Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Why I love Mike...

There are many reason why I love mike - MANY!! I am not always gushy gushy with him but I have no problem expressing how much I love him and I always tell him he is my favourite! I sometimes tease him and say Lolly and him are equal BUT he will always be my number one favourite person in the whole world.
On monday night I was exhusted and went to bed at 8pm, it was heavenly! On tuesday morning I saw this note and I just laughed!!! Mike had made Lolly his morning bottle and popped it in the fridge for me because I was asleep (we alternate waking up for him if needed and Monday night was my night - although he hardly ever wakes up)
I had to laugh at the picture of Oliver (that angry looking man is infact Oliver) - he has started a new thing where he purses his lips when he concentrates - tooooo cute!! AND he uses his index finger to point at things and pick up thing hence the picture!
This is one reason why I love Mike, he leaves me notes and pictures when I fall asleep!

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