Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Earlier day...

Today i managed to get home a bit earlier than normal - fair enough i skipped gym BUT i promised myself i will go for the rest of the week. I just tidied up a bit, cleaned out the fridge (WAY overdue) and now i am just downloading some free books for my kindle - i got some real goodies!!
The bible (yay) now i can take my kindle to church :)
Pride and prejudice
Little women
The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Fairy tales every child should know.
A tale of two cities
oliver twist
Gulliver's travels
Alice in wonderland and SO many more!!

I love my kindle and i love having options to read more than one book at a time without having to carry 5 books with me :)

SIDE BAR - mike and are i loving the series "house" at the moment - we're onto season 6... it gets goood! We started watching it a while ago and then we got over it... we started up again and LOVING it!
keen to watch some over spaghetti tonight!

Monday, 27 February 2012

A toast to monday...

We decided to toast to Monday... its been a long day! Work was busy, Gym was hard, we did washing, cleaning, tiding up, mike fixed his bike, i made dinner, we discussed our dwindling savings account and tried to think of more ways we can save, put my renewed license on my car.... long monday. big sigh.
So when i popped out to get some dinner stuff i sneaked in a sprite zero and a castle lite and surprised mike with a early evening shandy! So refreshing and delicious and a good end to the day and start to our evening together!

Lets home tomorrow brings better things!
I am always thankful for my precious husband and pups on  days like today.... to come home to them after a blue Monday makes my heart happy and my day filled with a ray of sunshine!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My 2 favourite things!!

After a really crappy week tonight was something very needed!! We did my two favourite things -
1) wakaberry
2) watch one of my favorite DVDs

The evening started off with some cuddles and kisses from mike.. and my camera :)

Then off to Wakaberry for pudding before dinner :) Kate took us and we LOVED the flavors they had - i had strawberry, toffee and condensemilk!

I got us each a wakkaberry heart... its for a commiunty outreach project and i wanted us "besties" to have matching hearts!!

We love our matching hearts...

We then went through the process of sorting through all our dvds and deciding which one to watch...

Guess which movie won - my best one!!!

tonight definitely made my weekend!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Fly away birdies

My valentines birds were looking a bit too much like the colour of the door....

So we did a little DIY -

And now ....

I love it but i am debating if it should be a brighter red as apposed to an "ox blood" red...... dilemma :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

What a day!!

What a week - what a day! I just want this week to be over with so mike and i can start our weekend today together! Work has been nuts - what a crazy day - i have a headache of note and today was hectic - the lady who works with us has been sick this whole week so i am having to pick up the slack!
I also have 193 envelopes to stuff for a provident fund of ours... so i have taken that home with me tonight and that is on the list of things to do now!
On a happier note - i officially finish work 2 hours earlier than mike and because we choose to travel into work together most days i have those hours spare! I normally hit the gym but today cause i was so fed up with the day and i had a headache i decided i needed some joy.... so i went to a movie!! (yay for working right next to a shopping center)
I have been wanting to see "we bought a zoo" for ever so today i went!
i was just what i needed and made my heart happy again!! What a lovely movie! I saw the trailer for "the vow" that i want to see now too... just have to wait a week or two!

Now mike is making us a quick dinner of bacon and eggs while i ready myself to get cracking on work while we watch a bit of house :)
Love my husband, i love how he understands my bad days and how he spoils me!

Monday, 20 February 2012

My scarf collection...

My scarf collection is a bit of a pretentious issue at the momentum because they are EVERYWHERE and they never seem to stay tidy! I don't want to put them away in my cupboard or i forget about them and dont wear them so they are stacked on our coat rack and taking up all the space... on the weekend we walked into Mr. price home and found this - my heart skipped a beat and i said to me "i have to have this".... it seems the pups were as fascinated as i was :)

Ahhhhhh... sigh!
 So cleaver hey - thanks for the photo bomb babes!

I love it!! I shall now be hung behind our bedroom door for easy access!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday afternoon nap.

A picture says a thousand words...

 Sigh :)

Timmy first Doggy show...

Today was Timmy's first doggy show - i was at Sunday school so i wasn't able to be there (so horrible but what can you do) so i armed Mike with my camera and heard all about it when i got back.
Other friends that entered was Aunty Lyn with Lilly and Kate with Wallace.... 
Mom and dad went with so they could watch Holly (of course Holly wanted to go to watch timmy)
Aunty Lyn and Lilly...
 Holly wanting to go to dad!!
 Kate and Wallace...

I am sorry to tell you Timmy didn't come anywhere at all today - his healing was brilliant but he broke bother of his stays so he didn't come anywhere. Kate came in 4th place with Wallace but other than that the day was lots of fun! Next time we are going to enter Tims again and Holly and see where we get!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Braai'd dinner!

Last night we felt like a chilled one at home so we invited Ryan, Kate and my dad for a braai... chicken always tastes SO SO good on the braai!
I made some veggies and potatoes to accompany it... and my job was done! OF COURSE the evening began with some x-box...
Holly and i watched :)
Some veggies and potatoes - there were very good - perfect with the steak and chicken!
The boys braaing while i watched!!

 Kate was showing off her new Ipad!!!
Late night, i need a nap now :)