Friday, 30 November 2012

21 weeks.....

21 WEEKS PEOPLE!!! Just some of the weekly pictures!!

 Life is so sweet right now!!

Sneak peak....

Sneak peak at baby's room so far - still got lots to do BUT its looking perfectly they way I pictured it!
Getting TOOO excited!

Sleep time...

My boy and I just before we both fell asleep!
I really was reading.... even though it looks like I was sleeping :)

soaked friday...

This morning I woke up and saw a lovely sunny day outside!! When I finished work I walked out into a STORM of note. It was poring with rain - I sent this picture to Mike to show him how wet I was..... YOH!! I had to go shopping or I would have just gone home to nap :)

 I found these christmas pressies for the pups, they are going to LOVE them!!
 And then I met up with my Mom and her cousin and had the most delicious lunch!! Tuna sandwich and pot of tea!!
The whole reason I went was to get a cot mattress for babys cot, I found a lovely mattress and a sheet BUT when I got home it was too small :( oh well - we'll have to take them back and find a bigger one!!
Feet up for a little while then off to dinner at Darryn and Di's!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Tims personal cushion!

I seem to be Timmy's personal cushion - or baby is at the moment!

He has been loving lying in my tummy!

Teddy run...

On sunday on our way to church we saw some people doing a teddy run for "toy story 2012" - Toy story collect toys for kiddies who have nothing so they have a present for christmas day!
I LOVED seeing this teddy on the back of this lady's scooter - i wish i had a scooter so i could have joined in!

Seeing this petrified teddy on the back of this bike made my whole day!!

20 week scan!

On friday was our 20 week scan! Mom came with me and we had such a lovely time! Baby was moving like crazy.... he / she is PERFECT and weighs 379grams! Baby is prefect!!!

Look at precious babys feet!!
 Its gorgeous arms... baby was sucking its thumb we are sure!
 Baby's prefect spine!
 And his / her profile :) toooo beautiful!
We had the first appointment of the morning so it was quite early - after that we went for a muffin and some tea and chatted about precious baby!
 We shared a muesli muffin and each had a little pot of tea!
We then went to china mall and shopped for some clothing for me! Gosh it was hard.... I am slowly getting used to my new shape but my mind sometimes doesn't understand that my body has changed and now I have to dress a little differently.... so it was a bit of a challenge!
I came away with some lovely preggy clothes so it was totally worth it! all that shopping made us HUNGRY so we stopped for some lunch... Yiroll is my new favorite place to eat! Mom had a chicken bunny chow - delicious!
 I had a roll jam packed with ham and plenty of salad!
 Mom was wondering how to eat that huge meal :)
What a lovely friday!! I got to see my baby and also spend the day with my mom! Lovely!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Date night AGAIN?

Yoh, two movies in one week - life is good!
We went to watch "Alex cross" and man we weren't disappointed!! Who knew Matthew Fox would make such a scary bad guy!

hee hee, mike was too shy to stand and give me smile in front of the movie poster.....
We were the only ones in the cinema for the first little while - eventually there were about 6 of us - bliss!

 As always I sneak in my own popcorn - saves a stash of money :)

Sigh - love movie nights with Mike!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Half way....

We are half way through our pregnancy ALREADY - where has the time gone???

Baby is moving a lot and it feels amazing! Mike hasn't felt baby kick yet but we're hoping he will soon!
Baby loves tea and go mad every time i have some, its the cutest thing really - its fathers child for sure as mike loves tea - i have only started drinking it recently so he/she definitely takes after mike!
On friday we are going for our 20 week scan, its a biggy and Dr will check everything so I will get to see LOTS of baby! Mom is going with me for this one and then mike will go with me again at 24 weeks!
Cant wait to see our baby bean!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Boys being boys...

We went to visit the Du Toits on the weekend and while Ruthie and I chatted this is what the boys did!

They broke into teams and played against each other - they played for about 2 hours solid!
Boys being boys!

Snuggle pups...

Our pups have been extra cute lately - we haven't been home much so the evenings they love cuddling with us - and themselves!!

This was Holly protesting cause we were watching a movie in bed and not paying attention to her :)
 And then later mike took this pic (I was fast asleep) of our two munchkins snuggling away!!

 Tims was the big spoon and Holly was the little one :)
Cute hey!! Precious mutts!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Some christmas goodies...

I went to CNA the other day and was delighted to find some christmas goodies on sale! I love christmas and christmas goodies so I was over the moon!

I got Mike and I each a new christmas stocking that we will write our names on the mini chalk board!
 Much to Mikes delight I got us each a christmas straw! We always watch a movie on christmas even with snacks and a milkshake so we will use these then!!
 And how cute are these two candle holders - Santa and snowey make a good pair!!
Bring on christmas, I'm excited!!

Movie night...

Mike and I have always been good at having date nights... until recently that is! We haven't really had date nights for a while with everything that has been going on! Today there were officially reinstated and Monday night will be date night! We both love movies so Mondays will probaby be movie nights, just Mike and I - sounds heavenly!
Tonight we watched Twilight, I like the books and enjoyed the last installment of the series!
We also activated our Vitality cards so we get super cheap movies, even better!!
Happy date night babe - let the tradition continue forever!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

19 weeks.

We are 18 weeks along, going on 20 weeks and things are going SO well! I am feeling fantastic - besides being more emotional than normal (I tend to cry at the drop of a hat) things are coming along beautifully and we are getting more and more excited about our baby!

Mike is LOVING my growing tummy... its too sweet! It seems that I "felt" pregnant from day one with all the morning sickness and all of that but for mike seeing my tummy grow just makes it more real to him! This precious man has been giving me food massages nightly - the highlight of my whole day!
We are going for our 20 week scan this Friday - apparently its a big one and Dr is going to check every little speck of baby - I cant wait to see our little bean again - 5 more sleeps!
Baby has been moving quite a but too which is awesome, I think the little rascal kicked me tonight.....