Sunday, 28 July 2013


One of my favorite times with my boy is afternoon playtime!! although he is so cute all the time - especially when he wakes up smiling or he baths or..... well you get the point! BUT afternoon playtime is full of smiles and giggles and learning!
This boy loves being naked - its the cutest thing - I think we may have a streaker on our hands!

 Baby boys newest thing is rolling onto his side from his back... he goes around and around his playmat... I go to the kitchen and when i get back he is in a different place!

 He is sitting up, keeping his head up - he is way to strong!!

His daddys eyes!! We prayed for him to have this dads eyes :)

 I so treasure these afternoon playdates......

Friday, 26 July 2013

A humbling experience....

Over a month ago we went with my folks to church - they have a majority African congregation and the best part is the kids who walk from home to come to church. They always walk in with a huge smile and they have melted my heart for YEARS!! I use to teach Sunday school there and my heart broke when we decided to leave the church and find a congregation that was a bit bigger and offered more for Oliver.... We want him to grow up in a STRONG christian community and Red Point offers just that - we have found family there!!
Back to Azalea road - we went and after the service all the kids came to say hello to Ollie.... and these two girls took him like pros!! They couldn't be older than 7 or 8 years old and they took Ollie and "looked after" him like they have been looking after kids all their little lives -they are kids themselves!!!!

It humbled me so much.... these children look after their brothers and sisters from such a young age and me at 29 years old have times when I think "am I doing this right" - they just HAVE TO and they do...
At the age of 6 and 7 - wow!!!!
A truly humbling experience!!!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Some new additions....

A few new additions we have acquired in the last month...
1) Mike found this awesome mirror for our bedroom when I was in Cape Town - precious husband looking out for things that he knew i would like even though he personally couldn't be bothered :) That is what i call love!!

 The best part is that it opens up and can house all my jewerly and perfume etc!

I just LOVE it!!!

The second new addition is we decided Oliver needed a little space of his own in our lounge to chill and play (and i just love the idea of filtering our precious boy into our every day life one which is our lounge where we spend most of our time) I decided precious Ollie needed a corner all to himself!!

He loves his little corner (or he would if he was aware of these things :)
Its been a rough couple of months but life is now starting to feel normal again..... sigh!!

Thank you Lord!

On Tuesday morning we got a message saying that one of our best friends dad has been abducted and please can we pray for his safe return - their world was turned upside down and all we could do is pray!!!! Today we went to visit our friends and while we were there they got a call saying their dad has been found - 3 days later!!!! It seems he was pushed over kloof gorge and it just so happened two students were filming something and heard Bruce calling them!! He called out his wife's cell number and they call Les and said we have found your husband - my goodness!!!! After 3 days of all round prayer all our prayers had been answered!!
We went to kloof gorge and they had a rescue team getting Bruce back up from the 30 meter drop where he was stranded - my goodness!!! 3 days and 2 nights out there all alone - thank you Lord for getting those guys to film where they were and in turn rescue Bruce!!
We had to leave to fetch Ollie before  Bruce and the rescue team had come up  but know that he is in hospital and seems to be doing well! I am not sure of the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping but we'll know soon!
While we were chatting to Wayne about his dad that was missing at the time he said that he would not accept that his dad would not come back - he had such HUGE faith that God would return his dad to him - i get the shivers just thinking about how in his darkest hour he KNEW that God would return his dad to him!! Kim said she kept praying for Bruce's return and she felt God say to her "wait my child, in My time not yours" and peace came over her - now this is what they told us BEFORE they knew their dad was ok - what a testimony!!! I am blown away by their faith in their Father God!!

Thank you Lord for bringing Bruce home to his family!!!! It was such a huge privileged to be there when the call came in saying he was found - seeing the love and joy on the family's face knowing their precious dad, brother, husband, brother etc has been found!!
I so look forward to seeing how God is going to use this story for his glory - Wayne and Kim's testimony alone is such an inspiration to me personally!

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing Bruce home!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Our "little" boy is getting way to big!! My goodness....

Rosy cheeked munchkin!

 They grow up way to quickly!

Our little gangster!

How cute is my boy in his gangster track-suit :)

 Check out his hands in his pocket :)

Love this KID!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Let the countdown begin...

It is time i loose my baby weight so I joined a weight loss program and I have started this journey!!
I have done my 3 days fruit detox and now I am doing a very rigid eating plan... I need to loose 11kgs so lets hope this is the start of my loosing my baby weight!
I weighed in at 83kgs - for my height of 1.75m its not too bad - my BMI is 27.5 and it should be 25 so ,my first goal is 76kgs - BRING IT ON!!
My first weigh in is next Thursday so watch this space....

Our big boy...

Our boy is getting SO big - he started eating cereal yesterday for the first time!!! He went for his check up, had his inoculations and weighed in at 6.13kgs - still not where it should be as he should have doubled his birth weight but he hasn't BUT its all good!!
He was so keen on the cereal at first but then he started ooohing and aaaahhing and enjoyed it - very messy but so much fun feeding my precious boy!!

He wanted to eat his hands all the time :)

 Hmmmm mom, its good!

 I love this picture - he was enjoying it i promise!!
 And this is what was left - little monster!!!!
 And so another stage of Ollies life begins - eating :) If he is anything like me he'll love it!!