Monday, 25 January 2016

This morning....

Our pre new school routine was we would be on the road by 6:45am and at work by 7am, I enjoyed this as I got to check emails, have tea and get a few things done before the work day began. Now with Lolly going to school we can only drop him off at 7:10am meaning we have lots more time in the morning together. I love this.
This morning I made us mango smoothies for breakfast, we got to chat and play and gather a few things to recycle at school.
We had a rain storm the night before last so we had to move a few things on our Patio so they didn't get wet - the mirrors were two of them. On the way out with a empty milk carton in one hand and a piece of a sandwich in the other, Lolly noticed his perfect reflection and spent a few minutes admiring his perfection. I love this kid!!!

 I am so grateful for the extra time with our monster in the mornings, it starts our day of so well!

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