Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Voting day...

Yesterday was voting day for our provincial and national elections - we voted to say our piece.
We started our day with breakfast out...
 Mr love stealing some of our chips and noshing them!!
And then came the playtime - we now sit outside right by the play area so we can take turns to play with lolly while the other one watches.... he LOVES it!
I got to sit and watch my two fav boys play while I drank some delicious coffee...

Then we voted, took us 5 minutes! What a pleasure.

Wimpy - my favourite place in the world gave all voters free coffee :)
Best part about yesterday - we got to spend the day with Lolly instead of being at work!


  1. And Oliver looks soooo much better!! A good Wednesday all round!

  2. Yay for voting. looks like you had a lovely day x