Monday, 30 June 2014

Action shot....

Here is our boy in action....
He whizzes past me so fast this is the best shot I can get :)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

From aunty Ruthie...

Aunty Ruthie, Lollys godmom, spoilt him with the cutest little onesie ever!!
 I mean look at this -

Thank you aunty Ruthie for spoiling me!!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Breakfast visit...

On saterday we met up with Katelyn (who we havent seen in way too long) for breakfast! It was a LOVELY visit! We went to spur and enjoyed eggs, bacon, sausages, tea and coffee! Best meal of the day in my opinion! Of course Mr shared my chips and toast... and even drank some milk out of the little stainless steel milk jug we were handed - he was very chuffed with this!
 We took turns taking him for a little playtime when breakfast was finished....

 Lolly is walking so beautifully!!!

 And I must tell you - this boy knows how to work a room! He was schmoozing all the waitresses and they ended up giving him a mask and balloons - he was blowing kisses at them amd smiling at them :)
Lolly loves his lions masks... soon he will be roaring too Im sure!!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

a few randoms...

A few randoms from the last couple of weeks...

Our boy modeling his new outfit...
 A few winder warmies for him...
 Mike spoilt me rotten with a new paperwhite kindle - I am in love (with Mike and the kindle)
 Afternoon walks with this one is too much fun - he knows where all the doggies are now and looks for them as he walks past. There is also "jumping jacks" that he looks for which are two dogs that jump so high we only see their heads as we walk past the fence.
 (of course we cant walk without a biscuit in hand)
 Mom and I went to wimpy for some coffee so Mr man can play.... the ladies behind the till gave him a balloon and boy was he chuffed!!!

 tsk tsk - this is what my boy does at church instead of listening to the sermon :) I had to "no" him twice and then he never went back!

The joy of little fingers fiddling with things they should not :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Duck n Deck.

On monday we went to Duck n Deck with Ollies first girl friend Savannah :) Since joining top tots Tammy, Chris and of course Savannah have become our dear friends.... nothing brings people together like cute kids :)
 Lolly stuck his fingers in the chicken cages and fed goats for the first time!
 He now just wants to walk everywhere....
 and he LOVED the bunny hatch! He was peaking through at them - so cute!!

 We had some coffee and cake and some chips for Mr....

Ollie even had his first pony ride.
It was a lovely day out..... we have a few more animal farms on our list of places to go! Cant wait!

Guess whos walking :)

Guess whos walking....

Fathers day...

Fathers day was on sunday and we had a nice day together! Ollie made his daddy a mug with his hand prints on it so daddy can take it to work and remember him everytime he has a cup of tea (which is often :)
Then we went to church, home for naptime and then out for brunch with my parents.
Then home for some playtime!!

Of course a story is always needed even if Lollys attention span is about 5 seconds :)

Oh man I hope Lolly knows how lucky he is to have a daddy who loves him SO SO much! I could not ask for a better daddy to my childern than Mike.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


The other day we had to pop out and we left Lolly with my dad.... we came home to see this -
Mr was a bit miseable as he wasnt feeling well so he hopped onto his Popsies lap and fell asleep! Just so you know this is not normal for my child... he doesnt sleep on laps or in arms - he points to this cot when its bedtime and wants to sleep without anyone fussing over him (no jokes) - so this was amazing!!! This boy loves his pops!!!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

A nap in the sun...

While we are staying with my folks this is our pups favourite spot!

Nothing beats a nap in the sun!!!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mr Measels.

Mr has measels.... he has had a few rough nights which is not like him at all and I honestly thought he was just being super naughty!! BUT then he came out in a rash and we realised he has baby measels - poor boy! To think I nearly gave him a hiding for being sick - goodness me!!
He has been staying home with my mom who has been looking after him beautifully!! Mom sends me these through out the day!
Nap time...
 Getting back from a walk....
 This was last night after his bath! Lolly is fascinated with the phone and when I call my mom I normally say hello and then he kisses the phone! Too precious!
I am praying this is the getting to the end of 6 weeks of sickness for Lolly!!