Monday, 12 January 2015

Home year continued....

So home year 2015 has commenced and I have had some fun so far! We are focusing on our kitchen for a little while as it needs to get finished now. A few purchases for our kitchen
 New pie dish, Mike asked that the first pie I need to make is an apple pie....

 I fell in love with this butter dish....
 A new lamp for the corner of our lounge - our Christmas tree was on  this table and when we packed it away we kinda liked the table there.... add a lamp, bunny and plant and it works.
 Maria Batty, this reminded me of you! Super cute tea strainer.
 Can't you just see warm rolls in the big one and rusks or biscuits in the little one?
I have fallen in love with wooden spoons - why I have no idea but I love them. I got a couple and filled a glass jar to keep next to the stove as I will use them alot. The only problem is that I want more!!
This was my favorite purchases for our kitchen. Mike hung them for me in a corner that cant really be used as counter space and I LOVE the effect!

 We are coming along and I am feeling really happy with the turnout. Just the skirtings to do (we are pricing wood at the moment) and the drawer under the sink needs to be fixed and we are there.... I am feeling really happy with our little space!

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