!

 We put his camping shoes on seeing as he never had a change to wear them camping!!

They look like clogs :)

We snuck his bottle into the cup holder.... he took a while to notice....
 ... and then he was like "hey - I must have you"....
 .... "I want to eat you".....

This little man brings us so much joy!!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Top tots....

On saterday we joined a TOP TOTS baby group - these are so helpfull for their development - they tackle so many things that help children - tacktile, sounds, visual etc!! I loved it, Mike loved and and Ollie def loved it - so much fun!!!

We did many things for many reasons.... we popped Ollie in a basket to create space awareness and he LOVED it, i think i need to get him a basket just to plan in!!

 We played with balloons....

We popped Oliver on the parachute and moved him from side to side.... I was super impressed by how unfazed hey was!!

Then came the ribbons - he was grabbing them!!

 And then came playtime..... lots of different things to do and play with!!!

We even bounced on the trampoline!

 We also had Ollies feet stamped - first time ever!

 Back inside for music time.....

I am so glad we signed up for these saterday classes - this is def something i now look so forward to!