Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Trying to find a balance...

My life these days seems to be battle of trying to find a balance in all things -in work, home, social, food, exercise.... I like routine and balance and I feel like this has been a battle for me of late.
One thing I have decided is that waking up at 5am three days a week to go to gym and missing out on morning time with my boys is not worth it. I found that it didn't "help" me as much as I hope - mentally and physically I just found myself being exhausted all the time. I did a bit of research and decided that instead of gyming for an hour and a bit three times a week to do a half an hour most days of the week is as effective. I found a really nice home work out and half an hour daily is working beautifully for me! Oliver gets excited when I exercise and likes to exercise with me - and when I am done with a round he says "well done mommy" - melts my heart!
I was also decided that, in order to track my home work outs and continue to get my health benefits with vitality, a tracking device of some sort will be helpful to me. If you have savings in your discovery medical aid (which miraculously we do) they allow you take some of your savings to go towards a fitness device. I chose a Polar watch that tracks your heart rate and for me its perfect to track my workouts. I like tracking my workouts and trying to better myself. The work outs I am doing are on a 7 day rotation so each day its a different work - I am enjoying seeing which work outs track more calories burnt.
 I have also changed my food intake slightly - Often when I feel "fat" I tend to want to eat the bare minimum in the hopes it will help me loose weight but that is never the answer.
I have been enjoying bigger breakfasts and lunches - all healthy of course, and my dinners have been a nice big shake. This one was a chocolate shake packed with banana / berries and spinach.
Vitality has been a huge help in getting me on track - I was lazy to do all my checks but a little over a week ago went to a Dischem wellness center and did all my checks and that seemed to help get my mind right. I am taking full advantage of vitality and seeing a dietitian soon as well - to get points and to see how I am tracking with my diet. Balance - you are in reach!

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