Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Ohhhhh this is exciting - we are doing a mini revamp of our lounge and kitchen - ok so a mini revamp of our lounge BUT a complete make over for our kitchen!
For our lounge we have hung new curtins and ordered a stunning couch... The couch we have ordered in grey though not beige!

For the moment we are waiting for quotes to re-do our kitchen, open it up completely.... TOO exciting - then we go ahead and DO IT! For that we have bought a brand new Elba stove - it is beautiful! 5 plate gas hob and gas oven with a rotissere :) cant wait to do my first roast in there!
It arrives on thursday BUT wont fit into our current kitchen so it will remain unpacked until our kitchen is done.... its going to KILL me not being able to cook on it!


  1. Awesome... just love the Elba stove!!!!! Look forward to seeing it all!!!

  2. Ah - so exciting my friend - loving the striped curtain!