Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Thai dumplings...

I had this strange craving for Thai dumplings..... I not only NEEDED them but I NEEDED to make them. I scoured my online sources and found the perfect recipe and how to video to make these dumplings. Firstly the dough needed alot of kneading and love - I was amazed it came just like the video showed.
 Then come the rolling out of the dough and filling it with pork mince concoction I made straying slightly from the recipe.
 I was amazed again that they seemed to look as they should...

 And I was amazed again that they come out the of boiling water looking like dumplings...
I will however admit they were not as amazing as they ones I have had before BUT I think the dough wasn't rolled thin enough... next time I am sure they will be better :)

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  1. What a brilliant effort... looks amazing! I love dumplings too.