Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas eve day...

We spent today at my folks with the rest of our family for some finger lunch and games...
I made mini vetkoek (yum) -look how good they look
I made curry mince with it....
Family lunch
check out this awesome spread (gotta gym LOTS next week!!)
We then played some rummycub - we won 3 our of the 4 games
my secret weapon was that tims was on my team and he played like a star!!! My precious boy!
Look at this face!
all the while holly slept on a pillow...

Merry christmas to you all and a blessed new year!!
God bless you and keep you!

Christmas dvds

Our christmas dvd for yesterday was....
The pups loved watching with us and loved seeing what the movie was...

our christmas dvd for tonight is the "nativity story" which we are looking forward to... our christmas tradition is we get new christmas pj's and watch our movie... yay!!

Tinsel - December 24th (yay for tomorrow)

Look where we found tinsel this morning..... he was having a ball toasting marshmallows on the stove for his breakfast!!! Mike walked into the kitchen this morning to put on the kettle and he didn't even see him :)
What a pleasant sight...
and then when we got home from mom and dads this afternoon tinsel was back trying to sneak into the window with our new christmas pajamas, the pups christmas bandanas and our christmas cereal - what fun!!! now we can shower, get into our new christmas pj"s and watch our new christmas eve dvd..... what a lovely way to spend christmas eve :)

thanks tinsel!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

our christmas movies

Every year i order some christmas movies and our tradition is to watch them the few nights before christmas... and on the 24th of December we get into our new christmas pj's and watch our christmas movie (im excited). The few days before we watch more "fun" movies and this was our choice for last night!!!
Mike doesn't know what the movie is for tonight so its a surprise!!!
Looking forward to it!!

Tinsel - December 23rd

Today i see Tinsel is up to his good old tricks.... he was missing the cold and the snow (seeing as its been super hot) and decided that he wanted to make a snow angel - BUT we have no snow so he riffled through my grocery cupboard and came back with the next best thing!He stole some of my flour and the rest is history!!
look how happy he looks!!! ag shame!

Tinsel - December 22nd

Tinsel was found only as mike got in the car to leave... he had sneaked into the car in the hopes that mike would take him to work... but no luck!! Mike placed him right back inside (shame poor little guy)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tinsel - December 21st

This morning (to the pups horror) Tinsel was making a "naughty and nice" list for the pups.... i hope they get some pressies for christmas now :)
Holly is on her best behavior now in the hopes that the last few days count the most...

Chooo chooo train ride!!

On sunday night we took the Ichanga stream train from Kloof to Ichanga (about an hours ride) to a little night market and for some carols by candlelight!! This is fast becoming a christmas tradition and one of my favorites!
We got our tickets and waited for the choo choo train to arrive.
Momsy and dads came along for the joyus ride...
and so did kate!! YAY!
Mike had some tea while we waited, shame he wasnt feeling too well so warm tea was good!
I bought a new bag for all our dinner goodies, really dig it!! I shall use it as my beach bag too!
On the train chilling, laughing, eating, chomping on goodies like flings, strawberrys and choc, pineapple!!! YUM!!
Mike even sat on santas lap :) so so funny!!!! Santa seemed a little too happy to have grown man on his lap but we thought it was hilarious!
when we got to the other side we got some pancakes
more tea
we got candles and a carol sheet....
and we sang and sang...
we also bought these groovy glow in the dark bangles and stuff... we were worse than the little kiddies wearing them!!
after all the fun and excitement we got back on the train and headed home...
I LOVE days like this.