Thursday, 31 May 2012

Puppy sitting!!

Oh man this week has been hectic! Gosh.
Anyway... last weekend we puppy sat little Fin - isnt he just too cute! He came Saturday morning and left Sunday night, it was awesome having him!! I must say though Timmy was really put out by this little guy - he was NOT at all impressed to have him in our home!
 Isnt he just too cute!!
 Treat time!

 He got over tired and fell alseep on my hand - very cute...

 I LOVE this picture!!!!
Fin napping next to mike and then....
 he cuddled by mike in the morning too when we woke up and let the pups in for a cuddle! Can you spot him :)
Puppy sitting is tooo much fun!!!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wakkaberry revamp!

Wakkaberry had a revamp and its looks very cool!! I had to fetch mike from work the other day so I popped in for a quicky visit and sampled from their revamped shop on the way to fetch mike!
They added an extra machine....
 I had my normal - strawberry, condense milk and toffee :) NO naughty toppings!

 I then waited a bit for mike because I got to his work a bit early so I snuck into the backseat of the car and had some kindle time! I am reading the Charlie Fox series and really digging it!


One day this week there was this HUGE traffic jam on my way to work - We woke up early on purpose to miss the traffic and ended up being stuck in it for an hour and 10 minutes (normally takes me 15min to get to work) GOSH!!
I bbm'd this picture to mike while we were stuck one behind eachother in stand still traffic..
 It made him laugh :)
Needless to say I NEEDED some coffee and kindle time later in the day....
It definitely perked me up (excuse the pun) :)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Poor mike!

Mike isnt feeling so well today - he came home a bit earlier and has been sleeping all afternoon....
Holly somehow knows hes not feeling well and snuggled with him all afternoon!

I've medicated mike and hope he wakes up feeling better!!

NEW (old) CAR!!

Yayayya - we got a new (old) car! We sold mikes bakkie and bought my dads bakkie with AIRCON!! Huge bonus as we have never had aircons in our cars before.... so we're moving up in the world!!
This is a HUGE upgrade from the bakkie we had so we're stoked!!
Thanks dad :)

School play... so much fun!!

On Wednesday we went to watch Jarryd and Jon Marks school play... it was so cool!! The play was "once upon a time" and it went through a whole bunch of fairy tales!!

 We were so excited to watch the boys!

 This is the whole primary school - such a lovely school (we've kept that in the back of our mind for "one day")
 Jarrdy was an arabian prince in Aladdin and Jon was a mouse!
 We went out with the boys,Ruthie and Jurgens for dinner aftwards... check out Jon's mouse face still on!!
 We LOVED the kids play and loved it even more when Jarryd walked out isle and give us high fives on the way off the stage!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Coat shopping!

Winter is fast approaching and its getting COLD!! So I went coat shopping the other day and found two keepers! As is our tradition, I always send pics of most of the clothes I want to buy to mike to get his opinion.... this was no different!
I got this one for work and I LOVE it.... so lovely with a nice chunky scarf!

 This one is for a more casual look - also grey - goes with everything!!

It was a good shopping day!
Mike also got a new jacket and sent me a pic of himself wearing it :)
we LOVE our camera phones :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thursday - Come and go quickly (please)

Oh my what a week!! It’s been non stop since Sunday!!

Tonight is our first night at home (kind of) so we’re happy about that – looking forward to an earlyish night seeing as we haven’t been to bed before 11pm this week yet.

I am so tired and I cannot wait to fall into bed later!

This weekend is going to be NO better as we have a jammed packed weekend ahead of us (makes me tired just thinking about it) so hopefully we’ll be able to find some home / relax / together time SOON!
I need it (and some coffee right now it seems)

Let Thursday resume and quickly come to an end J

Sunday, 20 May 2012


On Friday night we went to the barnyard for show with some church friends :) it was AWESOME!!

 We packed a cooler box full of goodies, hummus, cut up veggies, peanuts and raises, grapes and off we went!!
 The barnyard is at gateway and you go take your own dinner (or buy some - whatever you choose) and then watch a live show.... it was a playlist of some awesome old music and worked their way up to more current - they sang an Adele number which was my favorite!!

 The tickets proceeds all went to help COCA (which is what this month for us and our church is all about) so it was for a very good cause!
Enjoying being there with each other!!

 Some of the peeps we went with - Ruthie, Jurgens - Brett was there, I do kids min with him and Chan...

 The gorgeous fairy lights! I have a thing for fairy lights!
LOVED the evening!!!!
The best part is we got home late so Saturday we just slept in, stayed in bed till lunch and then our day started! Pure bliss!

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Yesterday my precious mom took me out for lunch and spoilt me with delicious food - we went to a restaurant called Nourish - all good, healthy food and man it was GOOOOD! This is now one of my new favorite places to go eat, I said to mike I'll take him back there soon!

 Thanks mom :) always good spending some uninterrupted time with her!!
 What to eat? what to eat?
 I always enjoy reading the first page of a menu if they tell us their story....
 The best cuppchino every - and I dig the heart :)

 My mom and I shared a Mezze platter and we were VERY suprised when it arrived and it was HUGE!!
Roast veggies, salad, breads, cheeses, sweet potato pate, red pepper pate and butternut pate - TOO delicious! Needles to say we finished it without a problem!!

 For pudding I ordered "mixed berry and nougat ice-cream" and that too didn't disappoint! The ice-cream was nougat and they poured this sighly tangy soup mixed berry cream stuff over it!
I definitely felt nourished after lunch - perhaps a little too nourished!!