Monday, 25 January 2016

This morning....

Our pre new school routine was we would be on the road by 6:45am and at work by 7am, I enjoyed this as I got to check emails, have tea and get a few things done before the work day began. Now with Lolly going to school we can only drop him off at 7:10am meaning we have lots more time in the morning together. I love this.
This morning I made us mango smoothies for breakfast, we got to chat and play and gather a few things to recycle at school.
We had a rain storm the night before last so we had to move a few things on our Patio so they didn't get wet - the mirrors were two of them. On the way out with a empty milk carton in one hand and a piece of a sandwich in the other, Lolly noticed his perfect reflection and spent a few minutes admiring his perfection. I love this kid!!!

 I am so grateful for the extra time with our monster in the mornings, it starts our day of so well!


Our boy has decided that school is lovely and he has lots of fun!! Thank goodness!! This last week they were learning about colours so every day each child had to wear a different colour shirt... I was thrilled to see the whole school wore the same colour, it was a very effective method to learn a colour! The school also has a facebook page which I discovered and when have a peak I spotted our precious boy... I love seeing him happy and doing his thing!

I have only praise for Birches Pre Primary, they have been so amazing and I am thrilled we chose this school for our precious boy...

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Well hello 2016!

Goodness me, this year kicked off with a bang and I am only finding my bearings now! My boy started a new school and with that came some teething issues and setting issues and my mommy heart was not coping so well with this change. I was (and still am to a certain degree) so nervous and scared and heart-sore for my boy who was struggling to fit into his new school and our new routine. Yes the below photos shows a happy, confident boy but it was not the case when we arrived at school.

I am very happy to say that things have gotten better since last Wednesday but the struggle is real and will continue until he is fully settled. Until he is fully settled I will be unsettled but I am so proud of this child and the progress he has made so far!!

Ringing in the new year with our besties, sleepover style, and enjoying some really chilled days with my two boys was the best way to start 2016.
Its going to be a good year!!