Thursday, 26 December 2013

BIG boy...

Our precious boys is getting TOO big - look how old he looks....
He is getting a very stubborn mind of his own and had his first real tantrum yesterday! We are now having to learn how to deal with things like tantrums (much to my dismay). He didnt want to go down for his afternoon nap and he SCREAMED in his cot.... we figured the best way to deal with it was leave him to scream so he knows that his outburst wont change the fact that sleep time is sleep time. He had another scream session at bedtime and we did the same and I am so happy to say today he went down for his naps and sleep fine! Just when we think we are on top of things then this little guy changes and we have to learn how to deal with him :)
He tests us and makes us tired BUT he makes us laugh just as much and we could not love him anymore!
My little boy is getting so BIG!

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