Thursday, 28 February 2013

My superman!!

Mike is my superman!
I didn't have the best day today - it was long and hot and boring and my work chair is getting very uncomfortable at the moment so I came home grumpy!! Mike asked about dinner and I very grumpily said "I don't care" so he stopped and got some stuff. When we got home I went to have a bath straight away and smelt some lovely smells coming from the kitchen!
 Mike made us a roast veggie and bacon salad with a little drizzle of lemon mayonnaise!
Bless this man!!!
I automatically perked up - he even gave me all the leftover bacon - is that love or what?

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

34 weeks!!

34 weeks people - 6 weeks to go!!! Let the countdown begin.....

The pups wanted to be part of this little shoot too - TIMS....
 and my baby HOLLY!!!
 At this stage I battle to be comfortable when we're watching TV or lying in bed - makes it hard cause I get tired but cant be comfy enough to rest well - suppose its all prep for when baby comes and there are lots of late nights hey!!!
 Baby is moving ALOT.... my whole tummy moves... Mike has been rubbing my tummy with cream and that seems to calm baby down!!!

My three best little ones, Tims, Holly and baby bean!!

A good start to the day...

Today Mike had to be at work really early for a meeting - seeing as we go in together I got to work early and then decided I deserved a good old breakfast..... and it was GOOD!!!
Egg, bacon, tea, toast and my kindle!!
The best way to start the day!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Maternity shoot picnic...

We wanted our pups to come with to our maternity photo shoot as they are our first and second born - how could i leave them out!! So we asked Debs and Alan to come with us so they could take the pups after they were photographed so we could take the rest of the pics without worrying about the pups..... Debs and Al brought along Humphry - A.K.A" Humpy" and Zoey with so the pups could walk and play....

When we were done we met up with Debs, Al, Humpy, Zoey, Tims and Holly at the tea garden....

 Look how cute Humpy is!
 Mike went to fetch the picnic basket and after all the smiles for the photos I got one more -gotta love this man!!
 Holly promptly climbed onto the blanket which was on the picnic basket - i mean come on - how cute is this one!!
Zoey fell asleep on her moms lap :)

 We then moved onto the blanky for some ham and cheese rolls, watermelon, milkshakes, cream-soda, chips and chocolate!!

Humpy was noshing on Zoeys lead....

Holly loved some cuddle time with her dad!!

 and Tims fell asleep in my lap - hence the big round tummy...

What a LOVELY day!!!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

VANILLA photography!

Yesterday we had our maternity photo shoot and it was TOOO much fun! We used Bron Fourie from Vanilla photography  - check it out - I will scream her praises from the roof tops - she was truly amazing!
Here is our sneak peak from yesterday - I love the fact that we get a sneak peak - and I will no doubt blog the rest of the pictures as soon as they are ready!!

It was such a chilled shoot - Bron def has an eye for photos and makes it seem so effortless - I took all my ideas and props and she was so happy to oblige us with what we wanted from this shoot!
I loved every second of it.
I could NOT be happier that she will be coming to do our new born baby shoot as well and many more in the future i am sure! I can picture some christmas photos with our child wrapped in christmas lights and a christmas hat - TOOOO exciting!!
Bless you Bron, you have made my whole week!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hospital tour...

Yesterday we went for our maternity ward tour....
We went shopping earlier and basically got everything i need for my hospital bag (including some bottled waters and some healthy snacks - high in my list of priorities)...  and then we took a nice slow drive to the hospital. We got there a little early so Mike and I shared a tea in the hospital canteen -
We chatted about how Mike will be visiting the canteen a lot when we're booked in with baby.... and pictured our families sitting around all nervous and excited when I got into labor waiting to hear if we had a boy or a girl..... MUCH EXCITEMENT!The tour started at 2:30....
I really appreciated seeing the maternity ward and the birthing rooms - it settled my heart and gave me a picture in my mind when i go into labor so i don't have to worry!
The rooms are so lovely - not at all clinical and the nurses seems LOVELY!!! Now there isn't this huge blank in my mind when i think of going into labor and rushing to hospital - there is now something i can picture and i'm not that scared anymore! Don't get me wrong, the nerves kick in from time to time BUT our hearts are much more settled now.

We then went for a little browse around the shops and had a lovely early dinner together - just the two of us - like a mini date! Loved it!!
It was a really good day!!!

33 weeks!

Baby turned 33 weeks on Wednesday - I seriously cannot believe the time is flying like this!
I really feel like my tummy has just POPPED - yes i know it was big before but somehow in the last week it just FEELS so much bigger and tighter and uncomfortable!

Precious baby we will soon meet you!!
I cannot wait!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Maternity photo shoot!!

Tomorrow is our maternity photo shoot and we CANNOT WAIT!!! Bron Fourie - vanilla photography - is taking our pics and she is amazing!! Been looking forward to this for so long!
I have been browsing pinterest to find some nice ideas and today I packed the basket we'll be taking with to use for he pics!
A few things we'll be taking -

I was spoilt and had a mani and a pedi in prep for tomorrow.....


This morning I decided it was time to organize baby's room a little bit more - I repacked the drawers and put all babys "older" clothes in the top of the cupboard....
We found the prefect colour place mats to use as shelve liners - they arent the perfect size BUT I love them anyway!!
 Baby's third drawer full of blankets and towels...
 Last draw filled with wet wipes and some nappy bags... nappies will filter in there as well once we see what size baby will use first off.
 The second drawer filled with the clothes baby will be able to wear while he/she is little....
Top drawer filled with toiletries!
 All the clothes that don't fit have been packed for later...
and last by not least my hospital bag is 90% packed!!
I went yesterday and bought 2 maternity/ feeding bras and man that made this all feel so real - 7 weeks to go and then baby will be there!! GOSH!!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Luckiest baby ever!

We have some amazing friends (and family) - we just keep getting blown away but them buying baby gifts!!!! We have been so spoilt we cannot even count the number of gifts we have been given - we have hardly bought anything ourselves!!
A few pressies baby has received in the last week - 
1) a Teddy from Mr and Mrs Neil - i just love it and it is going to be babys sleeping buddy!
 Whatever will baby name this little one!

2) My brother bought this little teddy for baby for when he/she is born - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it - we have only loaned it for this weekend as we are having our maternity shoot on Sunday and we want to use it for that..... baby will officially get it on the day its born!

and its perfect for babys birthday!!

3) Ruthie and Jurgens gave us this AWESOME superman blanky for baby! If baby is anything like its dad it will be a superhero nut and this will fast become baby's favorite blanky!!

To infinity and beyond....
(ok so i know that's not from superman but it seemed to fit)