Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Birthday pressies...

Ash's birthday is on Thursday so today we finalized the present and wrapping paper buying and its time to wrap! I LOVE wrapping presents, its a joy of mine! Soon the top drawer of our chest of drawers will be filled with wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags and the list continues! Cant wait to hit the party shop and stock up (happiness is)
 Jackie got this book for us to give her, she is a reader just like me so I am super excited to give this to her knowing the joy reading brings!!
 Two cute erasers - she loves stationary!
And something fun for her, a lucky packet!
 Wrap wrap...
I always like wrapping all presents individually because unwrapping them is so fun! 

Cant wait for Thursday to give this to Ash - looking forward to the birthday celebrations!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Back and forth...

Our last week and a bit has been lovely.... it started with us fetching Jackie, Jarryd and Ashleigh from the airport and boy were we exciting to see them!!!
Ash drew us some awesome pictures for baby's room - we cant wait to frame them!

And the rest of our week and weekend has been visiting mom in hospital and then going to find food....
 Jackie and ash...
 Ash wearing Mikes glasses :) she looked too cute!

Nandos for dinner one night.... after a bit of a shop - was a good evening!
 The kids came to sleep over on Friday night and Saturday night... they loved the pups and the pups LOVED them!!
 Jarryd wrapped Nala up in the blanket - can you see her?
 Here is a bit of a closer look!

Been a wonderful week and a bit - tiring for sure but lovely!!!
This weekend we plan of hibernating - cant wait!! Just us and the pups!!

Friday, 26 October 2012

New bedding...

We got some new  bedding and after much debate in store we bought it... and I am so glad we did!

Its just so pretty! BUT not too feminine...
Still got lots to do - new bedside tables, some wall art... our chest of drawers needs to be painted and put in here.. and lots more!!
BUT so far we LOVE our new bed, definitely best but of 2012!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

busy making room for baby :)

We have been busy making room for baby, cleaning out and getting his / her room ready!! Believe it or not this has been quite a task so far as we have somehow collected a lot of things and stored them in baby's room - now to find space for all that stuff - sigh!

It all started with cleaning out my bookshelf (plus all mikes books) to make space for baby's chest of drawers...

 I had to dismantle it completely...

 I had to bash out the bottom shelf as it was glued and nailed to the wall.
 Some pollyfiller and paint and done!
The perfect place for baby chest of drawers / changing table!!
This was the mess in the beginning!! Done lots since then!!!
 Baby chest of drawers packed for now - I know this will change as we get more things but at least its packed for now! The top drawers is being saved for all baby's toiletries and i just need to go get some drawer dividers for these!

 We are still debating baby names, will until baby comes I'm sure! Too much fun!
 I have also made a baby file - lists are what I do and I have made a list for any and everything regarding baby - to do list, need list, want list etc.
I also listed our insurance coverage and an "addition of baby" form to add baby onto our medical aid when he/she comes... trying to be organized - makes me feel more prepared!
 I just love this "money bunny" and this piggy bank - the bunny is filling up with notes for baby needs later on and the piggy bank is filling up with sliver coins... I love saving this way cause once the money is in there its unseen so it will last longer!
 We fitted the pram / car seat etc in the cupboard until we finish the inside of this cupboard...
 Cupboards all cleaned!!
 Precious kims made us some bunting for babys room - I LOVE it and cant wait to put it up!!! This is the boys side.....
 And this is the girls side!! I nearly cried when she gave it to me, such a special gift!!
 We still have lots to do!! Come December we will finish babys room - put the cot up, dado rails on the wall, paint the inside of the cupboard, put up some shelves and wall art etc and so the list continues!!

We have also made our second spare room into a proper guest room - "mikes boys room" is no longer and now when people come to stay it wont be a mad rush to get it ready! I love this spare room now - it is also sadly no where near done though!

We got a chest of drawers for all our linen and towels (these were all in baby's room)
 Mike put up a mirror about it which i think looks lovely!!

 And I just added some feminine touches to the blind...
Old suitcases as a bedside table.
But yes, LOTS still to do!! I am too excited to get going and finish up! It will have to wait a bit as family is here now for the next two weeks so we will enjoy family time and carry on from there....

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


My tummy is getting bigger - its awesome! I am loving having my tummy :)
Top view - 
 And this is when I sit down!
Grow bigger tummy.... baby needs space to grow!!

The kids are here!

Jackie, Jarryd and Ash are visiting!! TOOO exciting!
Jarryd and Ash spending some quality time with Nan.... cant wait for the weekend to spend some awesome time with them!!!

Nala is back with us again too as my folks are visiting their new grandchild - Holly is so excited as she LOVES nala.... although Nala doesn't really like her - shame!

 And Tim's get a bit put out when Nala comes to stay so while they were lazing in the sun together Tim's was sulking in bed!!
 Precious boy!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Quality time!

Yesterday afternoon we went to fetch Steve from Gateway, he flew in from Dubai to see mom so we went a little earlier and spend some time together! It was an awesome afternoon with mike, I really loved it!!

We had lunch together, shared some Nachos :)
 I had a lovely bar one milkshake.... hmmmm a little bit of heaven!
 I got my first pair of maternity pants - very exciting!!!!
 And we browsed around Toys R us.... looked at all the cool baby stuff!!
This was really just what we needed - precious time together!