Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Where has this year gone???

How is it already the end of March? How is it that my little boy is turning 3 a few days.... where has this year gone?? My blogging has been really slow this year so far (sorry Jayde) and I debated giving blogging up completely BUT I really love how this documents our lives when often I don't have time to write things down to remember them... so I am back!!
This year has been crazy and busy and there have been lots of firsts... we are far into the first quarter and time is now slowing down.
With us having a long weekend we spent the weekend napping, eating and spending time with friends - the perfect way to spend a weekend!
Oliver was promised a very rare treat of having a nap on our bed with his dad and he enjoyed every second...

 To many more blogs to come, I am back on track :)