Monday, 30 November 2015

Tis the season...

T'is the season to be Jolly (thank goodness) - November is always a hectic month for me so I am glad its over.... This weekend we put up our Christmas tree and decorations, last night we drank coffee and watched our first christmas DVD of the season while the slow cooker slowly cooked something delicious.
 .... and then this morning Tinsel appeared with a little pressie and a note for Mr Lolly.
Christmas magic is in the air.

Friday, 20 November 2015


I have been MIA for a little while, I took some time off to prepare for the festive season and to unwind a bit. I managed a day of total rest and then I got my life in order. All my Christmas presents are sorted, I watched a movie at the actual movies, and I eventually started my "Lolly quilt" made of all his old baby clothes! I cut the squares ages ago and finally got my machine out (with a little reminder crash course from my mom) I managed to sew all the squares into strips.
 I added some bits and pieces to them - a bib, a sock, a little tiny shoe, the first outfit Mike ever bought Lolly (which turned out to be WAY too big and he only ended up wearing it months later) - all very special memories and each and every piece of material took me back to him being a little baba.

I cant wait to sew all the strips together and then all his baby blanky's for the back! I will be able to cling to this when my baby seems to be getting TOO big!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Camp outs...

During the week its all about routine / bedtimes and structure - its who I am. I feel its so important however I also feel there needs to be a balance so every couple of weeks we have a camp out in the lounge.... some weeks are hectic and full and we are both so tired and somehow cooking a nice dinner and having a little camp out in the lounge refreshes us. Oliver will soon be old enough to join us in our camp out but for the moment he is just so delighted to have the mattress in the lounge and then in the morning to find it still there. Its that little bit of chaos that seems to keep us all sane from time to time.

I hope we never feel too old for camp outs in the lounge!!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Little boys...

Little boys are the BEST!! I have a huge soft spot for boys and all they joys that come along with them!! Our little boys has so many cute things that he is into at the moment... he is talking so beautifully and "doing" (when I say doing I mean fixing and messing ) anything he can get his hands on... he doesn't mind dirty feet but he hates dirty hands!
 Lately he has been sitting in boxes... and singing songs and reading books....

This boy makes my heart so full!!!