Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lounge before and after!

We recieved our chosen wall art yesterday for the back of the lounge yesterday and had so much fun putting it up!! LOVE wall art, it really is my new favourite thing as it is SO easy to apply, reasonably priced and makes a difference instantly!
This is how it arrives -

And after a little bit of work...
.. the end result is stunning! Very subtle but lovely...

This was the back of the lounge when we moved in....
It then over time was transformed to this....

and finally...

Wall art - "FANTASTICK"

As you can guess I am now IN LOVE with wall art - our lounge has been bare since we bought and moved in on Feb 2009.. I have just not been insipired to full the wall, nothing seemed to fit in that space. And now, it has been filled and it looks stunning!!

This is before (when the room was totally bare)

And the after is so different and homey!


Yesterday our other wall art arrived and man were we excited! I, as I always am, was very excited to open the package as it seemed like a present... BUT Timmy and Holly beat me to it! They had a ball helping me unwrap it. It felt like Christmas all over again!

... and then they proceeded to play with the packaging...

My personal superhero!

Anyone who knows my husband KNOWS he LOVES superheros... his fav is batman and I recon if he could be anyone he would choose to be Bruce Wayne - that means I would have to be Rachel Dawes, I can live with that!
I found these groovy socks for him a while back, got him a superman pair too and to my delight he wore them today!

I could not ask for a more "superhero" husband - his cleaning skills are superbly honed, his thai green curry leaves nothing to be desired and they way he loves and appriciates me - well that is his most precious super power!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Office move

We are moving office very soon so I am starting to pack up our office things. We are moving to Musgrave which I have very excited about - I work for Momentum insurance as a PA to two seniour brokers.
Moving is a good time to sort through all our junk and throw away what is un-needed.

Waiting for dad...

On the way home from the field we stopped at the shop quick to pick up something - Timmy HATES it when one of us leave so he sat on my lap and watched his dad the whole time. He would not move until mike came back to the car, so precious! He loves his dad!

Puppy training.

Mike and I normally take the doggies for a walk and a quick training session at the puppy school field. Timmy and Holly LOVE it and they run around like mad things...

We have taught them now to sit, down, stand, stay, heel etc... Timmy has passed his first puppy class with flying colours and Holly will pass out on the 7th May -

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I was looking at my photo file and come across our 4th wedding anniversary folder from last year... one of my favourites photos of all time was taken on our weekend away. We spoilt ourselves and went to an amazing spa for the weekend - we left at the crack of dawn...

On the way home we stopped on the county road leading to the spa and this is where my favourite picture came to be.
We just propped it up on a fence pole and this is the result - no photoshop at all...
I love this one too - not as clear and from a different angle...

Watch this space...

Since our "tree" wall art was so easy to apply and made such a HUGE difference to that space I am on a mission to 'homey' up our place even more.
We have a wall in the lounge (opposite the tree wall) that is also in need of a spruce up... seeing as we have high raked ceilings it is hard to decorate the space.
This is what I have chosen to decorate this space - ordered it in white and I think it is going to look amazing!

It is going to be applied to a higher wall so it wont be on eye level... It should arrive in the next 3-5 working days and I CANNOT WAIT. I have no patience and its killing me to wait :)

I have been inspired to do "before and after" pics of our place.. partly so show you Jayde, what slight changes have been done since you left, and partly to show off our little home and the work we have put into it.
SO WATCH THIS SPACE... it will come in parts.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Crazy Holly...

Holly was SUPER hyper active last night, we are not sure what got into her!!
She was running around and going mad. She eventually decided to dig in Mike's shorts and bury her head in them, so cute!!
And poor little Timmy was just noshing on his bone that granny bought for him last night when they came to visit!

Eventually after her crazy high she just crashed and fell asleep!

Flower power.

On the weekend I bought some wall art in the shape of a tree... we decided it would look best in our lounge as our walls are still a bit bare - and it looks amazing!
Mike and I had fun putting it on the wall!

AND THE FINISHED PRODUCT.... love love love it!!

My parents popped in for a few minutes so check out our groovy new wall art and my dad was being completely helpfull (that is sarcastic incase you didnt catch it) and suggesting a whole lot of arty ideas for the rest of our walls! Neeldess to say we are NOT going to do any of them...but thanks anyway!

I had bought a whole packet of good, healthy food to make for dinner BUT I left the packet at work (so annoying) so I had to rifle around in the freezer and decided to make pizza's instead!
It was delicious - so much for me diet hey! I will start today - again, for the 100th time... :)

Home sweet home.

I arrived home at about 7pm last night, I was exhusted until I saw Mike then I perked up! I missed him TOO much and hate leaving him!
I also missed my doggies and was very happy to see them again - and the reception I got from them warmed my heart!
My mom had send us some amazing Breyani for dinner so we had that and watched some Top Gear...
I fell asleep on the couch and the pups snuck up and come to sleep by me! They arent allowed on the couch so this was a real treat!

The day has finally come - Kirst's bridal shower.

This is what our georgous fried looked like for her bridal shower. We were VERY nice to her and only made her wear her specially made T-shirt, a crown, my veil (that you gave to me Jayde, and it was my something borrowed on my wedding day :) and a lovely flower brooch!

The back of the shirts, Kirst loved this!!

The three of us all happy and excited about the events to follow!

Kirst standing up in front of her reading her vows that Carol made up for her her - so so funny!! Based on the 50's wife expectations!

We ordered two platters from "succulent cafe", one sweet and one savoury - they were AMAZING! This cafe is my new favourite place in the whole world - very funky and groovy and their gift shop took my breath away! I wish I had the money and space to shop and bring stuff home, I would have spent a fortune!
Present time!

Hee hee, Carol being "stalker Carol" - she is really good at this!

Kirst and I that afternoon and evening - relalxing, in our pj's having coffee and having the best chilled afternoon ever!
We got home around 3pm and changed into our pijamas, watched some TV, made a pizza for dinner and then bedtime!