Thursday, 31 July 2014

Shopping... shopping.. shopping.

My poor child gets dragged with us everywhere and seeing as we are busy with our kitchen and lounge he has been home shopping with us alot! Poor boy. He has come with us to look at flooring, taps, sinks, handles, light fittings - you name it - and we all know boys arent fans of shopping!
On the weekend we went looking for a new couch and on the way home he somehow got hold of Mikes hoodie and when we looked again this was him :)
This was his way of saying "MOM, I have had enough of shopping - take me home!"

Check up...

This weekend past Mr was due for his 15month check up - he LOVED sitting on the scale!! He just sat there grinning!!!
His health is perfect, his weight is perfect and Barbara - our baby nurse - said Ollie is a delight - her words not outs :) In a nutshell HE is perfect!

Monday, 28 July 2014


On the weekends before Mr Oliver arrived Mike and I would have our breakfast tradition of going out. We love breakfast and we love coffee and we love the combination.
BUT when Mr. arrived he messed with our routine and breakfast wasn't as easy to go to anymore.
Ollie is now old enough to sit in his chair and eat while we eat not to mention a little playtime while Mom drinks her coffee... Our new favourite is the wimpy near home, they have an amazing play spot small enough for Ollie to play in and the tables are right almost in the play section so we can keep an eye on Ollie every second - a good combination.
Spur of course also has delicious breakfasts BUT the playroom is far from the seating so Mike and I take turns sitting with him while he plays.

Our tradition has now been revived and its better than before as we get to share it with Lolly!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Colombo coffee co.

last week we popped out for a little coffee break and go some delicious coffee from Colombo - its such a stunning little spot! It enchanted me!
I heart fairy lights...
The coffee was lovely!!!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Aunty Wella.

Aunty Wella went to fetch Lolly yesterday.... his reaction says it all.

Animal farm...

Our new favourite place to take Lolly to is the animal farm! He loves being outside and this last time we went he even chased a hen saying "up, up!" because he couldnt catch it and wanted to pick it up!
He also has very little fear about animals which I love!!!! He was feeding the goats and sheep one little piece of feed at a time.
 We stopped for lunch and Mr had a peanut butter sandwich, and some apple, and a few chippies...

The below picture is my mr trying to catch that hen!
Family days outside in the sun = happiness!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I found a few treasures on saturday at a second hand shop.

I love old finds like this!!!!
Cant wait to pack all our medicine in this box and place it in our new kitchen :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

A welcome visitor.

Our little guy came to visit both myself and Mike at work on friday - we both looked forward to this all day! My mom was kind enough to drop him off by me and then Lolly and I went to fetch Mike from work.
This was Mr Oliver eating some apple on my desk....
 And this was Mr. Oliver eating some biscuts that he was given as a treat by Nosh - Lucky boy!
This little guy charmed all the ladies with smiles and kisses - he knows how to schmooze!!

Big boy breakfast...

My boy is getting TOOOO big now! He has big boy breakfasts with us  - egg and toast.

He still asks for some foodies from my plate but he shares with me and I share with him - its a good system!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

This smile...

Oh man this smile makes my heart happy!!!

Our little man lights up at bathtime!! We have taught him how to blow bubbles in the water and whenever we do it he just giggles!
Love this little guys so much!

My child.....

This is what my child likes to do at church :)
 Eat.... and play!
he enjoyed his peanut butter sandwich :)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Some pressies...

My mom went to JHB last week to visit family and came home bearing gifts for Lolly from the family and from her. My child gets spoilt!
He got this very cute tracksuit!!!
 AND he got these lovely magnets which he loved playing with!

This will hopefully keep Mr busy when I am cooking :)

His first nature walk.

On saterday we took Lolly (and Mike) for their first nature walk at "north park" - this park is down the road from my parents house and we used to go there OFTEN! I hadnt been for ages and it really was a walk down memory lane.... my heart felt so happy sharing it with Lolly and Mike!
Its so strange how small it felt going back - it used to feel so huge... we used to go for walks and picnics, used to look for fairy houses (mushrooms growing on trees) and I still maintain that I spotted a fairy or two!! To me is a magical forrest - like the faraway free!
 This one was delighted to be on a bridge.... check out that face!!!

 The below picture might seem a little weird - my child sitting on a tomb stone - the norths are buried at north park and when we were little we used to insist on visiting it every single time we went to the park. It fascinated us! We used to jump over the little wall enclosing it and play on it... it was such a normal thing to me so when I popped Lolly on there mike looked at me a little funny and only then did I think it may seems strange! BUT just like us Lolly loved walking all over it and I have a feeling that he may also insist on visiting this every time we go just like we did.
Daddy and Lolly walking along....

These two are my heart!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Snack time...

My child loves his snacks, just like his mom!! He hasnt been too well and wasnt keen on food BUT he would never say not to some peanut butter toast :)

Those little feet, those beautifull eyes....

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tummy bug...

Yesterday we came home to a projectile vomitter.... Mr Lolly seemed to have picked up a bug we assume. For the second time in his 15months I slept in his room and he ended up in bed with me for a while.... The cutest thing ever is every now and again he would touch my face to make sure I was there - made a sleepless night all worth it.
Mike stayed home with him this morning and we were going to take him to the Dr BUT he seems so much better!!! He was just really thirsty and after a breakfast of a marie biscuit he didnt vomit it up....
 Mike sporting my robe as it is COLD this morning!!

My boy, despite having a rough night is smiling and happy!!
Bless him!!

Story time...

Story time while snug in your pj's - what could be better?
That is the life!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Too big!

Our boy is TOO big now - look how old he looks in his new pyjamas!

YOH! He is a cutie!

My little shopping buddy...

I love shopping with some company - be it my ipod with a audio book or better yet my boy Lolly! He is the best shopping buddy as he always helps me choose items I am unsure about - needless to say he has no idea what he is choosing but when I hold up two items I cant choose between he points to one and thats the one we get - he hasnt made a bad choice yet :)
We have also become snacking shoppers - yes, not the best habit around but certainly not the worst. We head straight to the deli and choose chicken strips or chicken pops or something equally tasty - I pretend they are only for Lolly BUT I know in my heart I will end up eating at least half!
How can I not love shopping with this cutie! He always makes me laugh because he will also spontaneously say hello to certain people - I am still not sure how he makes the selection as to who he says hello to and who he doesn't, I am still trying to work it out :)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mr Croc and Mr Croc...

I welcome a new member to the Brits family - we have named him Eddie.
 My Lolly loves Eddie and was very keen to dress just like him the night before last...
 Does it get any cuter than this? I think not!
Lollys cot is full of stuffed toys - he loves cuddling them and sleeping all over them!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fresh air...

My boy LOVES outside :)
He loves collecting stones....

 and sitting on this bench....

 and playing with Mr Frog....

He loves his afternoon walk in the garden with us when we get home....