Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cookie maker...

On Friday Lolly and I made cookies for Mike.... well to be fair I made cookies and Lolly just reaped the benefits afterwards. My favorite part of cooking making is licking the batter off the bowl and mixer.... as a momma I now have to give up my selfish wants and hand over the pleasure of bowl licking to my son. Not an easy task, I don't like baked cookies, I only like the batter! This is one of the many things I will remind Lolly of later on.... when he is looking after us in our old age :)
I burnt the first batch so I had no more chocolate chips, I had to substitute the second back with smarties.
 I gave Lolly some batter and a cookie cutter to make his own cookie.... lets just say it didn't make it to the oven!

 I passed on the cookie licking of the bowl and the mixer to my child and he LOVED it!!!

I have a feeling  that cooking making will be a Brits favorite thing to do on a Friday afternoon!

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