Monday, 18 May 2015

Weekend nesting...

At the moment I am in nesting mode... I just love pottering around our home and trying to make it beautiful on a very limited budget and so far we have had lots of fun doing so!
Our bedroom has been bare since we moved it, we bought bedding and not much else... now 7 years later (how has it been that long) our bedroom is finally starting to feel finished! Mike made the most amazing bedside hangings that house our bedside lamps and a box frame to live under that for our phones / alarm clock etc.... that sparked the rest of the room decor. We moved our old grocery cupboard into our bedroom and finally I now have space for my precious books... the green also suits our room perfectly! Oliver came in straight away and wanted to see what I had put in this cupboard - I think he was checking to see if i was hiding any sweeties in there :)

 I have seen polka dots in walls before and priced the wall art which is SO expensive.... I had the brain wave to go to a stationary shop and see if they have any there and they did - Perfect sizes and everything!! These, if you look at them closely are actually stars but from far they look just like dots.... I love it!! Finishes this space perfectly!!

We chose to use the dots in the kitchen as well but smaller for our one corner and it works beautifully as the light just seems to hit them right and add a little shimmer! I had to laugh when Mike said to me "babes, I wasn't sure about these dots but I really do like them" I love how he lets me try things even when everything inside of his mind says NO! Mike is a very by the book, in the box kind of thinker so gold dots on a wall didn't settle well in his mind - luckily I am brave enough to try (and fail) and this was a success!
 We also finally got a blind for our kitchen window - I tried to pretty up the window by hanging hearts and birdies and we made do for a while as we couldn't afford a blind....
We walked into Game a few weeks ago to just price a blind so we know what we are saving towards and guess what - they were having a HUGE discount and we were able to afford it.... happy days!!
I am loving our little humble home... all I need is just to clean our and organize it better and my heart will be content! Being organised is my main priority at the moment... hopefully soon I will blog that I have officially organised my life and move onto something else constructive (I do however feel this may take some time still....)


  1. Love the dots!!!!!! Your home is looking so lovely!

  2. Love the dots!!!!!! Your home is looking so lovely!