Sunday, 30 October 2011

Home maintenance...

Home maintenance is a tricky thing - we are trying to keep our home in tip top shape but sometimes the things that need to be done just run away from us!!

- This week our geysers thermostat gave up from Monday to Saturday we had to shower at my moms place as we had no not water! Luckily with the help of dad mike managed to fix it.
- now our stove trips the electricity when we turn it on - sigh!!
- we need to build a window of sorts for our patio.
- our jacuzzi is DESPERATE for a clean!!!
- our patio needs to be high pressure cleaned
- my house needs a lot of organization
- our garage needs to be cleaned so i can park my car in there :)
... and the list continues!!!

December mike has no leave (another sigh) as he only started at work two months ago SO my plan is to reorganize our home and i am actually really looking forward to it!!!
Ever cupboard will be cleaned and organized, things will be labeled and i am sure my life will feel a bit less cluttered!!
I cant wait to get into it, throwing things out, cleaning things up!!!!
I'll keep you posted!!

Fancy eggs and chocolate banana!!

Yup - i am a sucker for gadgets, i always have been and i always will be! I always NEED these things and love using them! The new addition to my cooking family is a egg/crumpet shaper... i love this!!!
We tried these babies out for dinner last night - Katelyn came for dinner and a dvd - we watched "due date" which we quite enjoyed!
Kate buttered the rolls and layed the bacon for the rolls - she isnt a huge fan of photos :) I annoy her lots with my camera!!
How cute is this!!
i am quite certain our eggs tasted better being in a shape of a flowers and star!!!

Mike getting the dvd ready.... and smiling cause i made him star shaped eggs :) I must say, i was the only one who was REALLY excited about the egg shapes....

For pudding kate brought bananas, chocolate and mike went to get us icecream! Can you think of a better combination???
Cooked banana...
add chocolate...
Let the chocolate melt...
add ice cream and nuts and you have the most delicious pudding ever!!!

After dinner we took turns playing a little bit of xbox and timmy cuddled right up to Katelyn!!
Love friday nights like these!!!

Friday, 28 October 2011

bubbles of fun!

Mike got some free bubbles at a traffic light yesterday so we thought we would blow some at the pups.... Holly was fascinated but Timmy bolted as soon as he saw them! So funny!!
Holly was really cute....

Our precious pups!!!!


Summer is coming... well we think its coming so we got a new fan for our bedroom!! Mike has been battling to sleep with the new found heat so we made a plan and got a fan (hee hee)
We got a NICE big one... mike had to assemble it! He did really well!
hmmm did he do it right??

Nice cool calm air at bed time - sigh!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Today is Dewali, also known as the festival of lights! Our hindu community take this very seriously and make the festival of lights light up the sky with LOADS of fireworks!!
1) not good for all the doggies who are scared of the noise (luckily ours are not) BUT 2) it is so so pretty and lovely to watch!!
we decided the best place to watch from was our roof!!!
We headed and up and it was a good spot over looking our neighborhood to spot some beauties...
It was raining a little before this but luckily it stopped for a while so we could watch for a little bit!!
hee hee, its always much more fun on the way down :)
We tried to capture some of the fireworks... this is the best we could do :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

LOVE visitors!

Kirst and Gav came to visit us this weekend and left this morning! It was so lovely seeing them again and spending time with them - they are like our family so they help themselves and we are so chilled together! On Friday night we just got dvds, i made stir fry and we stayed in - they had a long day on the road so a night in was in order! Needless to say i didn't make the end of the movie BUT i did watch the end the next morning bright and early!
Saturday we went a coffee shop / gift shop called FAT TUESDAY.... LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff there, i could spend hours and millions shopping there!!!
We browsed for a while and i found two "must haves"!! (i'll show you later)
We then each had a milkshake... YUM!!! I had a bar one milkshake and it was DIVINE!!!
Th boys loved theirs....
Mike was so excited when he got his he even spilled it a little bit :)

So i got this cute milk bottle, i LOVE this so much!!! Very old school... i wished we lived in a time when milkmen still worked and dropped off fresh milk at our door step every day!!
Doesn't it look good in my fridge!!
The second thing we bought was a lovely "coke" bottle holder.... I LOVE this for when we have dinner guests... i also have glasses that fit in here so it will come in very handy!
Another reason i am so excited about this (besides my love for any old school coke) is that i want to do this for our christmas eve party we always host...
isn't this so cute!! SO i will use my new bottle holders and instead of using beers i'll use different sodas and flavored waters!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

What a week...

Gosh this week has been a busy one!! A few things that happened -

1) we gave up TV and computers for a week - our church had a fast and we decided that that thing that would be missed lots would be our TV! we LOVE our series and movies (and we just got a new stash) so ya it was a wonderful week actually!! It was quiet and we spend so much more time chatting and reading, it was awesome!
2) with the fast there has been meetings at church all week... so our evenings were very busy!
3) My mom got really sick - shame!!!
4) Gym was good this week, i made some huge steps forward in my fitness levels and feel great about it!
5) work was really good this week
6) Mike and i picked out our christmas movies online today and will order them soon! Our tradition is to get a new DVD and watch it on christmas eve...
7) my christmas list is all done and now its just a matter of going SHOPPING!
8) and the best news of all is Kirsten and Gav are visiting us from JHB this weekend - YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!

Let me be off and spend some time with our friendies!!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

5 klm fun run...

Yesterday we woke up at 5:30am (yes voluntarily) to do a 5klm fun run!! We know the pups love exercise so we did it for them :) It was actually such a lovely fun run! a local church was raising funds for children's homes Christmas parties so we decided to participate.
This was the crowd at about 6am... they had "gijima" their mascot there for the kids and Timmy and holly just barked at him when he came to say hello!
Mike and the pups... all the little girls came to sit by us so they could play with the pups.
This was the finished line - we finished in 50 minutes! not too shabby!
We got a certificate... so cute - it says "... you finished the 5klm fun run (before it finished you)
The pups LOVED it but it did tire them out...this was the pups after the race!!

Christmas craft.

I really wanted to do something crafty for Mike and i for christmas... I went to our local craft shop and found the perfect little something for us to do.
I found the cutest christmas mugs and tea pot... so mike and i can wake up on christmas morning and have some tea together in our new mugs!!
Dont you just love this tea pot!!!
I got us each a different mug and want to put our names on the handles...
my painting set up to make life easier and portable...
and so the task begins...
Timmy has been my little companion in all this, keeping me company!
I have painted the mugs and mike is doing the tea pot... i cant wait to see them fired and see how they come out!
Watch this space to see the finished product!! Cant wait for them....but then we'll have to wait unit christmas morning to use them!