Friday, 31 May 2013

A little fun....

I had a little fun with my boy today.... I was making him laugh and he was making me laugh :)
How cute is this little munchkin!!!
To me these faces are priceless!!!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

My first mothes day...

My first mothers day was so lovely - I was heart broken cause Mike was home and we were in PE BUT on the morning of mothers day this is how Oliver was brought to me....
 I was so surprised cause mike said we'll celebrate when we get home! My precious husband bought me a stunning locket with Olivers name and date of birth engraved on it...
I love it and it has become my favorite piece of jewelry next to my wedding ring - so special and all through the holiday when I missed Mike i just held onto the locket and it made me feel better....
What a lovely surprise for my first mothers day!!
I feel so loved!

Busy busy...

My goodness things have been busy since we've been back from our holiday - hopefully i will be able to catch up on all the blogging I want to do soon but for the moment i'll just show off my precious boy!
He is already 2 months old and weighs 5.16kgs (he is about 200grams still off the weight he should be seeing as he lost so much weights after he was born but we;re getting there!!)
My boy is smiling all the time and he is a chatter box - goooogles and gaggggas all the time and when he starts talking I think he will never stop :)

Olivers superman pose much to his dads delight!!
and this little munchkin is a very happy boy!! My dad sings to him all the time and he just GRINS... he loves his pops (now named popsicle and he calls Oliver his little lollipop)
 BUT yes, lots to catch up on and hopfully soon! I am still battling the horrible PND but seeking help and praying it will pass soon!!!!
I hope to be blogging more again soon!!!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Off we go...

At 3am tomorrow morning my parents, Oliver and myself are off to PE (about a 12 hour drive) for my grandpas funeral.... Mike wasn't able to get leave which I am really sad about but the upside is we get to see our family from PE for a week and then we are holidaying for 3 days on the way home! Nice time with my parents and my boy (even though I am going to miss my favorite boy here at home).
The saddest part is I never really knew my grandpa (my moms dad) - he was never part of our lives, his choice completely, so this isnt a sad trip necessarily for us... Just something we have to do.
I am just really excited to see our family!

So I shall be off the grid for a little while but will share my boys first road trip soon!

Chow for now, bedtime is calling as I have to wake up SO early tomorrow!
Night night!

Our family...

Our car family is now complete.....

Love this!!!

Thursday, 9 May 2013


My mom and I have been going for walks every day and its been so lovely!!
My boy LOVES his pram....

This is him sleeping like his dad!

What a cutie!

Look at these feet!

Look at these precious feet in these cute shoesies!!

I could not resist!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I am definitely feeling so much better - taking one day at a time and today is a good day!! One day soon I will rehash the last few weeks but for now I am just enjoying my boy! He has grown so much and is finally back to his birth weight - he has now too big for his new born clothes and look how cute this onesie is!!
 He has changed so much in the last 5 weeks - my goodness!!

 He always sleeps with his hands near his head - too cute!!
I am still in my pj's and loving not having get up and get dressed every single day (although it would be good from time to time hey :)

Beach walk...

Last Wednesday was a holiday and we decided we needed some fresh air so we took Oliver for his first walk on the beach... it was a glorious day and we loved it! The fresh air was awesome!

Afterwards we had some lunch... it was  a good day!!!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Olivers new born photo shoot!

Something I just have to share - Bron Fourie (AMAZING) from Vanilla photography did Ollie's new born shoot and some of the pics are up! We are waiting for the rest on DVD to be posted to us but these are stunning!

Look at our boy! He was 5 days old when these were taken and he has changed so much since then!!

 Our first and second born below were a little put out- Holly has become real little mommy and LOVES ollie BUT Tims isnt the happiest about this new addition!

 I love this photo - its by far my favourite!
 My mom and I cannot stop kissing poor Ollie - ever change we get we smooch him to death!! He even screw up his eyes when he sees our lips coming close BUT for now we'll kiss and kiss him as much as we can!!

Thank you Bron, you are my hero and I love these photos - cant wait to see the rest!!

I am still alive....

I am still alive, had a hectic time adjusting to being a mom and i have been battling with post natal depression (thankfully i seem to be on the mend) but when I am back on my feet i will be back in full force! My boy Oliver is too precious not to share!

So I will be back, i just need some time - watch this space!!