Sunday, 29 April 2012

Finishing touches...

Today mike put some finishing touches on our bedroom DIY day... we have this frame we weren't using and I found the perfect place for it!! Thanks precious husband for taking time to bring my ideas to reality!!

 A man proud of his work (or I made him pose there... whatever!)

I really like it - it seems to finish off that space!! Still lots to do but we are one step closer.... our bedroom is finally starting to feel like a space I want to be in - its been empty for so long!

We also got these awesome sheets - I know sheets are just sheets BUT if they have polka dots and stripes how much better are they, lets be honest!!

I have just washed them and I cannot wait to put them on our bed tomorrow!!
Yay for new sheets :)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

DIY day...

Yesterday, seeing as it was a holiday we decided to put some of our time to good use and did a few things at home.... there is SO much we want to do but at least ticking off three things from our list made my heart happy... The first things that we did was put up our new headboard - yay!! FINALLY found one after being married for nearly 6 years! I have been searching for similar material to make one but this was a lucky find - and i LOVE it! Mike making the bed for this photo :) - its never made!
 Testing it before we opened it in case we didn't like it and wanted to take it back....
 and the end result - I really dig it!!
Watch this space cause there is still SO much to do in our bedroom - new side tables that Mike is going to make - some artwork about the bed and a few other bits and pieces! We need to sand and paint our chest of drawers and move it in....

Second on our list of things we decided to do was add a splash of colour to our lounge.... we wanted a little feature wall and decided this one could use some colour!!
The before...
 Mike got to work and in about half and hour it was all done!

 and the end result - I really love it - I take a while to process things so in the beginning I always wonder "did we make a mistake" and then have a little panic attack BUT living with it for a day I really do think we made the right colour choice... I have really just fallen in love with it!

This is what our precious pups were doing while we were hard to work - we tried to get them involved in the work party but they didnt budge!!
 Lazying away on the couch - tsk tsk tsk! I gave them a lecture about pulling their weight at home but you know how teenagers are - gosh :)

AND then seeing as our headboard was looking really good I was inspired to clean out our cupboards and ready ourselves for a more streamline bedroom - so while mike started the painting I started on the bedroom clean up!
This was the end results to our clean up - SO SO many hangers cause we got rid of alot of our clothes...
Three bags of stuff to give away!!
 This is my cleaning process - throw everything onto the bed - try on clothes that I am unsure about, model them for mike and let him choose and then keep or get rid of them. It was quite freeing, I threw away all my VERY OLD jeans that I am very sad to say I don't fit into (made me sad BUT what can you do) - I just kept one pair and that will be my goal to fit into them by December!!

The end result is awesome... It was totally worth the hassle and heart break of getting rid of so many clothes!

 Clean and organised - bliss!!
 All my scarfs in one place so I can find them when I need them!!
And my jewelery all sorted out and looking nice and neat!

So our day yesterday was very well spent - yay for a clean room :) Nothing better than opening your cupboard and finding a realistic idea of what I have to wear!!

Thursday, 26 April 2012


We hit the 5pm showing of AVENGERS today as it just came out and..... we loved it!!!!

I feel like I could take on the world now and fight some bad guys - bring it on!
We really enjoyed the new hulk (not edward norton) played by Mark Ruffalo -
The best thing ever is mike and I have the same taste in movies so its never a hassle which movie to watch... a match made in heaven I tell ya!


This week has been a lovely social week BUT just filled with TOO many late nights! Now not enough sleep and me don't go too well so by today I am just exhausted!
Mike and I constantly send each other pictures through the day of our lunches or whatever we see (we love it - some people think we're strange but we are who we are) and want to share... and these are the pictures I sent to mike today - he said I made him laugh BUT I really didn't find it that funny... at about 1pm the wall hit me and i could barely keep my eyes opened, the only thing that kept me away was the constant yawning every few seconds! These three photos signify how I felt today!

Mike even posted the first picture as his BBM picture so I kept getting people messengering me asking why i am so tired :) A cup of coffee helped a bit in the afternoon!

Garth came over for dinner tonight and now they are in the lounge playing xbox - I snuck off to bed and I will be watching some series now on my laptop and falling asleep very soon... my heart is happy for an early night AND a sleep in tomorrow as it is a public holiday!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Weekend away part 2

On monday on our way home we popped into Eshowe and went to Dlinza board walk - this huge awesome board walk where you can walk and see the huge forrest and birdies if its nice weather. Monday was FREEZING!!!! We were not prepared at all so unpacked our bag from the car and chucked on all the warm clothes we had... it was so worth it!


 There was this bench with this plaque on it - I thought it was so special! We have on in my moms garden dedicated to my gran so this is close to home!!

 Simone and I - precious girl...
 We went to a platform over 100meters up to a view point - it was awesome!!
 Mike is scared of heights so he would not come up - my dad was there to have a picture taken with me:)

 Mike was chilly!!

 We all had tea afterwards to warm us up...
 I will definitely go there again, it was so beautiful!