Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dinner time...

I am so grateful for a good eater in Oliver, he loves his food - its never a fight :)
On friday afternoon we sat outside on the very untidy patio and he ate his dinner on his brand new chair that, much to my delight and only realising after I bought it, it squeaks when he sits on it - his new favourite game - sit down *squeak*, stand up, sit down *squeak* and so it goes on.....
Oliver is also getting to the point where he wants to feed himself I have started feeding him things he can eat on his own - on friday he had 3 drumsticks, 5 pieces of cheese and a peanut butter roll.
 Those lips... I just wanna smooooch them!!

Our new favourite place to eat and play is on the patio.... its defnitely time for patio make-over!!

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