Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wall art and wooden letters....

We added some wall art to baby's room - i love it!
 I just love how it adds a little colour and fun to the room!

 I love this little elephant :)
We also got these awesome wooden letters and our baby will be proudly "born in RSA"

 This gorgeous man measured and placed these letters.... after a long day at work i know he would have much rather played some xbox but instead he very excitedly put up these letters and then ooooh'd and aaahhhh'd with me at the letters and the wall art!! LOVE this man!!!
BABY - cant wait for you to meet your room :)

30 weeks!!

30 weeks already!!!!!!!!!!! YOH!

 My goodness are we getting excited!!!!
Baby is making my feet and back sore..... moving like there is no tomorrow and pushing in my bladder all the time - love this little thing even though its making me need to wee 17 times a day!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Baking time....

Today i got home, had some food to make and decided it was time i baked something again! I decided some cupcakes with a little treat in the middle would do the trick!
 The rolo inside was the surprise....  and then I added the leftovers as decor on the cupcakes.

I haven't baked anything for mikes work people for a while... so tomorrow they will get a treat for tea!

YOH - being in the kitchen all afternoon has started taking its toll on me these days........ now my feet are up and i wont tell a lie they are throbbing a little bit! Next time I think i will choose a nap / rest over baking!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Thank you husband....

I have been complaining lately that work is so busy i don't have time to stop for a proper lunch.... Mike wants me to be healthy and eat well so he said he would pack me easy to eat snacks for when i don't have time to get a proper meal ready!
 Today I had some carrots, cucumber and green beans! They were fresh and tasty and they held me over till I had time for a proper lunch!
What would i do without this man?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Theres a mike on my tummy :)

Mike and I had a little fun the other day :)
Mike always signs his letters with this face - i LOVE it, it makes my heart happy and we had a good laugh when mike drew "letter mike" on my tummy!
 When i breathed out it looked like tummy mike was going "oh"- toooo funny!!!
I love my husband for making me laugh and being the type of person to draw a "mike on my tummy"

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Steve came for a visit again tonight and as always the comes bearing gifts!! It gets so overwhelming that they spoil us so much BUT they have amazing taste and we always LOVE what they give us (and the pups and baby). Now anyone who knows mike knows he is a superhero fan and since falling in love with him i have also become a huge superhero fan - so this is a very special gift that made us both smile alot!!

Watch out for superbaby brits :) he/she is on its way!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lovely morning!

What a lovely morning!! We went with Ruthie, Jurgens and the boys to a animal farm this morning and it was so lovely! I wish I had taken a picture of the delicious breakfast, it was amazing!!!

We walked around the animal farm before breakfast and when it was ready they called us :) they gave us a  "guide" that took us around and told us about the animals and showed us which ones we could feed! This little sheep was SO tame.... i just loved it!!

 Jarryd holed up in the chicken coop.... i think we are going to have to organize him a chicken for home one day soon!

 And I got to feed this little Billy goat named Billy! There was also a billy goat named Betty but Billy was a greedy little thing and always stole her food!!

It was the PERFECT Saturday morning!! Home for a nap and a quiet evening - heaven!

Friday, 25 January 2013

29 weeks!

29 weeks - almost at the 30 week mark, I cannot believe it!!!!!
 Baby is growing and moving and I can sense this little ones personality - its too funny - I think this little one is going to be an inquisitive and active little thing!!
As baby is growing so is my tummy and i am running out of things to wear! I am in serious need of one or two more tops and maternity pants, it has been the hugest struggle finding maternity clothes! NO ONE seems to stock them and when they do they are thin and really not the kind of pants to hide the lumps and bumps that have formed as baby has been growing! 
Baby is also make me super tired - gosh! I need to pace myself now which sucks.... and i need to remember that sometimes i just have to put my feel up for an hour or so as they are starting to swell!
This is the proudest dad ever - it is the cutest thing ever!!
LOVE this man!!!

Vegan crunchies...

Good friends of our came for dinner on wednesday night - Dennis is now a full vegan and he is very passionate about the reasons behind it which we respect so much! I decided to try a new recipe and do something fully vegan for pudding!
We had home made pizza's so it was easy to choose vegan toppings for his pizza - and for pudding I made crunchies and banana ice-cream!
The crunchies came out beautifully!!
The ice-cream which was made from soy milk was also delicious but it didn't set properly as we had a power outage in the beginning of the evening and it lasted till well after our guests left! BUT despite that it was lovely!!!!
I have found myself getting clumsy while cooking and this is the second cut i have got cooking in a week - gosh! I blame baby :)
We had some leftovers of the crunchies and they made the prefect breakfast with some tea!
Love trying new things and I have now kept these recipes and when Den and Lyndall come again I will either do this as a full proof pudding or try something new - hmmmmm, decisions decisions!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Our 4D scan :)

On monday we went for our 4D scan and we were TOOOO excited!! I woke mike up at the crack of dawn, make us get ready then we wating about an hour to leave or we would have been way to early!! Mike just laughed at me - poor man!!
We also waited a bit in the parking lot cause we did get there too early :)

 Baby loves tea, daddy's child for sure, so I made some tea so baby would be awake for the scan!
 MUCH excitement in the waiting room finally...

 And look at our little bean!!! Its it the most beautiful baby you have ever seen (i think i may be a bit bias)
Baby smiled SO much and was in the perfect position - its little foot was by its head most of the time.... Mikes mom says it must be a ballerina :)
I think baby has mikes nose but my chubby cheeks!!!
Now i cannot stop thinking about this child now it has a face, i cant wait to meet him / her!!!
BOY or GIRL - any ideas????

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Our weekend....

Our weekend has been a busy one - or at least it seems busier as i seem to get really tired if we're out all day - yesterday was one of those days where we left home at 10am and got home just before 11pm- gosh! Lovely day but today I woke up tired and stayed tired all day - feeling flat but i suppose that comes with being pregnant hey!!
Our day started off with a little morning cuddle with the pups ....
it was Tenielles birthday on the 16th so we wanted to get together and spoil her a little bit - we went for tea/ brunch at "church hills" which is alwasy so lovely!!!!

 And then we went for tea afterwards at botanical gardens - the weather was perfect and a little colder than its has been normally which made it prefect.... we sat outside enjoying our tea and watching the monkeys!!

 In the evening with went to Debs and Al's place for some pictionary - was so much fun!! I am happy to say our team won :)
A lovely busy day filled with friends and fun.....

Friday, 18 January 2013

28 week scan!

I went for our 28 week scan today and to our delight baby is perfectly healthy and growing just like he/she should! Baby is up to 1.5kgs, fat and flourishing!!
Baby was sleeping when I had our scan so we didn't get good photo... but i love it anyway!!!
You probably cant see but that is baby looking at us.....
I also chatted to our Gynae about our birth plan which sets my mind at ease....
so we're all set!

My baby file is also all sorted out - its got EVERYTHING in it....
Dr's fee structure
To Do list of babys room
What to pack in my hospital bag
Our medical aid details (all of them)
addition of dependant forms for all our policies that we need to add baby onto once he/she is born
authorization numbers
Our antenatal class details and recipes
All my UIF papers
Proof of the hospital bed we booked.
4D scan recipte
our maternity photo shoot proof of payment (cant wait)....
and the list continues!

It will be placed in my baby bag and its coming to the hospital with me when i got into labor!
Makes me feel just that little bit more ready :)