Sunday, 31 July 2011

Pyjama party pics.

I walked into gym on Wednesday and saw our pajama party pics up on the wall!!
It was lovely to see.... so much fun!
Can you spot me?
Some of the other ladies...
I love how they try and make it fun and interesting!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

My miniture timmy and holly!

last year when mikes parents came home from their china visit they brought me a little "timmy" as a present!! and i fell in love with it!!!
I took all the other key rings off my car key and added only Timmy... On Sunday i was delighted to find a little "holly" from china as a present!!! Now they are a pair and never to be separated!
This is my little timmy -
This is my little holly -
they get to spend all day and night together - lucky!!

They are named the keeper of my key, the guardian of my mode of transport!!
Guard it well little ones!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Our "chinese" family...

Our niece and nephew and sister-in-law are visiting from china - china i say - YES. Mike brother Steve is a pilot and he travels the world monthly. The family moved to china for one of Steves work contracts so that is where they have been for the last two years and a bit!! They come visit once a year if they can and they are down for 10 days - YAYAYAY!!
We miss Ashleigh, Jarryd, Jackie and Steve lots and its always lovely to see them! Unfortunately Steve is still working and wasn't able to make it but we are loving the time spend with the other family!
Ashleigh as been dying to meet the pups - she has never had a dog as they move around too much so she fell in love with ours!!
Me and the kids...

we got awesome pressies from china - AWESOME!!!
This is a bag for the pups... much to mikes delight! He made me promise to never put the pups in a bag and walk around with them! I love this bag and even though it wont be used for the pups i will DEF use it for their things or even as an overnight bag! It is lovely!!
Mike got a remote control helicopter!! Its so so so cool!!!
and i got a STARBUCKS TRAVEL MUG!!! I love it... i had tea in it straight away!!!!
it is a gorgeous green...
Did i mention i love it??
We got lots more.
Mike got a mug, t-shirts, dvd's... the doggies got toys galore, each a jersey... i got dvd's and lots of other bits and pieces!!! We were SUPER spoilt!!!
Mike also got this - a portable table tennis set - best present!!!!
It can be used on any table and in a few simple steps its done!!
Step 1
Step 2
step 3
step 4
and then the fun begins!
The doggies also got LOTS of pressies...
Timmy is loving life!!
Holly got the cutest little neck tie as a present - doesn't she look dashing!!
Mike dad collects rocks from around the world when he can and the kids brough him a whole bunch from different countries. They were handing them out and telling him where they came from!
Ashleigh loves the pups!! she made them a nice bed and a lovely fort(which i forgot to take a pic of...) so sweet!!
Ashleigh and the pups...

Monday, 25 July 2011


Our little hooligans ruined Timmys birthday present, naughty naught!!!
This is what we can home to...
Our hooligans had an absolute "ball" excuse the pun!!
At least they had fun... that's what toys are for!!

Tiny people...

Madrina came back from maternity leave last week and brought her little treasure with her - i fell in LOVE!! She was so so good and so cute.. her name means "good Friday" because she was born over the Easter weekend. she just turned three months old! OH man she is gorgeous!!
Don't you think mike will make an awesome looking dad!!
The pups were absolutely fascinated with her... they really were!! It was really cute!

I cant wait till we have our own little precious nunu!!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Present time!!!

Timmy got spoilt today by getting a present from Lilly (and aunty Lynn) from puppy school!
We have been family friends with aunty Lynn for as long as i could remember and it is so lovely to see her every Saturday with Lilly at puppy school! We joke and say Lilly is Timmy's nemesis cause she gives him a run for his money at puppy school - Lilly is the STAR student who does everything perfectly - she fetches like a pro (Timmy doesn't fetch at all )
So today Timmy received his birthday present...
Lilly even wrote on the card and signed it with her paw - so precious!!
Timmy opened it and saw his two favorite things...
...a squeaky ball and a chewy!
They have been playing with it since we got home!!
We were thowing it down the passage and timmy was running to fetch it - i tried to take a picture of him running back with it but he was too fast.... i only managed to get his bottom :)
THANK YOU aunty Lynn and Lilly for such a lovely birthday present!!

Botanical gardens

On Sunday we took mikes folks to the botanical gardens for tea...this is a bit of an overdue birthday present for mom! The weather was looking a bit bleak but once we left and got to the gardens the sun come out...
Mikes dad took tims and RAN most of the afternoon with him...poor mike had to try and keep up with holly... they loved it!
They said hello to some twins..
They have this awesome tea garden there with all the original tea things - tea, coffee, milkshakes, crumpets, scones, ice-cream etc etc... how to choose!!!
Mike and dad wanted some lunch, i wanted something DELICIOUS and mom had some tea and a piece of fudge!
Man i enjoyed my crumpets - nothing beat crumpets, ice-cream and syrup!! DELICIOUS!!
doesnt this look good - def worth the extra hour at gym i needed to burn this off!
Mike and dad had a pie and gravy and they said it was lovely!!
Some family pics..
The pups were in heaven barking at the birds.
When we got up to go for a walk dad picked holly up like a baby and she loved it... she stayed like that for a while!
Where to go, where to go?
walking... its such a lovely huge park that you can walk around for ages!
We found this amazing patch of grass that was covered in purple petals from the trees above, it was beautiful!!!
with the sunshine streaming through the trees it was lovely!
We had to get some of this action!
Some more walking...
A few fun pics...
A lovely day overall - we'll DEF go back to tea and crumpets again!!