Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The new Bevans :)

Ryan and Manuella (aunty wella to Oliver) are back from honeymoon and we have been privlidged to have spent alot of time with them! I LOVE how happy they are and how good they are for eachother!! Aunty Wella is my new favourite person in the whole world.... she is so good for Ryan and Ryan just lights up when he talks to her or about her!!
When they started dating they named themselves "ryela".... so when they came for dinner on sunday night I made a chicken pie and named it RYELA with 2 hearts :)
We are invited for tea on friday night and I cannot wait - our first official invite fromt he marrieds in their home hosting us!! BRING IT ON!!


  1. You are so creative! A brilliant looking (& tasting no doubt) pie!!