Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Strawberry picking...

A couple of weekends ago we went strawberry picking - Lolly's first time - despite being really let down by the costing and what we ended up getting for that cost he had his 15 minutes of picking and really enjoyed it. I felt like he barely got into by the time we had to move on BUT he ate a couple freshly picked strawberries, had a nice red mouth to prove it.
The best part of the whole day was the company... if not for the group of friends we went with I would have been upset about the whole day.

 Soph also enjoyed strawberry picking...

At the moment our view on life is to give Lolly as many experiences as we can, before he came along the cost for this day out would have not even been considered BUT because it gives my child something to do that he has never done before we closed our eyes and paid up. He spoke of "picking storeberries" (as he pronounces it) all weekend so we are happy we went! Bless this child and the view on life he gives us.... there is nothing more special than trying to view things through the eyes of a child!